Bread Breakfast Recipes

Bread Breakfast Recipes : Here Are 11 Recipes With A Twist!

Bread breakfast recipes add interesting variation to your breakfast. Also when you have leftover bread, these bread breakfast recipes come to your rescue!

What comes to your mind when you think of bread breakfast recipes? Is it bread toast? With the schools starting this month, almost everyone is back to proper schedules. While busy mornings prompt many of us to just concentrate on bread toast as the regular breakfast, try these bread breakfast recipes for a change.
Bread breakfast recipes are the way to go if you want a quick fix that is not boring. Check out 11 interesting recipes below.

Cheesy disk bread breakfast recipe

I know all of us love those cheesy bread platter served at restaurants. Also cheese is usually used in making sandwiches. What if we tell you you can prepare a much more interesting recipe with bread, cheese and include some paneer too? Check it out soon in the link below.
bread breakfast recipes

Sooji (semolina) fingers bread breakfast recipe

This is one such recipe which turns out crispy and yet not deep fried. Adding curd makes it flavourful and your kids are going to love this variation. It is also a jhatpat recipe that you can make it in 5 minutes with minimal ingredients.
bread breakfast recipes

Raw veggie sandwich bread breakfast recipe

Let us make the breakfast more healthy by adding some raw vegetables to our sandwich. This is especially a good variation if your family is not actively into eating salads. This helps you to sneak in some raw goodness of the veggies.
bread breakfast recipes
Fret not when you are craving for Dhokla while you still have bread waiting on the kitchen counter. Check this recipe to know how bread can be creatively used to please the dhokla fans!
bread breakfast recipes

Vada bread breakfast recipe

Forgot to soak the dal for making medu vadas? Instead if you have some bread and potato, you can still create amazing vadas with this recipe.
bread breakfast recipes


Poha/upma bread breakfast recipe

I bet that the breakfast would be finished by everyone when you are still contemplating its name! Whether you call it bread poha or bread upma, this is a super quick recipe and you can sneak in some veggies too, to make it more nutritious.
bread breakfast recipes

Besan toast bread breakfast recipe

Besan bread toast is an instant breakfast recipe. You can make it more nutritious by adding vegetables of your choice. Besan is usually coated to prepare deep fried bajjis but this one is pan fried, making it more nutrition conscious.
bread breakfast recipes

Uttapam bread breakfast recipe

Uttapam is a favourite south Indian breakfast and a good variation to set dosa. Although this recipe uses semolina/rava along with bread, I also make it when I have some leftover idly or dosa batter along with bread – a great combination.
bread breakfast recipes

Cheese chilli bread breakfast recipe

Who doesn’t like the combination of chilli and cheese? Added with the crunchiness of toasted bread, these cheese chilli toasts are absolutely lip smacking. Try them today!

Bread breakfast recipes – cheese chilli toasts

bread breakfast recipes


Katori bread breakfast recipe

This recipe is the most fancy one with inviting shape and loaded with colourful veggies. This is one of the bread breakfast recipes that would surely please your guests.
bread breakfast recipes

Rolls bread breakfast recipe

Try making bread rolls If you do not mind indulging in this crunchy variation occasionally. This is especially kids favourite and you can add some cheese too, to make it more yummy!
bread breakfast recipes

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