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Meet ZKT Featured Author : Subhadra Arya

We bring you the next in our featured author list, Subhadra Arya who recently completed submitting over 100 recipes to Zayka Ka Tadka. Here is her story. Skills are something we acquire over time with consistent hard work and setting new targets. However, few talents also come naturally to each one of us and when […]

Coriander Matar Paratha

Coriander matar paratha is a refreshing change from the regular roti and phulkas and can be had as snack or packed into a lunch box for the kids. Coriander matar paratha is very attractive to kids because of its beautiful green color and getting them to eat this at school will seem to be a breeze.

Tutti Frutti Cake in Pressure Cooker

Tutti frutti cake recipe is super soft, spongy and fragrant cake that is quick and easy to make in your kitchen for kids or even for an evening tea snack. With Christmas and New year coming, cakes are such a big hit.

How Our Family Relishes Juice Recipes, With Nutrition In Check

Juice recipes are that power packed glass of goodness that are easy to prepare. Here is how I make use of juice recipes as a meal or snack in our family and how it benefits our health. Juice recipes have found an important place in our daily food habits. With increasing technology, our knowledge about […]

How Eco Friendly Diwali Develops Empathy

Eco friendly Diwali is the way to celebrate the festival of lights. After all, it is our responsibility to safeguard our planet for generations to come. We all know Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of our land. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. In this age of LED lights, we still […]

5 Ice Cream Stick Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Ice cream stick craft ideas are fun and add charm to your house. Let’s catch a glimpse of 5 ice cream stick craft ideas for home decoration. Ever heard of ice cream stick home decor? We all love to adorn our home with different theme and designs. Small changes in various spaces and corners of house can […]

Murmura Namkeen Snack

Murmura namkeen snack is a quick healthy snack for everybody at home.

Cake Disasters | 4 Most Common Baking Mistakes

Are cake disasters bothering you?  After all the effort you put in, do your cakes have no wow factor? Our baking expert is here to help you avoid cake disasters. Who doesn’t enjoy peering into the oven, looking through the warm lights inside and watching the ‘deliciousness-to-be’? As a child, I remember breaking into song […]

8 Indian Independence Day Recipes For A Tricolor Platter

Try these 8 tricolor recipes that help you celebrate Indian Independence Day in an engaging way! Time to see the tricolor Indian flag reaching for the skies on the eve of 70th Indian Independence day on August 15th 2017! I have fond memories of Independence Day and Republic Day from my childhood. We would practice […]

Bread Breakfast Recipes : Here Are 11 Recipes With A Twist!

Bread breakfast recipes add interesting variation to your breakfast. Also when you have leftover bread, these bread breakfast recipes come to your rescue! What comes to your mind when you think of bread breakfast recipes? Is it bread toast? With the schools starting this month, almost everyone is back to proper schedules. While busy mornings […]

Oats Idli

A good source of fibre, Oats Idli is a simple and delicious breakfast option for your family which can be made quickly without any hassle. Try this at home and enjoy a lovely meal with your loved ones.

Aloo Bhindi Curry

Aloo Bhindi is an all time favourite curry for many of us that includes the nutrition of both bhindi & aloo and tastes amazing when served with roti/paratha.