tips to stay healthy this winter

Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Tips to stay healthy this winter are required so you make right choice of food and body care. Tips to stay healthy this winter mainly involves eating seasonal food. Read on to know more.
Tips to stay healthy this winter help us make little changes in our routine to lead a holistic life. Winter is here and I see all the jackets and sweaters coming out of wardrobes. Winters mean many things to each one of us. For some it is time to cuddle up with a book, hot chocolate and a shawl. For some it is the season of giving and spreading joy. For some it is the time to travel and explore beaches. And for some it is time to do a lot of cooking, baking and hosting friends and family. What does winter mean to you?
Winter is also a time, during which our body needs that extra care and protection to stay healthy, warm and comfortable. With such tips to stay healthy this winter, we tend to embrace the weather change and enjoy the cold weather too. So here are some ideas to include in your winter rhythm.

Tips to stay healthy this winter start right from mornings!

Good morning winter! A daily ritual of winter rhythm takes care of your body and mind. If you are planning to start an early morning routine, then start with some walking and exercise that makes your body warm. Also the transition from under the blanket to up and doing chores becomes smoother with a physical activity in between. Winter might seem like a challenging time, however don’t let the cold weather get in the way in maintaining your physical fitness. Find a great company, enjoy the early morning silence and start your day with a masala tea or green tea. If you are more health conscious, then why not make a strong flavored turmeric latte to start your day with raw turmeric and jaggery?

Body care in winter is essential too

It is time we take care of skin and it needs some body care too, along with eating right. If it is too breezy, the cold air can make your skin and hair to become more pale and dry. Your skin needs a good daily massage. You don’t need to splurge on those expensive body lotions and creams now. And no need to visit a spa every other day. All you need to buy is a good quality sesame or coconut oil. Cold pressed and organic oils being the best, not just for body but for cooking too. Do not worry if you will have time to do this every day. Our Ayurveda expert says that a simple 5 minute applying oil and massage will go a long way in maintaining that hydration in your skin and hair.

Breakfast, make the most of this important meal

When it comes to food, it is important we eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to give our body, the right balance that’s required for the season. For example, during breakfast, use grated Amla / Indian gooseberry in place of lemon juice in your poha. Or try a thick strawberry smoothie, if you want something quick and nutritious. If you are eating parathas, then try this instant pickle made with red carrots / Delhi carrots as a side dish.

Snacking in winter?

Fruits that come in this season like custard apple | Sitaphal, apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes etc act as great snacking options. Also, you can easily make candies with Amla. This Amla candy recipe is super easy and stays good for many weeks.

When cold evenings call for a warm soup

Soups are very nutritious and a good way to feed vegetables to kids who show resistance in eating their veggies. Especially winter is a good time to enjoy a bowl of goodness in that cold weather. Here are some soup ideas listed for you.

Lunch & dinner ideas with winter vegetables

Again, eating seasonal foods provide us with all the specific nutrients required to cope with the change in weather and maintain a healthy body. For parathas or vegetables | sabzi, you can prepare with carrot, beetroot, green peas, radish, cauliflower etc. South Indian sambar with radish tastes awesome! Or if you like flavored rice, you can prepare green peas pulao, veg pulao with winter vegetables etc. You can add Amla to your dal during winters. Also there are certain vegetables like whole lot of beans and greens that are winter special vegetables. Vegetables like, double beans, broad beans (avrekai in Karnataka, hyacinth beans/Flat beans/Indian liva beans in English,Surti papdi in Hindi,Chikudukaya/Anapakayalu in Andhra), pigeon peas (kandi kayalu in telugu) etc that add lot of protein to your diet.
Hope these tips to stay healthy this winter will help you enjoy the season hassle-free. Eat well, stay warm and ring in the new year with health and happiness, surrounded by friends and family. Also stay tuned in this space to find more tips for hosting party for Christmas/new year and interesting recipes that you can cook for your guests.

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