Frozen Tomato Puree Cubes Recipe

Frozen Tomato Puree Cubes

Frozen Tomato Puree Cubes is a easy way to store tomato puree for a week and make sure you can still cook your food easily and in very less time every day!


Frozen Tomato Puree Cubes is also helpful for working women to make these on holidays and then use it for faster cooking. One may not freeze the puree and instead store it in puree form like sauces. Yes, I have stored tomato puree in cubes form, one in small sized cubes and other larger size cubes.

You can use these frozen tomato puree cubes for soups, chutneys, gravies and any other recipes where tomatoes are needed. Make hay while the sun shines!! And store tomatoes while they are just 10 Rs per Kg 🙂

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