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Eye Care Tips | Easy and Natural Eye Care Tips At Home

Eye care is as important as caring for your face. Here are some easy and natural homemade tips for eye care to get rid of those ugly dark circles or puffy eyes.


Our eyes, the most beautiful feature and the most delicate too! Eye care definitely needs extra attention. We bring you the best and easy homemade eye care tips which will help you protect and soothe your eyes naturally. These eye care tips will  make your tired eyes look fresh again.

Eye care tips to get rid of dark circles

  • Cucumbers: Cucumber works great for dark circles. It has cooling effects which soothes eyes and also lighten dark circles. Simply cut two slices of cucumber and place them onto your eyelid. Let them sit there for 15-20 mins. You’ll see results with regular use.
  • Almond oil and rose: Rose has some amazing properties which are good for skin. Mix 50 ml almond oil with 5-7 drops of rose oil. Apply a drop or two of this mixture around the eye region. It will give the necessary nourishment to the eye skin and help fight dark circles too.
  • Tea bag: Keep the used tea bags in fridge. Take out the cooled tea bags and keep it on your eyes for 10-15 mins. Preferably use green tea. Its rich in both caffeine and anti-oxidants which are good for skin. This remedy is also helpful in puffy eyes. So, next time, don’t throw away that used tea bag. It still has a lot to offer.
  • Rose water: As said earlier, rose is very good for skin. An alternate method of using it is rose water. Just put few drops of rose water on a cotton pad and leave them on eyes for 15 min. It cools down your eyes and prevents dark circles. A quick trick here: take a jar and put lot of cotton pads in it. Now pour rose water it till all the pads are soaked in it. Remove extra rose water and cover the jar. Place this jar in fridge. You have cool rose water ready for eyes. You can also carry this jar in your bag when travelling as it’s a very good remedy for tired eyes.


Eye care tips for puffy eyes

  • Potatoes: Slice the potato and place the slices on your eyes. Leave it for 10-15 mins. This will help in puffy eyes.
  • Spoon: Place two spoons in freezer. Take them out when completely chill. Place them on your puffy eyes and see its magic.
  • Chilled milk pads: Dip a few cotton pads in raw milk and put them in fridge. Take out the completely chilled milk pads and place them on your eyes for 10-15 mins. It will surely help.
  • Tea bags: As said above, just place the cold tea bags on your puffy eyes for 15 mins and relax. This will make you feel better.


Basic tips for eye care:

  • Eat right: Healthy food shows its refection in healthy eyes. Eat lots of leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are very good for your eye.
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking water regularly keeps skin moisturized and healthy looking.
  • Remove make-up: Always remove make-up before hitting the bed. Always use a plant based or natural make-up remover and never rub your eye area to remove make-up. Put some make-up remover on a cotton ball and dab it gently and massage softly. Wash it off with cool water. You can also use baby oil or coconut oil for make-up removing.
  • Massage and moisturize: Keep your eyes moisturized by massaging with avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil or jojoba oil. These natural plant oils are excellent way to moisturize eye and keep skin smooth. Be careful not to get the oil in your eyes.
  • Use shades: Always use sun glasses when stepping out in sun.


Quick tips for eye lash care:

  • Use mascara with almond oil to strengthen your eyelashes.
  • Carefully apply olive oil or castor oil on your lashes using a cotton swap for some deep nourishing. You can mix 1 drop of pure good quality vitamin-E oil.
  • Be careful while removing make-up. Gently clean your lashes with a soft cloth moistened with cold water or make-up remover. Don’t rub harshly you might break your lashes. Rub softly towards your nose to wipe-off mascara.


Above are few easy remedies which will help you to get beautiful eyes. Try these simple, natural and economical tips to make your bright and healthy all the time.



Before using any product on the body for the first time, take an allergy test. Use a small portion of it on your arm and see for any reaction for two days. If it doesn’t show any signs of allergy or reaction, you can use it for your body. The information contained on this site is general in nature and for informational purposes. It is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own dermatologist or other medical professional. Tips and recipes here are the experiences of the author.  Everyone is unique and results vary from person to person. Caution must be taken while using essentials oils. Pregnant women and children below 7 years should not use essential oils.



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