Pittod ki Sabzi - Rajasthani Special Curry

Pittod ki Sabzi – Rajasthani Special Curry

Pittod is a famous rajasthani dish made by using besan/ gram flour and curd. It is one of the most common used traditional dishes. A very good option when there are no veggies at home and you are in a mood to cook and have a delicious curry for your lunch/dinner.
Rajasthan is a desert area with no rainfall and hence green veggies are not available always. In olden times, people found certain recipes that do not require such fresh veggies and could still make yummy curries from their stock. Pittod is one such delicious dish. Now with changes in the climatic conditions, rainfalls and availability of fresh green veggies, such traditional dishes and recipes are getting forgotten. So let us revive such recipes and enjoy.

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