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Travelling With A Baby? 5 Tips To Manage Baby Food During Travel

Travelling with a baby can be hassle free with these simple baby food ideas. 

Parenthood teaches all of us to plan the travel well in advance. Travelling with a baby, even if it is just for a day of train travel or air travel, mothers have to keep all necessary things handy. When travelling with a baby of 6 – 12 months age, home cooked food is the most feasible option. Travelling with homemade baby food is not as difficult as we think. For a successful trip pre-planning and calculated arrangements are the key. It is not necessary to solely rely on available packaged food. Depending on where we are travelling, and the time of stay we can make necessary travel packing. The following are tips to manage baby food during travel.


Carry hot water flask/electric kettle and baby feeding utensils

It is always important to carry hot water flask/electric kettle while travelling in train. Babies till they turn 12 months are more dependent on milk. If your baby is on formula milk, then necessary formula, bottles and water need to be carried. Hot water is also necessary for sterilizing the baby bottles and utensils. Feeding utensils for baby are important to carry to avoid food contamination.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits are the most easy to carry baby food. We have to keep in mind that the fruit is almost ripe and not fully ripe to avoid wastage. Banana, chicoo/sapota, papaya and mango are the most preferred travel fruits. If going out for air travel for a short time span, stewed and cooled apple can also be carried.

Homemade baby porridge recipe – instant and quick!


  • Dry roast red rice poha, let it cool down.
  • Now add palm sugar and grind both of them into a powder.
  • Whenever need to feed the child simply add hot water or hot milk and mix well let it stand for a while.
  • Now add more water/milk and mix well.
  • Your instant porridge is ready to feed the child.

Boiled and cooled vegetables (potato, carrot)

While travelling on a train we can carry boiled unpeeled potato and mash it and add some spices like salt and pepper it and feed the baby, can also give cheese slice along with potato.(if cheese is introduced to baby). Boiled potato if not pealed stay edible for up to 5 hours easily. Boiled grated carrot and potato can be mashed together.

Snacks (homemade ladoos, mathri and thepla)

We can always carry homemade ladoos, mathri and thepla if the baby is introduced to these. Freshly cooked idlis and chutney can also be consumed during train travel (it can last up-to 3-4 hours)


Always carry extra water, sanitizer and utensil washing liquid while travelling in a train or on a road trip. Baby soothers, wipes and their favourite toys come in handy during feeding while travelling with the baby. 


These are just general suggestions and never a substitute for your baby’s regular diet. Please check with your pediatrician before introducing any new foods to your baby. Some babies are allergic to certain foods and any new foods to be tried with caution.

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