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How Our Family Relishes Juice Recipes, With Nutrition In Check

Juice recipes are that power packed glass of goodness that are easy to prepare. Here is how I make use of juice recipes as a meal or snack in our family and how it benefits our health.

Juice recipes have found an important place in our daily food habits. With increasing technology, our knowledge about food is also increasing. As our body is mostly made up of water, it also becomes more important for us to keep it hydrated. We, as a family do have juices on various occasions and here is how.

Juices rich in nutrition

As a mother of a teenager I am very conscious about the type of food my son eats. As he is in the transformation stage of his life, he requires foods which provide energy and aid in body growth and development. In the hectic school life I try to give him healthy and nutritious food but at times he rushes out saying he is late for school. In the process, breakfast is missed.  During such situations I keep a glass of fresh orange juice recipe ready for him. Orange juice is good for health as it is rich in vitamin-c potassium, folic acid and antioxidants.  It also keeps him energetic throughout his school activities as it is also rich in natural glucose.

Juices to deal with constipation

Though some kids eat everything nicely but they can develop some problems related to bowel movements if they drink less quantity of water. I faced such an issue when my son started going to school when he was a kid. Then I started giving him shakes and smoothies and his favorite being jamun smoothie recipe, which had a mixed taste of all flavors. Thank god that I never encountered such an incident ever.

If kids and adults do not have clear bowel movements many problems may arise. People who have a sedentary lifestyle have many problems related to their excretory system. They develop certain ailments which might prove fatal. Likewise in kids too if water intake is less they might also develop such problems.  I remember when I was working; my colleague’s daughter was operated for such an ailment.  Diseases like piles fistula develop due to constant constipation. These are not only painful but they lower the activity level in kids. In the long run they lose interest in studies too. For constipation an excellent remedy is prune juice recipe and bael juice recipe or woodapple juice. Available in abundance in the summer season, a glass of bael juice is a must at my place on Sundays. It is rich in fibers and helps in cleansing the system .

Juices for weight loss

Some members of my family are allergic to cold. They cannot have foods which are cold at any time of the year. Even when we go out we don’t compromise on our health at any cost. In summers and winters such people can have vegetable juices. Nowadays even the vendors selling juices sell the vegetable juices too. Highly rich in fibers and antioxidants such a juice can also satisfy your short hunger pangs. In winters we can make them at home too, as vegetables and greens are available in abundance. In summers too I make vegetable juice recipe of tomato, coriander and mint if anything else is not available. These types of juices rejuvenate the skin too and also keep our body hydrated. As the vegetable juices are mostly low in calories than the fruit juices, they also aid in weight loss, if fat burning is your goal.

Juice cleanse

A few years back I came across the word ‘Detox’. Detox is a short form for detoxification. It helps our body to get rid of excess fats and other toxins residing in our digestive system.  I also tried it for some time. I don’t recall whether I lost weight or not but I felt energetic whole day. It makes your body very light as the inner system is almost clean. It is an easy way of burning fats. Lauki or bottlegourd juice recipe is also an important detoxifying agent. It is very easily available all-round the year and very economical. It is also good for a healthy skin.

Advantages of juice recipes

  • Juices are a rich source of antioxidants.
  • Natural cleansing agents.
  • Provide instant energy.
  • Help in hydration of the body.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Good detoxifying agents.
  • Help in growth and development.

Thus we can conclude that juices are a boon to the body. You can be healthy if you drink a glass of juice, often with less sugar . Do share any feedback related with the topic and yes “happy cooking”.


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