GUR WALEY CHAWAL (Jaggery Rice) in Clay Pot Recipe

GUR WALEY CHAWAL (Jaggery Rice) in Clay Pot

GUR WALAY CHAWAL (Jaggery Rice) in Clay Pot – By GURPREET KAUR!

Clay pot cookingšŸ˜‹is a process of cooking food in pot made of unglazed pottery…different cultures have different techniques of cooking food in pottery..the food inside the pot loses little to no more moisture because it is surrounded by steam,creating a tender flavourful dish,pots also seal all nutrients inside the pot by locking steamĀ  I yesterday got some of these and tried making jaggery rice as it is a tradition of IndiašŸ‡®šŸ‡³to cook something sweet in new utensilĀ  In our language we call this recipe GUR WALAY CHAWAL in english it is called jaggery rice

(This recipe is a part of Zayka ka Tadka contest sponsored by Ciba Tazaa Spices)

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