Lehsuni Baby Potatoes - Quick Curry

9 Potato Recipes That Are Famous In India

Potatoes cooked in many ways are very popular in Indian cuisine. We are presenting here some recipes that are popular across home kitchens of India.

Potatoes are loaded with fiber, potassium, vitamin c and vitamin B6. It is a wonder tuber which is beneficial for the heart and provides important nutrients to our body. Known for its versatility potatoes can be cooked in many ways be it fritters, curries or desserts, potatoes have made their mark in all courses of meal . Be it fried, baked or boiled it is equally popular in any avatar.

I do remember when my mother used to boil potatoes and peel them half of them would vanish off in tasting and we would always crave for more.  In the winters when we used to sit near the countryside fireplace we would throw some potatoes in the fire itself, and these potatoes tasted divine.

Here are nine recipes which are popularly cooked in India. You can try them at home and enjoy.

They can be cooked as it is or you can add your innovations to it ,you will be amazed by the results.

Lehsuni baby potatoes – Indian potato recipe

By Somya Gupta

Boiled potatoes coked in garlic impart a distinctive tanginess to the curry. Can be accompanied with rotis puris or rice.

For Recipe please click here->  Lehsuni Baby Potatoes

Indian potato recipes

Potato lollipops – Indian potato recipe

By Ruchi singh

A deep fried version, it can be used as a party appetizer as well.

For Recipe please click here-> Potato Lollipops

Indian potato recipes

Potato wedges – Indian potato recipe

By Pranali Banwadikar

Extremely popular with kids. They can be baked as well. You will love the taste.

For Recipe please click here-> Potato Wedges

Indian potato recipes


Easy Aloo Paratha (without stuffing) – Indian potato recipe

By Heena bharat

A shift from traditional aloo paratha.  It is an easier version where potatoes are kneaded in the dough itself rather than being stuffed.  It can be cooked easily and makes for an easy breakfast option.

For recipe please click here-> Easy aloo Paratha (without stuffing)

Indian potato recipes

Aloo Jeera – Indian potato recipe

By Ruchika

An easily cooked no fuss curry which can be made within minutes. Can be served with puris.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Aloo jeera

Indian potato recipes

Punjabi Samsosa –

Indian potato recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

A popular street food across whole of India. It can be made using various kinds of stuffing but the potatoes one is simply yum. You can serve it simple or with accompaniments like curd chutneys and sauces.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Punjabi Samosa

Indian potato recipe

Potato Chaat – Indian Potato recipe

By Chaya Bansal

Talking of chaats who doesn’t like them? I doubt if there is anyone. The taste will leave you craving for more.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Potato Chaat

Indian potato recipes

Aalu ki Sabzi – Indian potato recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Simplest recipe made with potatoes and is famous with all age groups . Can be made easily . I have relished it in villages as well ,it tastes so good even with minimal spices . Aloo sabzi and poori are a type of food you can have at railway stations as well. Dubki wale aloo and rasedaar aloo ki sabzi along with puris can be found served in various railway stations  .

For recipe please click here-> Aalu ki Sabzi   

Indian potato recipes

Wheat Flour Aloo Kulchas- Indian potato recipe

By Shikha A Gupta

Kulchas are quite popular in northern parts of India. The flavours are enhanced by pairing them with potatoes.

For recipe please click here-> Wheat Flour Aloo Kulchas

Indian potato recipes

There has been constant innovation in potato recipes. With use of new gadgets and internet, cooking has been revolutionized.  Potatoes rosti, mashed potatoes, desserts using potatoes are some preparations which are entering Indian kitchens as well. It is a healthy shift. I hope you try the recipes and relish them.

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