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Dr Dhanya Ayurvedic Practitioner

“Ayurveda Is The Science Of Living” – In Conversation With Dr. Dhanya Dilip

Read on to know about Ayurveda, its benefits and how it can be practiced in our daily routine – in conversation with Dr. Dhanya Dilip.

Ayurveda, as most of us know, is an ancient science of our country that has an in-depth study of how our body works and what requires to be done to achieve balance. At Zayka Ka Tadka, we believe in passing this valuable information to our audience, so everyone can get benefited with this amazing science. These efforts and thought process made us to have a dialogue around Ayurveda, and Dr. Dhanya graciously agreed to help us achieve the same.
Dr. Dhanya Dilip is an Ayurvedic practitioner, who is familiar to audience at Zayka Ka Tadka by now. We had the pleasure of hosting her on our live videos in a series called, “Ayurveda Made Easy.” Dr. Dhanya shared many interesting and essential things about human body and how Ayurveda’s holistic approach helps us achieve good health. Dr. Dhanya even cooked the Kerala special, Avial for our audience in a live video.
Here is an excerpt on how Dr. Dhanya became an Ayurvedic expert and her views on this wonderful science.

Inspiration from childhood

Dhanya recollects her childhood days and says, “My grandfather and grandmother are my inspiration always! I remember him telling me stories about him handling his opponents in a fight through a marma technique where with a twist of his fingers over his opponents umbilicus, the person would lay stupefied unless released. Also, my grandmother giving me a regime of gingelly oil and raw eggs during the first few months of puberty, grinding up herbs in buttermilk to increase my digestive capacity and immunity etc, could be my first basic introduction to Ayurveda!
Such experiences early in Dhanya’s life, later turned out to be a deep love for medicine and ancient culture. She adds, “I have always been awed by our country, its culture, history and diversity. Right from a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be in the field of medicine, later years that was streamlined to being a doctor. After my medical entrance, though I had a seat in MBBS, all of a sudden I took a liking for Ayurveda, trying to know more about it.
The holistic method of the science attracted her quite a bit and while she entered the course, never once did she had any regret, except for one reason! “The language of the Ayurvedic texts was mostly sanskrit and the translations were more available in malayalam and hindi than english,” adds Dhanya.

Ayurveda in her own words

There are several interpretations of this ancient science and even, misconceptions sometimes! Dhanya makes us understand this in simple words- ” Ayurveda as you all know is a holistic science, but what what we don’t generally understand is how Ayurveda connects the dots of your various physical problems and the right treatment will help you have happier and problem free life. It starts right from how  the air you breathe, the soil you stand on, the utensils you cook, the vegetables you eat, your staple meal, the water you drink ,your daily regime – ultimately, your lifestyle can affect you in many ways.”

How can one achieve balance using Ayurveda

Our lifestyle has great impact on our health and Ayurveda emphasizes the same. Dhanya says, “The first few chapters in the classical texts of Ayurveda begin with advises on the daily regime and modifications to it based on your body kind. Ayurveda hence is not a science that deals with treating diseases but like how the name itself speaks- it is the the science of living or life. It emphasizes on physical and mental exercises .Following the classical way of Ayurveda will help attain a mental -physical balance and hence a healthy you.

An ideal Ayurvedic practitioner would be…

As with any holistic approach, Ayurveda focuses on maintaining the whole body in balance. Hence the practitioners usually do not attach the word, Physician to their names. To this, Dhanya explains, ” Ayurveda deals with the body, mind, spirit and soul together and not individually. An Ayurvedic doctor needs to be a psychologist too not just a physician. Hence the term Ayurveda physician is absolutely unsuitable.

Ayurveda in everyday life

Most of us stay away from Ayurveda thinking that one needs to consult an Ayurveda doctor only in case of illness. But Dr. Dhanya suggests that a simple daily routine helps us achieve a sound body and mind – the ultimate goal in Ayurveda. She suggests the following practices for everyone to start with-
Practising Ayurveda on a day to day basis in 3 most simple ways to me would be:
1. eating and drinking right
2. sleep right
3. mental and physical control through exercises and practises”

Thoughts on yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are often linked together for a person to achieve balance. Elaborating on this, Dr. Dhanya adds, “Yoga is more than just mere physical exercises, the breathing regulation and stretches help in stimulating various vital points that help keep the body healthy and bring mental tranquility. Also,  massages help regulate and increase circulatory effects of the body.

Can Ayurveda be effective for all ailments?

This is one common question that keeps many of us in dilemma while suffering with an illness. To this Dr. Dhanya clarifies, “Of course Ayurveda can be used for all kinds of ailments. Western medicine is a rather new development of medical world. Until then I am sure your great grandfathers had just Ayurveda for their common colds or even hepatatic conditions. What is important to differentiate is the right doctor to consult,. because only the right doctor will be able to even refer you elsewhere in case of need.

Connect with Dr. Dhanya Dilip

Dr. Dhanya works towards spreading the essence of the science besides the physical consultations, like,

a. taking up online consultations
b. conduct seminars in schools and colleges , live videos
c. blogging her views and experiences on this beautiful science
d. manufacturing certain body products such as face creams purely based on the Ayurvedic principles

For more details



Angel Srivastava picture

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Nisha Srivastava

Our next featured author is the youngest in the list and has immense interest in cooking. Meet Nisha Srivastava, also known as Angel Srivastava and here is a quick interview with her.

Age is just a number – it applies to the eldest, as well as the youngest! Nothing can stop a person from getting better at something if she has a passion, and when we say nothing, it includes the age as well. We are very impressed with our next featured author inline; she is young, active and extremely good at what she does! Meet Nisha Srivastava, who submitted around 100 recipes to ZKT in a very short span of time. Let’s get to know more about her.

Bhelpuri - Mumbai Special Recipe

Tell us about yourself Nisha

Hi, I am Nisha from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. I am a student of B.Com, part 1 . I am 19 years old and I am passionate about cooking. I started cooking since October 2017 and I run a page on Instagram. I am registered as Angel Srivastava as a food author with ZKT.
Jalebi Recipe

Inspiration for cooking?

My grandmother teaches me many small and basic techniques and tricks about cooking. And she always supports me. I am also inspired by ZKT’s Vijay Haldiya mam and Kabitaskitchen online.
Papri Aloo Chaat Recipe

Interests and hobbies

My hobbies are listening songs, dancing and reading books. Also, I spend a lot of time studying.
Chilli Chutney Recipe

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

I love to play with the ingredients and always try to make more and more interesting and unique dishes. ZKT is a very inspiring platform for a food blogger. Also, ZKT has been a booster in my cooking journey. 
Aloo Puri Recipe

Personal favorites

Litti chokha, Masala pav, cauliflower tikka masala, Garlic Naan, Fruit custard are my favorite dishes among the ones I submitted to ZKT. 
Mojito | Classic Mocktail Recipe

Few cooking tips

  • To make soft chapattis, use lukewarm water
  • For spongy naan, use lukewarm milk to knead the dough

Favorite local food

Street golgappa, chola batura, samosa are my favorite Street foods. I like the spicy and yummy taste of the street foods.
Motichur Ke Laddu Recipe 

Thoughts on cooking

Never take cooking as a burden and always enjoy your time in the kitchen. Because if you consider cooking as playing with the ingredients, then the result / outcome is always perfect.
Nisha continues to surprise us with creative dishes and we wish her the best in her cooking journey!
Featured Author Subhadra Arya

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Subhadra Arya

We bring you the next in our featured author list, Subhadra Arya who recently completed submitting over 100 recipes to Zayka Ka Tadka. Here is her story.

Skills are something we acquire over time with consistent hard work and setting new targets. However, few talents also come naturally to each one of us and when we see such a person, we usually say, “she is a born dancer,” or “she is a born artist,” etc. When it comes to Subhadra Arya, it appears that, she is a born cook! Cooking came effortlessly to her or may be we should say, “Cooking found her!” Let us get to know more about this amazing cook, who is a featured author with ZKT!

Paneer Pakode In Palak Gravy Recipe

Experience from different regions

Subhadra is from the Haridwar district of Utarakhand. She is the eldest of three siblings and her family stayed in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. She adds, “My father was in government service and my mother is a homemaker. Currently I am living in Ajmer Rajasthan at present.  I am a mother to a teenager son.” She has experienced living in almost four states so far and we can understand why there is so much versatility when it comes to her cooking!

Kurkuri Bhindi/ Okra - Tasty Curry

Inspiration from family

Subhadra Arya has started to cook from a very early age. She recalls, “Cooking came very naturally to me. Way back, the favorite hobby for the ladies was cooking. I saw my mother and aunties cook lovely dishes and exchange them. My mother is a very nice cook.” But that was not all, she continued to watch and learn from her dad too. She adds, “Due to some reasons I stayed with my father for a few months. Seeing him cook and work I also used to help him in the kitchen . He taught me to make dough for the first time. This was in class 3 . From then on I was on a learning spree. By the time I was in 8th I could cook a decent meal. My parents always encouraged me.” 

With such encouragement from childhood days, clearly home is her first school and her parents are the first teachers in teaching her how to cook!

Grapes Chutney Recipe

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

Subhadra Arya is a featured author and a special person at Zayka Ka Tadka. Apart from mouth watering recipes, she even started contributing blog articles in the last few months. We are immensly glad to have such people as part of our strong community of moms and homemakers. She says, “I joined ZKT about two years ago but more active since last year. The fellow authors here are very humble and encouraging. All authors mutually respect each other. Also the whole ZKT team is very supportive and does not get irritated by our constant queries.

Pyaz Mirch Malai - Instant Curry!

Coming to favorites

Apart from her first love, cooking, Subhadra also loves to read, travel and do crafts whenever time permits. 

Jhal muriKadhi pakoraCashew apple, Panchmel dalLauki Raita – Healthy and Instant are her most favorite recipes of hers at ZKT.

And when it comes to local food, she likes kadhi kachori, apart from south indian and Bengali dishes. She adds, “The burst of flavors of tangy and sweet kadhi and spicy dal and crunchy crust of the kachoris cannot be explained in words. You have to taste it to understand!

Urad Dal Fry - Spicy Treat!

Tips and message to budding authors

To bring balance is an important aspect in life and more so when it comes to food and cooking. Subhadra tries to achieve just that when it comes to feeding her family. She adds, “I always try to incorporate healthy food in the diet and simultaneously give importance to each person’s personal preference. I try to cook adequately, so that food does not go waste.

She ends the conversation with simple yet the most important aspects to keep in mind while cooking. Subhadra believes that the best results will come when you love what you do. She says, “If you love cooking everything is simple. Now-a-days everything is available online. Once the interest is in place, with the kind of resources available over the internet, we can learn and grow easily. When you see that your dishes are disappearing from plates, it gives a lot of happiness. Cook whatever you wish with your heart in it.

Meet ZKT featured author Sandhya Sampat

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Sandhya Sampat

Here is the story of yet another featured author at ZKT – meet Sandhya Sampat, the healthy baking lady of our community! She proved that healthy food need not be boring and we agree completely!

I read somewhere, “Nature is so smart, it put medicine inside the food.” While nature took care of the magical composition, a cook uses her art to turn it the way it pleases the taste buds. Thus, a healthy meal is born and when we do not play around that magical composition too much, we are safe and sound and learn to enjoy food, the way it ought to be.

Sandhya Sampant reminds us of such kind of a cook. A cook who is aware of the natural properties of ingredients and brings out the best, without loosing much on the nutrition scale. It truly is a skill to cook that way and we are thankful that she shares all that knowledge with our audience. Let us get to know more about such amazing food author.

Finance and food are her forte

Sandhya Sampat is a mom and also a grand mom. She has an immense interest in cooking and has contributed over 100 plus recipes so far at ZKT. She says, “I am a full time financial advisor and a part-time food blogger. I currently live in Mumbai. I am a mother of one and a grandmother of one. I started as a food blogger two years ago.

Apple Kheer with Oats Recipe

Roots for inspiration

Finances and cooking sounded an unusual combination for us!  Sandhya reveals, “I am passionate about cooking and have loved it since I was a teenager. ” We wonder how come a financial adviser took so much interest in cooking now as she started food blogging only two years back? Clearly, there must be more to the story! She smiles and adds, “In 2016 I traveled to USA to help my daughter with the birth of my grand daughter. Then I started as a food blogger after some much needed nudging for my daughter. My daughter prompted to start blogging about my recipes. She gave me motivation and enthusiasm to express my recipes on global platform. Then I enrolled for membership at ZkT.  Apeksha discovered my talent and encouraged me to publish my recipes.

Paneer Sabji Recipe

Love for food, ingredients and travel!

Travel is a perfect way if you want to enjoy the ingredients in ingenious ways. The way mustard is used in India would be quite different from how it is used in eastern Europe for example. Sandhya Sampant is a cook who loves to enjoy and work with ingredients in their truest essence. She adds, “I learnt to relish each ingredient without making it spicy. Apart from cooking, I am a globe trotter where I learn to relish new recipes and savor each ingredients taste and nutritional value. It gives me great pleasure in doing this. It is just like attaining a state of Nirvana.” When someone has such deep association with each ingredient, the food cooked with her hands would reveal the best of flavors!

Homemade Crunchy Granola Bars Recipe

Association with ZKT

Sandhya says, “ZKT is near and dear to my heart, just like a family member. Vijay ma’am, Apeksha and team members respect me as an author. Everything on ZKT is transparent and clear. ZKT is doing a divine service to humanity as it is said stomach is the way to heart.” The feeling is in fact mutual and we are grateful to have such food authors in our community.


Coming to her favorites

Stuffed nankhatai, homemade granola barsQuinoa salad with stir fried veggies, broken wheat and paneer patties and cappuccino coffee are her favorite recipes as a food author at ZKT. She is a Gujarati by native and lives in Mumbai. She adds, “I love my  local food Misal Pav . I can make it with sprouted pulses which makes it a healthy dish. Serving them along with wheat buns, makes this recipe a complete meal.

 Baked Methi Muthiya - Oil Free Snacks

Some cool tips for cooking

Cooking tips will make life easier in the kitchen, isn’t it? And what best than to get some cool hacks from the expert herself! Sandhya readily agrees and gives us the following awesome tips-

  • While boiling potatoes in pressure cooker make slits on potatoes so it gets cooked evenly.
  • Slice green chillies very finely which will add flavor to the recipe but not spiciness.
  • Keep brown sugar from going hard by throwing a piece of bread into the container.
  • Use wet hands to easily work with sticky food like fudge and granola bars. Corn Capsicum Masala Recipe

Message to budding food authors

Sandhya found her love for cooking in promoting ingredients in the healthiest form possible. She is spreading her love in the form of her recipes that is shared with all our users and inspiring many others to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. She concludes this interview with a message to budding food authors, “My message to budding food authors and audience is, whatever you cook for you and your family members, cook it with a smile on your face and contentment in your hearts.

vijay haldia, apeksha haldia

Meet ZKT Founders : The Inspiring Mother-Daughter Duo

What made Vijay Haldia start the most happening food blog at the age of 56, proving age is just a number? What made her daughter, Apeksha Haldia join her and transition it from being a blog to a food startup? Read on!
Zayka Ka Tadka is a food recipe platform with 6 lakh followers , over 100 registered food authors today with recipes reaching to people in 176 countries ! We take pride in housewives and moms of India who came on board with us as food authors and contributed over 1800 recipes in just 11 months! We are committed to empower and recognize them for their cooking skills and their interest in sharing those recipes, right from their home kitchens.
However all this did not happen overnight. A good dose of hard work and positivity definitely went in this successful recipe, that made ZKT what it is today. As per society, a woman becoming an entrepreneur at 50 plus age is generally unheard of! On that note, Vijay Haldia not only traveled the unconventional road but also inspired fellow women to take charge of their lives and not leave it to circumstances. Let us hear it from its founders on the journey behind!

The inception

It was 4 pm when it started raining on a beautiful day in September 2014. Listening to the rhythm of rain drops, Apeksha started reflecting on her thoughts. She then opened her laptop and took few seconds to gather her thoughts. Minutes later, a food blog and an associated Facebook Page were created. She went on to decide the name in that instant – Zayka Ka Tadka and what followed that moment has been a journey that became so fulfilling and worth travelling for Apeksha Haldia and her mom, Vijay Haldiya.
It gives me immense pleasure in knowing the story behind the creation of Zayka Ka Tadka and its journey so far that keeps inspiring many. Stay with me to know the story in detail!

The roots were spicier and definitely stronger

Vijay Haldiya draws her interest in cooking from her childhood days, which were spent in a joint family. She is from Jodhpur and her family was into the business of spices, which gave her an opportunity to observe and learn how different ingredients function. Vijay also learnt a lot from her mother as there was always a diverse platter cooked at home. Food definitely brought all her family together! After getting married and kids, she continued her cooking journey and was the center of attraction in her whole family for many versatile dishes. Every time there were guests at home, the dining table was adorned with multiple royal dishes. All her family and friends would always request her to prepare their favourite dishes.
Years later when social media was in full bloom, Vijay decided to take it a step further. She started posting her recipes on many food related groups on social media and became famous in no time. She used to enjoy her time in cooking and sharing her recipes over the internet. Although everything was going in a peaceful manner, there was something more that she could do more with her capacity and ability. And that is where her daughter, Apeksha Haldia comes into picture.

Growth hardly happens in a comfort zone

Doing what you love is freedom and that is what kept Apeksha going, right from her childhood days. After completing her MBA from NITIE,  Mumbai,  she left her corporate job in P&G as her love for sports prompted her to pursue second Masters in sports management from USA. She was working as a marketing consultant in US when her parents were visiting her. Apeksha watched how her mom used to actively take part in many social media groups related to food recipes. She was sure that her mom had more potential to fly higher and convinced her to take that much awaited leap! And that leap was nothing but the conception of a personal food blog for Vijay Haldiya on that rainy day in September 2014. She became an entrepreneur at the age of 56!

Perseverance can take you places

Sooner, even the data proved to be spot on, with 30,000 followers in just 4 months. However, it was never a cake walk for the budding entrepreneur. Vijay recalls, “There was a long list of recipes which were requested by the group members. And it was very tough to prepare and post 3-4 dishes along with the photographs each day to fulfill their expectations.” In-spite of all these efforts sometimes the response was not an anticipating one! To this she adds,”I believe that one should always focus on efforts rather than results. If efforts are channelized in the right course, results will naturally follow!
food author vijay haldia

Did technology bother her?

It was not just about engaging the audience, at first Vijay had to understand how social media works and how she can use it to share her knowledge. At the age of 56, she neither had any prior work experience nor knows how to use the internet. She adds, “Willingness to change with time is what helped me to learn and grow. Unlike olden days, today’s women have the advantage of technology. Earlier the talent was just home bound but with today’s technology we are able to reach out to millions from home itself. This is an advantage especially for those who stay at home, who can now pursue their interests without compromising . With internet, women are able to aim for a better work-life balance. I wish I had this opportunity in my early days, but better late than never!” She never hesitated to adapt to technology and find ways on how to leverage it for her own growth. Like how we talk about a successful woman behind a man, there is a man behind this successful woman. It is her husband, Dr. K.R. Haldiya who stood by her and supported her all the while.
vijay haldia

Featured with Accolades

Vijay Haldiya’s relentless efforts even made her get featured in a local news channel, Dainik Bhaskar and twice on yourstory (link1 and link2). She was also featured in ETV Rajasthan as a guest chef and her story was featured in this video. You can find more details on her achievements here.
Dainik Bhaskar Article Coverage

When daughter joined her on board!

Well, if you are following the story so far, let me tell you we are far from climax and this is only an intermission! Vijay, who became an entrepreneur at the age of 56 with the support of her husband and daughter, took upon an opportunity to go live with audience. Not just any live video on social media but she went face-to-face with audience in a newsroom chat. It was for the show, nayi soch naya vishwas, that the local news channel thought of showcasing her inspirational story.
vijay haldia
Apeksha saw her mom speaking at length before 200 people and was amazed at how her mother had transformed from cooking only at home to an entrepreneur willing to share her story! That was also the time Apeksha was deciding whether to continue in the corporate world which had lucrative options or to join her mother and make her own dream a reality, of starting a venture.
Apeksha is an avid reader and was at that time closely associated with Room to Read. As per wiki, Room to Read is a non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world. She drew inspiration from how its founder left his superlative career to help the underprivileged children. She adds, “I thought if not me, then who will help my mom and other moms to fulfill their dreams?” She and her mother, both wondered – why not make this dream come true for all other housewives who always loved to cook but received no recognition for their skills? In this process, Apeksha found an opportunity to become an entrepreneur too, fulfilling her own ambition. Finally, in august 2016, Zayka Ka Tadka was launched with a mission to empower women and let them know that their contributions are indeed valued and much loved.

Road ahead

When asked if anything has changed after her daughter joined her, Vijay says, “Now I get to fight with Apeksha everyday!” and bursts out laughing! They have an unflinching vision and Vijay ends the conversation with some encouragement – “Believe in yourself. If I can do it at the age of 56, imagine the possibilities for today’s youth! God helps those who helps themselves. Be open to accept change, and that brings transformation. If I was reluctant to learn social media or how to take recipe pictures from a smart phone then I wouldn’t be here today.  And to all husbands – help and support your wives, you never know how talented that person might be until you support her.
Apeksha quickly pitches in and adds, “Our vision is to make it number one food network channel for and by housewives/moms of India. I say housewives/moms because they are the majority lot who work without complaints and yet not receive the kind of appreciation they deserve. They decided to be at home to do what they do. Start telling them how special they are. One should not say that they do nothing in life and should not downgrade them. Otherwise, we even welcome recipes from working men/women as our food authors – whoever shares an enthusiasm for cooking!

Follow Zayka Ka Tadka

Also follow us on Youtube, Instagram
Heena Bharat picture 2

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Heena Bharat

In our series of  “Meet ZKT Author”, our next author is versatile, innovative and a featured author who has posted over 200 recipes with her recipes reaching to over millions of people on Facebook. In conversation with Heena Bharat.
We heard, “nothing brings people together like good food” and we could not agree more! We believe we have every reason to prove this point, which in fact prompts us to introduce you to our next food author.
She is Heena Bharat –  a food author, a working mom and an NRI. As you would have guessed, the common love for food is what brought us together. We are happy that we have an Indian food author from Germany. Heena has been onboard with us for quite some time and has contributed 212 recipes till date in a span of 11 months. Here is a little peak into her journey.

Early life

Heena tells us that she is inspired by her mom to try new recipes. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, staying alone prompted Heena to start cooking on her own. She goes on to add, “I studied and worked in Mumbai for more than 7 years. I was alone and hence I started preparing food for myself there. That was the starting point of my cooking journey or I can say I learnt basic cooking in those days.” After hearing this, we wonder how did she end up contributing over 200 recipes and become a featured food author? We know you are keen to know too!
meet the author

Cravings – the hunger behind skillful cooking!

Heena lives in Germany with her husband and her little daughter. Being from the land of herbs and spices, she started missing the authentic desi aroma soon after moving there. Heena recalls, “Germany and India have lot of differences in cooking styles and recipes. Here in Germany we can hardly find any Indian vegetarian restaurants. We started missing the spicy Indian food here and this created the cravings for the same. Finally we started making these yummy street foods at our kitchen in Germany.”  However, are the cravings enough to become a food author too? Let us find out!
aloo tikki burger

You go a long way with a true partner

Heena and her husband are both very fond of cooking. Cooking together on weekends is their way of unwinding and spending quality time together. Heena is from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, while her husband is from Ajmer, Rajasthan. Heena says, “we have many differences in our cooking styles and tastes, as we both are from different states.” Although they have a different take on similar recipes, love for cooking interesting recipes is where they both struck the similar chord. Heena recognizes his active involvement and adds, “In other words, he is helping me a lot in cooking and trying new recipes. Otherwise with a small kid it was not at all possible for me to cross 200 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka.” May be the famous saying, partner in crime should be renamed as partner in cooking for this foodie couple!
 meet the author

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

Love for food, cravings, interest in trying new recipes are a trademark bunch for someone to land at Zayka Ka Tadka. In her words, Heena also adds, “I came to know about Zayka Ka Tadka through our earlier batchmate and friend Apeksha Haldia, the founder of  ZKT. That’s how the path was created to become a food author. In fact, I should say that my actual cooking started after moving to Germany and joining Zayka Ka Tadka only. Earlier life was completely dedicated to my work but after my child, we came to Germany so I had to leave my job. But thanks to Zayka Ka Tadka, we find cooking quite interesting and I am now motivated to cook varieties of recipes for my family.” This video has been made as a token of love when Heena reached 100 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka.


meet the author




She has many roles to her credit at Zayka Ka Tadka. Heena adds, ” At present, I am a chef, author and editor for the recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka. It has been a proud feeling that I perform and handle so many roles for this sweet website and companyAlso ZKT is a wonderful platform for housewives or mothers to show their cooking talent to the whole world. It guides them in learning new and innovative recipes to its authors and audience simultaneously.

Her prized recipes

Coming to local food, Heena finds veg burger of Germany and pakodey chutney and poha of India, interesting. When asked about favorite recipes from her kitchen that arrived at ZKT, she says, “My top 5 recipes are cheese chili toasts, veg burger, Bengal sweet chumchum, rava dosa and leftover poha sandwiches. My husband helped me in cooking all these recipes.” Apart from cooking, Heena loves to sing, dance and play indoor games. She also loves to take part in such competitions.
Cornflakes and Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

Thoughts on cooking and authors

Heena says, “The food tastes at its best when you cook it from your heart.” She believes that food is the way to win anyone’s heart too. On that note, she ends the conversation with inspiring words, “Please keep checking new, healthy and tempting food recipes of India as well as outside on our website Budding authors must keep experimenting new recipes without fear. Give your own tadka taste to the recipes. Good Luck!

meet the author

Meet ZKT Featured Author – Sandhya Harsh

In this first post of our series, “Meet ZKT Author” we are pleased to introduce you to one of our best featured authors, Sandhya Harsh, who has contributed over 200 recipes on our platform.

We are proud to say that acclaimed home chefs form our strongest base of food authors. So when we have the best home chefs adorning Zayka’s table, we thought you would love to know them too – the magic hands behind those awesome recipes!

As George Bernard Shaw said, “there is no sincere love than the love of food” and that is what we believe at Zayka Ka Tadka! We are in the quest to discover the best food authors. Nothing beats ghar ka khana (home cooked food) and no cook beats the home chefs! Our food authors are the wonder who bring out the zayka in food with their tadka.

When cooking happened

meet the authorSandhya Harsh tells us about her initial date with kitchen and cooking meals. She recalls, “It started very early when I was around 12 years old. My mom had to go out of station and my granny fell ill. So I started cooking under my granny’s supervision and instructions. Later I wanted to try new recipes and my mom would encourage me saying, khud se try karo (try on your own) and that’s how it all started!

Home platter always had diverse eats

All of us take pride to be born in this land of many flavors and so is Sandhya. Her childhood happened to be in states of Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan, making her acquainted with varied tastes of local food.
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She adds, “Growing up, I had the chance to see, eat and like variety of foods from those regions. Luckily, my in-laws and husband too resided in totally different regions (West Bengal, Maharashtra), and I got introduced to their local food as well. So when I got married, I learnt more new recipes from my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. All this experience helped me to grow more as a cook.
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Coming from a big foodie family, Sandhya says, “My family wants to try new dishes and simultaneously love to relish upon age old recipes. It helps me to perfect my skills, as I get the true feedback and motivation from them to try more. “

Let’s find favorites

Sandhya is a passionate home cook who loves to eat, cook healthy meals and try new recipes from different regions and cuisine. She says, “I want to bring innovation in making different recipes that adapt to current lifestyle. At the same time, I like to keep some tradition alive by bringing back the forgotten recipes of the local regions.
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daal baati choorma, daal dhokli, kabuli are her favorites when it comes to local food. As a person who believes in wholesomeness of the complete platter, she mentions her affinity towards some side dishes. She adds, “I like the accompaniments such as mirchi kootta, achaar, papad, lehsun chutney etc”.
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And when she is not cooking, she takes time to pursue her other interests, which mostly include gardening and reading. She also loves to travel, paint and embroider.

Love for Zayka Ka Tadka

Sandhya has immense love for us and we let numbers do the talking. She is one of our top authors, crossing 200 posts, earning much appreciation from all the users. She describes, “Zayka Ka Tadka is a wonderful platform that brings so many food authors together under one roof to share and learn different varieties of food from one another. The admins and the support team here is wonderful. Even the fellow authors are so much gentle, humble and loving. It feels great to be part of this lovely group.
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If you have not tried Sandhya’s recipes yet, here are some recommendations for you to start with. She picks these five recipes of hers as her all time favourites at Zayka Ka Tadkastuffed idly sambhar, jhatpat bhel, kadam ke phool wali tikki, rasedaar aalu pyaaz tamatar ki sabzi and paneer peshawari.
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Word for budding authors and home chefs

Sandhya completely believes in slow cooking and cooking with passion. She says, “Cook with passion and love, because it is said that the taste of food reflects the mind and heart of the cook! (yani aap jis bhaav se khana banayenge, aapke khane ka swaad waisa hi hoga). That is the reason why the prasads (food offered to almighty) anywhere in the world are so tastier as we add on our love and gratitude, all into it while making it.
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