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Christmas baking ideas

Christmas Baking Ideas Made Easy With These Supplies

Christmas baking ideas are never enough and we agree! Here is a list of products that might come in handy for Christmas baking ideas.

There are days when I think of baking something exotic and exquisite! I start with cake recipes then go on to checking cookie recipes and then would be following pie recipes and ultimately end up confused! I heard many friends say the same thing. If you are not a professional baker, it is likely that you do not have all kinds of baking supplies and equipment. However, we have curated this list of basic baking supplies some time back that is worth checking.

First things first!

If you love baking then it is worth considering to buy an OTG, than just a microwave or convection oven. For example, you could check this OTG that helps with many Christmas baking ideas. I have been using this OTG at my home and so far the results are good and predictable!

Cookies and decoration

For cookies, a tray like this works best to lay all your cookies. And if you are looking for innovative cookie cutter then this cookie cutters set might be the one you are looking for. I know that your kitchen counter becomes messy with the process of making cookies, so this cake mat will save you from the extra cleaning.

We all love decorating our cakes and cookies, isn’t it? How about using some tips/icing nozzles for the same? Although the age old polythene cover homemade cones serve the basic purpose, these icing nozzles will make your cake art better.

Coming to the favorite in baking

Do you plan to create different shaped cakes for variety? Then try this set of 3 different shaped cake tins set for all occasions. If you have difficulty in getting the fluffy butter-sugar mixture then try investing in a hand blender. Here is a hand blender and stand mixer suggestion for you based on your budget.

Cup cakes, anyone?

Cup cakes are never enough! Sometimes the same batter looks more lovely in the form of cup cakes than the regular cakes. Also cup cakes are a great way to save time while serving, are less messy and gives you a better idea on planning the number of servings. Try this 12 slot cup cake pan for maximizing the amount of batter that goes into your oven.

Serving suggestions

If you like to cut and serve the cake itself, try this cake cutter and slicer for those perfect shapes. Keeping your cakes fresh and inviting is one of the most important aspect of saving them till your guests arrive. Try this cake service stand along with dome for such cool decor and a great way to store your cupcakes and cakes.

Are you a no-bake person?

Well, if baking is not your interest we have you covered too! Just order this healthy & rich plum cake or a cake with assorted chocolates and enjoy!

Note: Please consider buying the baking supplies by clicking on the links listed in the article. This is part of affiliate marketing and When you do so, a share of that amount goes to Zayka Ka Tadka, which will help us sustain our operations in bringing the best food recipes and content to you. We do not endorse any particular brand here and these are just suggestions based on our personal experience or users review on Amazon!

Preethi Zodiac - Mixer Grinder Review

Guide to the Best Mixer-Grinder – Preethi Zodiac Review!

There was a time when you search Google for a mixer-grinder, you would only get a handful of names. Today, however, you have a lot of choices. Recently, we received the Preethi Zodiac 750W Mixer-Grinder for Zayka Ka Tadka Kitchen and I wanted to share my experience with the vast range of functions that it can perform.

My mom (cofounder of Zayka Ka Tadka) has always been a great cook and for her, cooking comes very naturally. As you know, typical Indian Moms believe in their efficiency in doing everything by hands. In good old days, we did have a food processor at home but it was hardly every used. When we received Zodiac, we thought let’s give it a try and we were very happy that we did.

Selection of Food Mixer Guide

           Preethi Kitchen Zodiac – The Complete Food Processor!

It is very smooth in its operation and does a great job quickly. Few things that we tried:

~ Banana slicing for Banana chips (30 seconds). ( Banana chips Recipe: )

~ Carrot grating for Gajar ka Halwa/Gajar Pak (2 minutes rather than 10 minutes by hand and risking getting fingers hurt).

~ Vegetable chopping for Rajwada Paneer/Paneer Paratha (30 seconds). ( Rajwada Paneer Recipe: & Paneer Paratha Recipe:

~ Fresh Fruit Juice and Coconut Milk in couple of minutes.


Personally, we are very happy with this product and it’s worth a try for everyone for its efficiency, the amount of time it takes and effort it saves in using its all-in-one functions. In case you want to know more about it, you can find the details on Amazon here: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Review and Description)

Here’s a general guide to buying the perfect mixer-grinder:

The pearls of wisdom:

  1. Motor power is Crucial. A higher motor power will ease the grinding process and will not wear out the motor. Generally, a 750W mixer grinder is perfect for all domestic cooking functions.
  2. The type of mixer-grinder totally depends on your needs. If you need an all in one appliance, then opt for a food processor
  3. After sales service is the most important factor while buying a mixer-grinder. A mixer-grinder is one such appliance, which on breakdown puts a full stop to all cooking processes. The taste of food is spoiled if the ingredients get heated. So, you should look for a mixie with effective cooling technology which keeps the motor cool throughout the grinding.
  4. Safety is vital when buying a mixer-grinder. Look for a mixie that provides protection from overloading, overheating and shocks. The mixie should be elegantly designed to match the interiors of your kitchen, if look and feel matters to you.

So with these things in mind, where does Zodiac stand when we used it personally in our kitchen: 

  • Preethi’s Zodiac has a 750 Watt motor that can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes or whole black pepper in just 60 seconds.
  • Zodiac is an all-in-one mixer-grinder. Apart from the mixer-grinder jars, it can be used for chopping, slicing, grating, mincing, kneading and citrus press, and a 3-In-1 Insta Juicer for fresh fruit juicing, super-extraction and blending.
  • The features we liked were the 1 min Atta kneading for paneer parathas J and pulse chopping.
  • One feature that stood out was that Preethi provides life-long free service and Zodiac cones with 5 year Warranty.
  • With a 3D Cooling Technology and a safety indicator for complete protection, Zodiac motor can go on for years
  • Personally we feel, Zodiac has a very cool and stylish design.

The price of the product on Amazon is Rs. 6,640. In case you want to know more about it, you can find the details on Amazon here: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Review and Description)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but I am sharing it because after using the product, we simply loved it. That’s why I have shared my personal views also in the above post. Amazing product indeed!  You can read more about Preethi Kitchen and their impressive portfolio of products: (