7 instant and yummy Indian chutney or dip recipes

7 Chutney Recipes To Please Your Spice Cravings

Chutney recipes are a must in most Indian homes. Here are 7 interesting ideas for chutney recipes.

Many might think chutney recipes have lost their place to super foods in the recent past. However, let me tell you that chutney recipes are the most sought after ones by those who love desi food. In reality, many of the families I know would still get away by not eating fruits daily but definitely not a day without spicy chutney recipes! Well, that’s the amount of craze for chutney recipes! In this nutrition conscious phase we all are in right now, let us not forget to balance our diet where we give space to both essential diet and indulgence. Here are 7 spicy additions to your list of chutney recipes.

Rajasthani lehsun chutney recipe

This chutney recipes is for those who miss the famous dhaba style lehsun chutney recipes. Easy to make and full of flavor, it is hard to resist this variation. It goes well with Rajasthani daal baati or even plain dosas.
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Curry leaves chutney recipe

I know people who remove the curry leaves from daal, sambhar, kadhi etc before eating them with rice or rotis. However curry leaves have such lovely flavor that you would be able to appreciate better in the form of spice powder or a chutney recipe that is give below.
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Instant lemon chutney recipe

Lemon chutney recipe is a must have in every kitchen and is equally  loved in both north and south Indian kitchens. This is a jhatpat and simple recipe and can even be used as a spread for breads, rotis and dosas.
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Turai ke chilke ki chutney recipe

Ridge gourd or turai has a very distinct flavor and tastes great as a sabzi and also in daal. But the next time you make something with turai, do not discard its peels and save them for this yummy chutney recipe. Well, one more variation to enjoy turai flavor!
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Tangy tomato chutney recipe

Let me suggest that this south Indian style chutney recipe is very addictive! It is tangy and spicy and perfect to please everyone in the family. That’s why we say make it in huge quantity, so you don’t run short of it at the dining table.
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Mint coriander chutney recipe

This is the famous chutney that is super quick and essential to add a zing to all your chaats, sandwiches, wraps and rolls. It also acts as good spread which you can use to make bread toast as a quick snack.
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Brinjal chutney recipe

Brinjal is a versatile vegetable which can be added to sabzi, daal, sambhar and chutneys. It has a very distinct flavor and tastes great with rice and generous amount of ghee.
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