Makhana And Paneer Curry Recipe

5 Foods To Include In Your Post Pregnancy Diet

Post pregnancy diet is as important as the pregnancy diet. Here are few recipes to add to your post pregnancy diet plan.

Pregnancy is a transition phase for every woman. With these changes it is mandatory to take better care of your health. Post pregnancy diet is as important as pregnancy diet. New mother has to nurse the baby as well as she has to lose extra weight. So, the diet should be in such a way that you should get all the required nutrients but should not gain empty calories.  Hoping on high calorie and less nutritious food is easy but not good for your health. Yes, it is very difficult to take care of yourself with a new born baby because you have to take care of the new one. But remember if you ignore your health you can’t be fit and you will be unable to take care of the apple of your eyes. Post pregnancy diet should be full of calcium, folic acid, protein and vitamin C. So, for a nursing mother, most important food includes low fat dairy products such as curd, paneer or cheese; legumes or pulses; whole-grain foods or whole grain cereals and vitamin C rich fruits.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to make healthy as well as delicious food. Usually we end up with healthy but tasteless food or tasty but unhealthy food. But don’t worry we are there for you. So, here is a list of recipes which are very nutritious, easy to prepare as well as delicious. Try these recipes for a wholesome, mouth- watering and easy food. You can prepare these foods in your busy schedule too.

Makhana and paneer curry recipe

By Bharati Dhawan

Makhana is rich in protein and fiber and low in calories so enables weight loss without compromising on your health. Similarly, paneer not only contains protein and calcium; it is also a good source of CLA which helps in fat burning process. These qualities of the ingredients make it ideal for post pregnancy diet.

Please click here for recipe link -> Makhana and paneer curry

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Soya chunks masala curry recipe

By Heena Bharat

Give your diet a boost of protein with mouth- watering taste of soya chunks. Soya is one of the major source of protein in vegetarian diet. Try this soya chunk masala for delicious and healthy meal.

Please click here for recipe link ->  Soya chunks masala curry

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Amla murabba recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Amla or Gooseberry is one of the major source of vitamin C. It is very important in post – pregnancy diet. Relish the taste of amla and get wholesome of vitamins from a single fruit.

Please click here for recipe link -> Amla murabba

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Palak chole curry recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Palak or spinach is rich in iron, potassium, vitamins and fibres. Adding this with the protein pellets (chole or chickpea) is the best gift you can give to your body during post pregnancy and nursing time.

Please click here for recipe link -> Palak chole curry

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Sprouted moong salad

By Heena Bharat

Salad is a good way to start the meal. Instead of salads loaded with calories and different sauces try this salad of sprouted moong. You will feel the difference in you. Including it in your post pregnancy diet will make you active and energetic.

Please click here for recipe link -> Sprouted moong salad

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