Mango Cheese Cake - Delicious Bite

Savor The King Of Fruits For One Last Time!

Mango recipes are seasonal recipes with authentic flavor. Let us try these mango recipes before they disappear with season!

I am not sure whether I should be happy that monsoons are here finally! Because, the weather takes away the scorching heat of summer and along with it, the mangoes and mango recipes go too! These days I see raw mangoes in winter too, but if you check their aroma and flavor they are not the same as how you get in summers. Hence I stick to eating seasonal vegetables and fruits which promise the genuine taste!

As they say, you appreciate something more when you don’t have it, I experienced similar feeling when I saw no mangoes in the organic shopping website yesterday! Usually I prefer having a whole fruit to fruit juices/shakes/smoothies, for reasons such as consuming high calories and loss of fiber. However, yesterday I went ahead to break all the rules and treated myself to a thick yummy flavorful mango shake. Dear Mango, when will you come again? So dear friends, try these recipes before it is too late!

Mango ice cream recipe

I go to this ice cream parlor just to eat the real Alphonso flavored ice cream. What if we tell you that you can make this at home?
mango recipes

Mango shake recipe

You must be wondering this mango recipe is just mango, milk, water and sugar. But we have surprise here with nuts and elachi. Try this variation and enjoy!
mango recipes

Mango smoothie recipe

For those people who like curd flavor and prefer a thick drink, then try this delicious smoothie recipe with yogurt or curd. This also acts as a good option for a filling breakfast.
mango recipes

Mango cake recipe

Tired with usual vanilla and chocolate flavoured cakes? Try this mango version which is eggless and has amazing texture, we bet you won’t be disappointed!
mango recipes

Mango halwa recipe

I guess halwa is one such sweet variation loved from small kids to elderly! Its texture is smooth and easy to eat. Try this mango flavor for a change from traditional halwas.
mango recipes

Mango custard recipe

Custard is one such easy sweet that I rely upon whenever I have surprise guests at home. Why not make the custart interesting before the mango season ends?
mango recipes

Mango lassi recipe

Lassi completes a meal with parathas on plate and friends around. Lassi is also quite filling that you don’t need to looks for desserts post meal.
mango recipes
This cheese cake is a pure delight to your eyes and taste buds! And if you are making it for a party then be sure to make it in abundance as your guests are going to come for second serving!
Mango Cheese Cake - Delicious Bite
Why not try these delicious mango recipes before they are gone completely?

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