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5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

Eco friendly Diwali need not sound boring! Let us make this eco friendly Diwali, an event to remember!
There is more to Diwali than to just burst some crackers. Here are some ideas to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali and yet have loads of fun!

Making Diwali special festival recipes

Think of any festival, the first thing that comes to our mind is food (at least to my mind!) To me, food is a form of love that binds the family and the whole community together. There is so much fun in preparing loads of sweets and savories together by the whole family. Preparing sweets at home includes procuring required items, shopping, soaking, pounding, mixing, kneading, making shapes, frying etc. All these activities can be divided among the family members to make awesome homemade Diwali sweets recipes and Diwali snacks recipes. You can even include kids to help you with mixing or making ladoos.
eco friendly diwali

Get the diyas ready

Before the festivities begin, get those clay diyas washed and dry them completely. The afternoon time on the 5 days of Diwali can be used to making cotton wicks | cotton batti, filling oil in diyas and soaking the wicks. The soaked wicks stay on longer than the instant lighted ones.
Eco friendly Diwali

Fun with colors – rangoli time

Rangoli is another important part of our festivities. Even if you stay in small apartments, there is always a corner waiting to get adorned with Rangoli! Rangoli instantly brightens up the mood of the festival and sky is the limit to beautify the space if you like the art.
eco friendly diwali

DIY – arts, crafts, gifts, decor and more!

To me, the best way to keep yourself engaged in free time is to indulge in some DIY! Nothing beats a handmade creation! It adds a unique look and special warmth to your creations. You can create give away boxes, in which you can place the homemade sweets to gift to your loved ones! You can also try creating some home decor products along with your kids like these.

An evening of laughter and pure fun

Evening time of Diwali can be used to place diyas in a most interesting way, almost like a Rangoli! Once the house and surroundings are well lit with lots of diyas and the family prayer is done, sit together to enjoy an evening of together time. Let your talents unleash and each person can showcase their most favourite skill. It could be singing, dancing, playing musical instrument, story telling, antakshari, making paper crafts, role play, skits, mime, puppet show, comedy session or even a silly game like who can eat more ladoos! You can even indulge in board games or some party games where it involves more people.
eco friendly diwali
If you are a person who would like to observe how light brings cheer to our life, on this Diwali donate something to the needy, do volunteering, meditate and invite others to join the activities.
eco friendly diwali
Let the evening end with a family meal with all the Diwali festival recipes. Have a happy Diwali in its true essence!
cleaning house for Diwali

Why Do We Clean Our House For Diwali?

Deep cleaning of our houses for Diwali has been an age old custom. Have you wondered why we clean our houses, especially for Diwali?

Diwali also called as Deepavali is an auspicious festival celebrated on the new moon night of Kartik month(autumn season) in India. It is the day when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya with goddess Sita after defeating the demon king Ravan. This day is considered as the victory of knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. This festival is a 5 days long celebration and there is different significance of each day.

People all across the country believe to prepare and clean their house and offices so as to welcome positivity on this day. Cleaning the house is a day to day work but before Diwali cleaning carries specific significance. We generally consider the following reasons to clean the house before Diwali

Welcome positive energy  

On this day, many worship and offer prayers to the almighty. It is believed that there is a lot of positive energy that will grace the house, which is clean, well lit and adorned as per our interests and beliefs. Hence it is for prosperity and allowing the light to cleanse our house, body and mind and wish good vibes for self, family and friends.

Becoming a good host  

Diwali is one occasion when people pay visit to each other’s house. Many also cook a lot of Diwali snack recipes and Diwali sweet recipes for guests. It is considered a good symbol to welcome guest in a spick and span house. All of us prefer to visit clean and spruce up places, over cluttered or unhygienic places.

Declutter the house

Once a year comes this occasion when, we should remove all the unwanted items lying in the house. Idle things, lying in any space bring dust and attract negative energy. Also, there is more happiness in minimal things and it is always a good to donate items in good condition to the needy. Especially kitchen organization calls for a mention as it is the most usable space in a house.

New year beginning 

As per Hindu calendar Diwali is the beginning of new year, we all want to welcome the inception of anything new with a clean slate. Similarly it goes for this new year we all look forward for clean house and happy space. Cleaning brings commencement of freshness and new environment. Many people paint, renovate their houses and offices before Diwali.

Have you cleaned your house yet? What do you think is the most important reason for cleaning house before Diwali? Do let us know your thoughts in comments section.

how to organize kitchen cabinets

6 Ideas On How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

How to organize kitchen cabinets is the most sought after question when you need a hassle free cooking space. These ideas on how to organize kitchen cabinets will help you achieve just that.

Kitchen is an integral part of organised households all across the world. The ease of cooking/baking in a structured kitchen is a privilege dream but not achieved by all. Kitchen cabinets mostly form bases to create a systematic cooking work space. Everyone wants a systematic kitchen space, here we have shared few ideas on how to organize kitchen cabinets.

Diwali is here and cleaning is a major act that happens just before the festivities begin. Also when you start cooking many festival recipes like Diwali snacks recipes and Diwali sweets recipes, you need an organized kitchen to keep the cooking process smooth.

Sometimes kitchen can be lagging space to create ample cabinets, then we can use stainless steel racks depending upon the size of room. But these steel racks can be used on a huge wall or along an empty wall. We can also utilize small spaces above sink area or a small gap besides refrigerator. The following ideas/information will help you figure out how to organize kitchen cabinets.


Use hooks to organize kitchen cabinets

how to organize kitchen cabinets

We can add small hooks on the inner side of the cabinet door to hang small pans,

Measuring cups, spoons or any sleek shaped utensil as per the space between the cabinet door and shelf inside it.

Grouping will help you organize kitchen cabinets

how to organize kitchen cabinets

We can always collect similar objects and keep them together, like spatula, stirrer, ladle, and other such kitchen equipment together in a wide mouth jar or bottle so that when we are in a haste we do not have to search them in the drawer. All the related items for baking can be kept together, various parts of food processor can be kept together. Grilling attachments can be kept together, like wise we can categorize other items.

Label the jars, bottles and containers

how to organize kitchen cabinets

When it comes to choosing between similar looking ingredient kept together, labeling them is the best alternative. We can avoid to become a victim to a situation where while cooking we mix up salt with powdered sugar and create a disaster recipe. Moreover if the jar/container is labelled we can easily refill the same ingredient into it next time.

Avoid wasting space

how to organize kitchen cabinets

We can avoid or minimize the wastage or misuse of the discrete space in our cabinets. By adding a separator or organizer in a broad shelf we can divide it into various parts and use it accordingly. Example, keeping all the lids in steel-wire stand, makes them instantly available when needed. We can also use small self dividers or a basket and stick/hang them to cabinet door to keep all the small bottles of sprinkling spices together.

Reaarange the cabinets

how to organize kitchen cabinets

We cannot conserve our time and energy if we just fill up the cabinet again, rearranging the cabinets is of utmost importance to keep it organized. Keep the daily needs(oil, tea, coffee, spices, flour, grains, cereals etc) in front of /besides the cooking platform and things which are used once in a while can be kept far away. As we start our daily chores we can categorize the serving and cooking utensils pan, kadhai, tawa, bowl at cabinet near platform, some of them can be kept on hook besides the wall near gas cook top.

Declutter periodically

how to organize kitchen cabinets

Many of us keep idle equipment, crockery, jars and utensils  just because we like them. The unused lid is of no need whose jar is broken but still its lying in our cabinet. Sometimes out of  affection we keep non suitable utensils, all these form clutter in our home and dust on these unused items attract negative energy and create space crunch. Regularly removing the unused item can help keep the space clean and organized.

The pot holders, kitchen towels, aprons , wiping sponge , tray liner, foils should be kept close to the cooking platform  so that they are readily available when needed. Water purifier should be enclosed in a covered space to avoid dust. The area below the kitchen sink can be utilized to keep garbage bags, utensil washing equipment, disposable containers, and other dry non edible daily use items.


If we want to maintain the structured kitchen, cleaning is ought to be regularly done. With Diwali, most of the households go for a complete cleaning routine and it’s a blessing in the form of festivals that we get to clean and organize our kitchens and thereby our homes. Happy Diwali!

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ice cream stick craft ideas

5 Ice Cream Stick Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Ice cream stick craft ideas are fun and add charm to your house. Let’s catch a glimpse of 5 ice cream stick craft ideas for home decoration.

Ever heard of ice cream stick home decor? We all love to adorn our home with different theme and designs.

Small changes in various spaces and corners of house can enrich the attractive look and bring freshness to the whole environment. With changing weather our food pattern also changes, but ice creams are enjoyed all the year round across all seasons. Generally all ice cream/popsicle sticks are immediately thrown in garbage bins. But we can utilize these ice cream sticks for creating different decorative pieces.

Change in the appearance and looks of the room or a particular wall can be brought by using simple craft ideas. We get bored of looking the same things over and over again so these popsicle stick wall decors/frames will look appealing and brighten the space.  

Talking about ice cream stick brings me down the memory lane of my school days. We had a craft class, where we were taught to make best out of waste. The different photo frame, pencil stand, flower vase, mobile stand and lamp shade can be easily made at home without spending much.

Ice cream stick craft photo frame                            

Many of us like to keep memorable moments of our life right in front of us in form of pictures. Photo frames give us this opportunity to highlight our achievements. If we can make our own photo frame nothing better than that. These ice cream stick photo frames brings out child’s creativity and keeps the child busy during vacation time.  The below mentioned video link shows the step by step process of making beautiful photo frame, and even kids can make it. 

Ice cream stick craft pencil Stand            

Mostly kids do not have habit of keeping things organized and many a times we have to help them find out their lost things. Pencil/ pen stand is one way to organize all the pencil/pen/colours. The idea becomes more interesting when kids themselves can create a pencil stand, it gives them feeling of achievement and confidence. The below mentioned video link show the steps to make a pencil stand.

Ice cream stick craft Flower vase             

Many of us are fond of flower vase. We end up buying metallic or ceramic or antique vase to highlight the corner space in our living room or bedroom. You know what we can save those thousands spent on precious vase and actually create our own original vase. The whole idea to construct our own blueprint and aim at its completion gives us a creativity boost. Here is a step by step video of a unique flower vase made of ice cream stick.

Ice cream stick craft mobile Stand       

Now a days various stylish mobile stands are available in the market. These are mostly metallic or wooden or acrylic. Here we are presenting hand crafted mobile stand that is easy to make and can be gifted to dear ones. Please click the link below to know step by step process of making ice cream stick mobile stand.

Ice cream stick craft lamp shade           

This beautiful looking lamp shade can be made with ice cream stick. We can make it at home and even kids can help making the lamp shade. Generally kids are curious about different things they see around this lamp can be a unique  project for them and will help us teach electric concepts to them. Please click the video link below to learn step by step method of ice cream stick lamp shade.