Chole Bhature In Punjabi Style Recipe

5 Easy Indian Recipes For Dinner

These easy Indian recipes for dinner will make dinner time more enjoyable with your family. Try these 5 simple Indian recipes for dinner.
Dinner is a major meal in Indian cuisine. Though it is the last meal of the day, it can be considered as a major one since the whole family sits and enjoys it together. As it is the last meal of the day not only it has to be light but also tasty and healthy and more importantly easy on the digestive system.
I remember having a filling dinner which was simplest yet tastiest dal, chawal or roti, subzi made by my mother and how we used to polish off our plates along with the discussion we had about our day.

Karela Peels Sabzi dinner recipe

by Sandhya harsh

This preparation makes use of the peels fantastically and I bet is not only healthy but tasty too.
Please click here for the recipe -> Karela Peels Sabzi
Indian recipes for dinner

Green onions curry dinner recipe

by Heena Bharat

This dinner recipe with chapattis is a versatile curry which is light and quite easy on the stomach and it’s full of nutrients.
Please click here for the recipe -> Green onions curry
Indian recipes for dinner

Chole bhature in Punjabi style dinner recipe

by Vijay haldia

This dinner recipe is an awesome preparation for people who wish to eat something special for dinner .With a raita as a side dish it is one of the preparation which will disappear from the plates instantly.
Please click here for the recipe -> Chole Bhature In Punjabi Style
Indian recipes for dinner

Paneer biryani dinner recipe

by Bishakha

For people with a “rice tooth” , paneer biryani is the ultimate solution when not feeling like to cook yet relish the food. This one pot meal is easy to prepare and a guarantee comes along that you will enjoy it not only while eating but also during cooking it. The aroma can be felt while looking at the picture itself.
Please click here for the recipe -> Paneer biryani recipe
Indian recipes for dinner

Tomato and spinach pulao dinner recipe

by Bharti Dhawan

This pulao is full of nutrients and taste.It is an easy option for people who want to eat light yet the looks of it prove to be magical. Easy to prepare one pot meal and ready in minutes. It can be easily made by working people who wish to enjoy their dinner.
Please click here for the recipe -> Tomato & Spinach Pulav
Indian recipes for dinner

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