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9 Ganesh Chaturthi Sweet Recipes For Your Family

Ganapati bappa morya! Ganesh Chaturthi is fast approaching and here are 9 festival recipes to try!
Just yesterday we were practising Ganesh ji ki aarti for the upcoming celebrations! Ganesh Chaturthi is one such festival where the rituals get kicked off from the week before, with practices like, preparing eco friendly Ganesha! I remember how I used to accompany my dad for Ganesh Chaturthi shopping. We used to buy eco friendly Ganesha idol, made with fresh clay in Ganesha shaped moulds. Hanging fruits, as part of Ganesha idol/pooja decoration was another fun part I used to enjoy. Also undrallu and kudumulu (the Andhra/telugu dishes for Vinaya Chavithi) made by my mom form an important part to complete the celebrations.
Here are more such interesting Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipes that your family would love!

Jamun Jalebi Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By Bishakha

You must have tried gulab jamun and jalebi, but how about Jamun Jalebi? Here is an interesting variation with minimal ingredients.

Please click here for recipe link -> Jamun Jalebi

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Recipe

Laapsi Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By Kumkum Mathur

Laapsi is a traditional Rajasthani festival recipe that is usually made for Ganesh Chaturthi. Try this dalia/broken wheat based sweet recipe this time.

Please click here for recipe link -> Laapsi ( Bhagwan Prasadam)

Ganesh Chaturthi festival recipe


Puran Poli Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Poonam Bachhav

Puran Poli is a famous Maharashtrain festival sweet recipe that typically looks like a chapatti with a sweet stuffing. Have it with good amount of ghee spread and it tastes heavenly!

Please click here for recipe link -> Puran Poli

Ganesh Chaturthi festival recipe



Rava coconut laddoo Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Heena Bharat

Laddoos are all time favorite sweets in India for all festivals. This rava coconut laddoo is super easy to make and the texture will make you fall in love with it!

Please click here for recipe link -> Rava Coconut Laddoo

Ganesh Chaturthi festival recipe



Besan coconut laddoo Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Sandhya Harsh

This is another laddoo variation that is sure going to melt in your mouth! There is a slight twist from the regular besan laddoo and coconut makes it interesting.

Please click here for recipe link -> Besan Coconut Laddoo

ganesh chaturthi sweet recipe


Besan sooji laddoo Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Vijay Haldiya 

This laddoo has the good mix of sooji/semolina and besan/gram flour and is more rich in flavor and texture. This is a wholesome laddoo especially for kids and is easy to make.

Please click here for recipe link -> Gram Flour Semolina ( Besan Sooji ) ladoo

ganesh chaturthi sweet recipe


Doodhi halwa Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Sandhya Sampat

Well, who ever doesn’t like lauki/bottle gourd as a vegetable in regular dishes should get to taste this halwa. I am sure they will change their opinion from next time after tasting this halwa!

Please click here for recipe link -> Doodhi Halwa

ganesh chaturthi sweet recipe


Panjiri Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Ruchika

Panjiri is a rich sweet recipe loaded with many dry fruits. It is not just yummy but a nutritious sweet for your kids and whole family!

Please click here for recipe link -> Panjiri

ganesh chaturthi sweet recipe


Saffron rice Ganesh Chaturthi sweet recipe

By  Bharti Dhawan

This is such an exclusive sweet dish in the form of rice. The aroma of this saffron rice will definitely make you go for seconds.

Please click here for recipe link -> Saffron Rice

Ganesh chaturthi sweet recipe



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