6 Karwachauth Recipes

Karwachauth is a fast which is very sacred to the hindu women in India. It is celebrated by the married women in northern Indian states. Women pray to chauth mata for the healthy and long life of their husbands.

The women fast for a whole day and break their fast after watching the moon .  In some cultures the fasting ladies eat “sargi”-which includes fruits sweets and juices ,dry fruits and eatables they wish to eat and of course water . The sargi is often gifted by the elderly ladies of the house to the younger ones i.e a mother in law . Sargi is eaten before the sunrise and after sun rises not a drop of water is gulped or taken.

The fast is consummated after watching and praying the Moon . Even water is drank after watching the moon. Gifts are bought for the elders and their blessings are sought by the couples.

The dinner is the only meal that day and according to me it should be light and healthy.

I am outlining a few recipes which can be included in sargi or the dinner a well. Do drink lots of juices if you cannot fast without water.


By Darshan Khandelwal

Filled with the richness of dry fruits, this gujiyas can be a part of your dinner or sargi as well. Since you don’t feel hungry before sun rise eating two of these will provide you energy throughout the day.

Please click here for the recipe-> Gujiya



By Sowmya Gupta

Another sweet which is easier to make and is filled with rich dry fruits . moreover it is easy to prepare.

It can be part of your sargi.

Please click here for the recipe-> Chandrakala Sweet Recipe



By Vijay Haldiya

The recipe is easy to make and can be done within minutes

Please click here for the recipe-> Paneer Coconut Ladoo

Aloo Pyaz Tamatar Rasedaar Curry Recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

This curry can be prepared in a few minutes and goes well with rice or puris. It does not require special preparations.

Please click here for the recipe-> Aloo Pyaz Tamatar Rasedaar Curry



By Heena Bharat

These puris are again very easy and a nice accompaniment with aloo tamatar ki sabzi.

Please click here for the recipe-> Homemade Poori  



By Bishakha

Those who enjoy eating rice this biryani can be made within minutes and goes well with any raita or simple curd.

Please click here for the recipe-> Paneer Biryani


I hope the recipes I have outlined will help you in planning your sargi and dinner as well. Since I fast and I am the only woman in the house I can relate as to how difficult it is to cook during fasting. As I personally would go for such easy recipes as there is not much to prepare. After opening your fast, make sure you have a glass of any sweet fruit juice as it has a cooling effect on the digestive system.

Do fast and be blessed and of course happy cooking.

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