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My Top 7 Baking Supplies – A Baker’s Friends

Baking supplies or baking tools are unlimited when you hit the market. Here is a list of top baking tools that are must haves which make every baker’s life hassle-free.


What could possibly make a baker’s life easier? Say, you made this amazing cake last week and want to replicate it the following week for an upcoming dinner. You would hope that it comes out equally ‘amazing’ if not better than last week, right? Consistency then, is what you are looking for? Whether you are baking professionally or at home for family, you would like it to turn out consistently WELL. The right tools/baking supplies will help you out here.

What are the right baking supplies, you ask? My list may not be exhaustive, but over the years, I have found that these tools have made mixing, incorporation and texture better and generally ensured consistency. They have also helped to avert many cake disasters that I featured in my last post. Thanks to these essential baking supplies, I have even been able to try out things I have never made before with almost a 90-95% satisfaction rate. 

Do you take way too much time and energy baking and are left with a load of utensils after? Check out these helpful baking supplies that could make your life easier!

Springform baking pan

These baking pans have a clip at the edge that allows you to remove the cake from the pan without much fuss and ensures it looks fabulous. Be careful, though – as with all cakes, especially in the springform pan, the cakes need to be cooled before you even disengage the clip otherwise you can be rest assured the cake will split in half or crack open at the edges ruining the entire look of the cake.

Weighing scale

I discovered this pretty late – but it is easier to weigh your ingredients than following the ‘cup’ system (measuring). Bakers vouch by their weighing scale. It also makes it easier when you are halving or doubling your recipe quantity. For example – if you want to halve a recipe that calls for ¼ cup of cocoa powder. Ahem, not too easy to measure out 1/8 of a cup, is it? Also, when you measure out 1 cup of flour it is pretty easy to pack in more than a cup without realizing, especially if you are the sort who packs it in the cup pretty tightly. You can’t do that when you weigh ingredients out. I use this extremely cheap and functional one on Amazon.

Having said all this, if you aren’t comfortable with the weighing method, the measurement system will still give you good results.

Oven Mitts

Yes, oven mitts. Whether you are using a full blown oven, convection microwave or an OTG, buy a pair. You wouldn’t want to burn your extremely useful hands every time you get the pan into or out of the oven, do you?

Baking Supplies


Spatulas are a wonderful, wonderful way of maximising the use of every last drop of your batter and ensuring it gets into the oven. These silicone spatulas are easy to clean, thoroughly collects the batter from the sides of your mixing bowl and it’s also very satisfying to watch it do its job.

Baking Supplies



The balloon whisk is a very useful contraption especially to beat some sense into the initial few ingredients. Once you add the flour, it does get a bit difficult to use, but I have used it successfully to whisk batter for smaller quantity cakes. Large quantities will need the spatula for folding the flour in.

Baking Supplies

Measuring Cup

Especially useful if you are not weighing your ingredients, this is one of the must have baking supplies. Follow your recipe using this and my tips in my last post and your cake will not disappoint you!

Butter paper/Baking Paper/Wax paper

You can never have too many sheets of butter paper in your pantry. I have lost track of the number of times this unassuming sheet of paper has saved me. Ensure a smooth removal of your cake from the pan with this additional layer at the base of the pan. Use it over your oven tray to bake your cookies to avoid repeated cleaning of the tray itself and also for hygiene reasons. Use it to line the air-tight container in which you will refrigerate your baked goods if you plan to use it only the next day.

Stand Mixer

According to me, this is definitely not a must-have. I did just fine with my trusty Philips hand mixer for years. But a stand mixer is an extremely good-to-have product if you bake frequently. I bought my Oster a couple of years ago and I haven’t regretted it one bit. While the batter is mixing, your hands are free to do other things. I recently used The KitchenAid one and I was floored! Definitely features very high on my lust-list.

There you go, friends! My top pals in the kitchen. They have definitely cut down on time and frustration levels. Hope these baking supplies help you too. Leave me a comment to let me know. Until next post, toodles!

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