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Til Ki Barfi : Lohri or Sankranthi Special Recipe

5 Special Dishes To Make For Lohri | Sankranti Special

Makar Sankranti (the sun entering the Capricorn) is an important festival all over India. Here are 5 ideas for special dishes to prepare on Sankranti and Lohri

Lohri is a harvest festival which is celebrated in Punjab . The same festival has different names all over India. In TamilNadu it is called Pongal, in Bihar it is celebrated in the form of khichdi, Bihu in Assam, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh, whereas in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana it is called Maghi.

Significance of Lohri

Basically Lohri is a harvest festival. It is celebrated with great fervor as the previous crop produce is at home and new crop has been sown in the fields. It is a matter of great joy for the farmers whose entire life revolves around fields and farming. It marks the middle of a winter season too. A day before Makar Sankranti huge bonfire is lit in the evening  and yields from the field in the form of groundnuts, sesame seeds, puffed rice etc are offered in the bonfire followed by distributing delicacies made from the nuts and new jaggery. It is also marked by performing gidda and bhangra –the traditional dance of the region.

In other parts of India the following day is celebrated by cooking Pongal and khichdi . Pongal is also made in jaggery juice as well and is called sakkarai Pongal or bellam pongal. In the eastern parts curd and chivda or flattened rice (poha) is also consumed. Khichdi is cooked and distributed among friends and relatives. kite flying is also associated with this day and in fact a kite festival is organized in Gujarat this day. In the ganga belt bathing in the river is considered auspicious on this day.

Following below are some recipes which are cooked specially for this day.

Til ki barfi- Lohri or Sankranti special recipe

By  Vijay Haldiya

It is very easy to make and involves only three items . It does not take much time to prepare the sweet. It is extremely crunchy and is an energy bar in itself. Sesame seeds are a storehouse of important nutrients. You can make and store them too.

Please click here for the recipe-> Til ki Barfi- lohri or Sankranti special

Til Ki Barfi : Lohri or Sankranthi Special Recipe





Dal Pinni Lohri recipe

By Meenakshi kapur

Pinnis are another storehouse of nutrients which keep your body warm. Pinnis are very famous in Punjab. They are delicious and tasty. They are gifted during various festivals too.

Please click here for the recipe-> Dal pinni

Dal Pinni Recipe


Peanuts Til ki chikki(home made energy bar) recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Peanuts coupled with sesame seeds provide that extra energy which you require during this season.

The sweet is made with in five minutes and also eaten up that fast too. Make sure you make heaps of it otherwise you might loose your share.

Please click here for the recipe-> Peanuts til ki chikki(home made energy bar)

Peanuts Til ki Chikki ( Homemade Energy Bar) Recipe





Til Mawa ladoo Lohri recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Mawa or evaporated milk is rich in fats and thus is again an important energy source which is needed for the body. Mawa is extremely tasty and this ladoo will be a hit.

Please click here for the recipe-> Til mawa ladoo

Til Mawa Ladoo Recipe


Moong dal khichdi recipe

By Heena Bharat

As I said khichdi is eaten in certain parts of the country . Moong dal khichdi is an easy option for people who like eating salty items. You can add veggies and make it more delicious. Eat with a dollop of ghee on top, papad and curd. It is very easy to make and is a whole meal in itself.

Please click here for the recipe -> Moong Dal khichdi

Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe




I have outlined five various recipes which you might like to make for this Lohri/Sankranti. You can also go through the page to browse more recipes of your choice. Have a happy lohri and happy cooking.


Christmas baking ideas

Christmas Baking Ideas Made Easy With These Supplies

Christmas baking ideas are never enough and we agree! Here is a list of products that might come in handy for Christmas baking ideas.

There are days when I think of baking something exotic and exquisite! I start with cake recipes then go on to checking cookie recipes and then would be following pie recipes and ultimately end up confused! I heard many friends say the same thing. If you are not a professional baker, it is likely that you do not have all kinds of baking supplies and equipment. However, we have curated this list of basic baking supplies some time back that is worth checking.

First things first!

If you love baking then it is worth considering to buy an OTG, than just a microwave or convection oven. For example, you could check this OTG that helps with many Christmas baking ideas. I have been using this OTG at my home and so far the results are good and predictable!

Cookies and decoration

For cookies, a tray like this works best to lay all your cookies. And if you are looking for innovative cookie cutter then this cookie cutters set might be the one you are looking for. I know that your kitchen counter becomes messy with the process of making cookies, so this cake mat will save you from the extra cleaning.

We all love decorating our cakes and cookies, isn’t it? How about using some tips/icing nozzles for the same? Although the age old polythene cover homemade cones serve the basic purpose, these icing nozzles will make your cake art better.

Coming to the favorite in baking

Do you plan to create different shaped cakes for variety? Then try this set of 3 different shaped cake tins set for all occasions. If you have difficulty in getting the fluffy butter-sugar mixture then try investing in a hand blender. Here is a hand blender and stand mixer suggestion for you based on your budget.

Cup cakes, anyone?

Cup cakes are never enough! Sometimes the same batter looks more lovely in the form of cup cakes than the regular cakes. Also cup cakes are a great way to save time while serving, are less messy and gives you a better idea on planning the number of servings. Try this 12 slot cup cake pan for maximizing the amount of batter that goes into your oven.

Serving suggestions

If you like to cut and serve the cake itself, try this cake cutter and slicer for those perfect shapes. Keeping your cakes fresh and inviting is one of the most important aspect of saving them till your guests arrive. Try this cake service stand along with dome for such cool decor and a great way to store your cupcakes and cakes.

Are you a no-bake person?

Well, if baking is not your interest we have you covered too! Just order this healthy & rich plum cake or a cake with assorted chocolates and enjoy!

Note: Please consider buying the baking supplies by clicking on the links listed in the article. This is part of affiliate marketing and When you do so, a share of that amount goes to Zayka Ka Tadka, which will help us sustain our operations in bringing the best food recipes and content to you. We do not endorse any particular brand here and these are just suggestions based on our personal experience or users review on Amazon!

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Recipes For This Festive Season

Christmas cookie recipes are a must addition to your baking list. These Christmas cookie recipes are easy to make and will be loved by your kids.

Christmas is an yearly festival which commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ . It is observed on 25th Of December every year. Though it is a celebration Of the Christian community with time it has become a celebration which is not limited to any particular community. People across races and nationalities come together and celebrate it With great joy. When we were kids I remember faintly that our neighboring aunties used to send Christmas goodies in the form of cakes, cookies, chocolates and fruits. They used to erect a Christmas tree at home and have wonderful celebrations. Christmas cookie recipes have a special place in all of these.

My childhood and Christmas cookie recipes

The variety of cookies they used to distribute used to be homemade in most of the cases. They used to start baking them  a a few days before Christmas and it used to be fun watching the aunties bake them together . My favorite ones were Ajwain cookies. Whenever we had the option to buy biscuits I used to  buy them from the nearest shop . The sweet, salty and  buttery taste is so delicious that you can’t resist eating them.They are perfect with a cup of hot tea . Apart from the above, another favorite one was cardamom flavoured coconut cookies. The chewy grated coconut in those Christmas cookie recipes, was very delicious and we used to keep on chewing the coconut for quite sometime. Whenever there were guests at home, they were served along with tea . But as children, we used to gobble them up and Polish off the plates.

Christmas cookie recipes today!

With time, I think things have changed too. Today the kids are so demanding that you never know what they might end up asking for in snacks . Apart from other items I make sure to have Mixed dry fruits cookies in my pantry. As a rule kids, do not eat anything healthy if you serve them in a straight forward way. Incorporating dry fruits in the cookies makes them more nutritious and kids also love them. Apart from nutrition, they also keep the body warm which is specially good for the body during winters.

One cookie that has not changed till date is the nankhatai. They used to be available in the shops and these days, we can make them at home too. I made them too and will share the recipe here at ZKT. They instantly melt in the mouth and the crumbling taste is awesome . You can also make stuffed nankhatai  which is  a bit richer in taste and perfect for celebrations .

More suggestions on Christmas cookie recipes

Cornflakes cookiesWheat coconut cookies are worth trying as both of them do not have refined flour. These can be consumed by diabetic people as well as the white sugar can be lowered and substituted by other sugar substitutes. You can also mix various flours together for making Christmas cookie recipes. They can be consumed by people who are weight conscious too.

I hope you will bake some of the Christmas cookie recipes that I mentioned above and serve them to your guests. Do not bother if they lack professional touch. Remember that anything made at home is more healthy and nutritious than those available in the markets. Moreover you can control the amount of sugar and fat levels from your end and also use healthier options compared to the store bought ones. Please share your feedback with us and Happy cooking. Merry Christmas to you to your near and dear ones!

eco friendly diwali

How Eco Friendly Diwali Develops Empathy

Eco friendly Diwali is the way to celebrate the festival of lights. After all, it is our responsibility to safeguard our planet for generations to come.

We all know Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of our land. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. In this age of LED lights, we still give importance to age old traditions and our culture. That is the reason why we buy clay diyas and light the lamp, the traditional way with cotton wicks / cotton battis and oil. The beauty and how our culture comes alive can be seen in a row of such diyas!

The connect with festivals

Festivals are a significance of nature and rhythm and how our body and mind connects to a particular event. Apart from religious reasons, there are also other important factors such as Pongal celebrated to observe harvest, Rakhi celebrated to observe the brother-sister relationship etc.
In a similar way Diwali is celebrated to observe the fact that always good wins over evil and with light, we create a path through darkness. While observing such significant days, we also celebrate by including those rituals that tend to make us happy. For some it is buying new clothes for themselves, for others it could be an opportunity to clean and decorate their home. And of course, celebrations are never complete without a feast!

Respect environment

While love and respect form the basis of our celebrations, let there be empathy and consciousness when we think of our surroundings and future years to come. That is when the thought of making Diwali cracker-free comes from! Green Diwali or eco-friendly Diwali are just not a fancy terms coined by environmentalists for fun. Rather, I would urge people to follow the consciousness whenever they can. It could be saving power, recycling products, reducing the waste, garbage segregation, helping the needy, volunteering etc.
Many of you know about the supreme court order that no crackers were allowed to be sold in Delhi markets for this Diwali. Last year the smog, that is created from the smoke generated by Diwali crackers has stayed on for more than a month. It is so alarming that many schools and other institutions asked people to stay indoors as it became extremely unsafe to be outside and inhale such polluted air. Especially, those who suffer with breathing problems or lung related ailments had to go through so much and it took a toll on their health!

And the discussions on social media…

Then I read few comments over social media about how it is ok to burst crackers for new year and not burst them on Diwali? The dialogue is not about when is the right time to burst some crackers but are we in a luxury to burst them anymore? Though I was never a huge fan of crackers, I did play with firing crackers year after year, right from my childhood to a few years after becoming a mom. As with every other change, there was a point of realization in me too! Being a mom, I want my child to grow up and be in a healthy and positive environment with bustling life all around. How far is this possible if we go on generating more and more pollution in the name of festivals?

Why it matters now?

Discussions on eco-friendly Diwali started in the last few years and so are the discussions about garbage segregation, recycling waste, growing more plants, reduce plastic usage etc. When we were less populated and had ample space to dispose the little waste generated (with less plastic in daily use) we were ok. Today’s story is definitely not the same. Today we live in a densely populated world with tons of waste produced that goes to landfill. Trees are brought down to accommodate flyovers and huge shopping malls. This is a developing world in a different sense. When we seek such a development, we also loose the luxury to generate waste and smoke as we please! The equation is not balanced with limited natural resources and unlimited waste. Whether one agrees or not, it is a fact that the number of clothes we buy, the number of household stuff we buy, the number of toys we buy, the number of gadgets we buy is on the rise. Leading a minimalist life is far away dream with the brands exploiting many of us.
If we understand this reality, we can also understand that we do not have the privilege of bursting crackers as we please. If you feel Diwali is never complete without bursting few crackers, start with reducing the number of crackers that you indulge in. Simultaneously make conscious efforts in making other lifestyle changes that leaves lesser and lesser carbon foot print. This way at least we take the initial step towards a more inclusive world. Let us think about the health of those people working in cracker manufacturing factories, who are exposed to harmful chemicals. Let us think about all the animals that are on the lookout for hiding from the sounds. Let us make it a practice of not bursting crackers so our kids learn by example.

Are you ready?

One person asked me if this act would make the smoke disappear if only I decide to go for a cracker-free Diwali? But then, how can you spread the message or convince others if you do not live by example? The change should always start from home. While we cannot do the 1000 other good things out there, start consciously inculcating those where you can do your bit and contribute to a greener environment. If you are thinking that it is boring without crackers or wondering on which ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, then we have some ideas for you!  Go green this Diwali and take pride in celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali with your family!
5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

Eco friendly Diwali need not sound boring! Let us make this eco friendly Diwali, an event to remember!
There is more to Diwali than to just burst some crackers. Here are some ideas to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali and yet have loads of fun!

Making Diwali special festival recipes

Think of any festival, the first thing that comes to our mind is food (at least to my mind!) To me, food is a form of love that binds the family and the whole community together. There is so much fun in preparing loads of sweets and savories together by the whole family. Preparing sweets at home includes procuring required items, shopping, soaking, pounding, mixing, kneading, making shapes, frying etc. All these activities can be divided among the family members to make awesome homemade Diwali sweets recipes and Diwali snacks recipes. You can even include kids to help you with mixing or making ladoos.
eco friendly diwali

Get the diyas ready

Before the festivities begin, get those clay diyas washed and dry them completely. The afternoon time on the 5 days of Diwali can be used to making cotton wicks | cotton batti, filling oil in diyas and soaking the wicks. The soaked wicks stay on longer than the instant lighted ones.
Eco friendly Diwali

Fun with colors – rangoli time

Rangoli is another important part of our festivities. Even if you stay in small apartments, there is always a corner waiting to get adorned with Rangoli! Rangoli instantly brightens up the mood of the festival and sky is the limit to beautify the space if you like the art.
eco friendly diwali

DIY – arts, crafts, gifts, decor and more!

To me, the best way to keep yourself engaged in free time is to indulge in some DIY! Nothing beats a handmade creation! It adds a unique look and special warmth to your creations. You can create give away boxes, in which you can place the homemade sweets to gift to your loved ones! You can also try creating some home decor products along with your kids like these.

An evening of laughter and pure fun

Evening time of Diwali can be used to place diyas in a most interesting way, almost like a Rangoli! Once the house and surroundings are well lit with lots of diyas and the family prayer is done, sit together to enjoy an evening of together time. Let your talents unleash and each person can showcase their most favourite skill. It could be singing, dancing, playing musical instrument, story telling, antakshari, making paper crafts, role play, skits, mime, puppet show, comedy session or even a silly game like who can eat more ladoos! You can even indulge in board games or some party games where it involves more people.
eco friendly diwali
If you are a person who would like to observe how light brings cheer to our life, on this Diwali donate something to the needy, do volunteering, meditate and invite others to join the activities.
eco friendly diwali
Let the evening end with a family meal with all the Diwali festival recipes. Have a happy Diwali in its true essence!
5 days Diwali

Do You Know How Diwali Is Celebrated For 5 Days?

5 days of Diwali is celebrated in many parts of the country. Read on to know the significance of 5 days of Diwali.

After we are finished with cleaning our houses for Diwali, now its the time to prepare for this auspicious festival. Many follow the tradition of buying new clothes, utensils, gold, set up a new work place, renovate home with furnishing etc, as per one’s interests, beliefs and affordability. Loads of Diwali sweets and Diwali snacks do rounds in all the houses and the market.

Day one of Diwali is Dhanteras 

Dhanteras is the first day of celebration during Diwali, On this day, it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi came out of the churning of ocean  and this day is  marked as birthday of God Dhanwantri. This day is celebrated by lighting diyas, making rangoli and people decorate their house and offices by arranging lights. Shopping precious metals like silver and gold is considered auspicious on this day. Dhanteras celebrated by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and God kuber and God Dhanvantri.

Naraka Chaturdashi – second day of Diwali

Naraka chaturdashi is day two of Diwali. This is also called as choti Diwali or roop chaudas. It is said that demon Narakasura was killed by lord Krishna. On this day most of the people take bath with holy water and apply homemade scrub. In Hindu tradition it is believed the water kalash of Ahoi ashtami is used to take bath because it makes us more beautiful.

Diwali | Deepavali

It is on this day lord Ram along with goddess Sita reached back to his home Ayodhya after completing 14 yrs of forest exile. Diwali is one of the most important festival of Hindus. Diwali is celebrated by worshipping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. Generally people adhere to the auspicious mahurat for Diwali pujan . In all the hindu  households the puja thali is prepared, the mandir is decorated with flower and lights. Mostly people do Diwali pujan at offices and factory as well.  Many beautiful lights, diyas, lamps are lit on this day to welcome Goddess Lakshmi – goddess of wealth and wisdom. All the family members gather and celebrate this festival therefore this is a festival of togetherness. People burst different variety of fire crackers and fire sticks.

Goverdhan and Annakut

The next day of Diwali is celebrated as festival of Goverdhan. Goverdhan is a huge hill which Lord Krishna lifted on his little finger  and gave shelter to save the people of vrindavan from heavy rains, lightning and storm. On Goverdhan small figure of cow dung symbolizing Govardhan hill is made and decorated with flowers and then worshipped by family members by doing  parikrama (circumambulating) around it.Prayers are also made to Lord Govardhan. On this day annakut is celebrated by preparing large variety of vegetarian food as offering to God and goddess. Goddess Annapurna the goddess of food is worshipped on this day.

Bhaiya Dooj

This is fifth day of Diwali celebration. On this day the sisters  invite their brothers  and prepare brother’s favourite recipes. On bhai dooj day generally sisters perform aarti for their brother and apply tika with kumkum on their brother’s forehead. Sisters pray for the wellbeing and prosperity of their brother and their families and some may exchange gifts like we do on rakshabandhan day.

All the 5 days of Diwali is celebrated with tradition vigour and happiness. This Diwali we can pledge to save our environment and planet earth by celebrating a no cracker Diwali.

Apart from religious significance, many believe in the spiritual significance of this festival. This is when we welcome light, not just in our houses, but also in our hearts, there by infusing the positive energy in our thoughts. What are your thoughts on Diwali?



cleaning house for Diwali

Why Do We Clean Our House For Diwali?

Deep cleaning of our houses for Diwali has been an age old custom. Have you wondered why we clean our houses, especially for Diwali?

Diwali also called as Deepavali is an auspicious festival celebrated on the new moon night of Kartik month(autumn season) in India. It is the day when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya with goddess Sita after defeating the demon king Ravan. This day is considered as the victory of knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. This festival is a 5 days long celebration and there is different significance of each day.

People all across the country believe to prepare and clean their house and offices so as to welcome positivity on this day. Cleaning the house is a day to day work but before Diwali cleaning carries specific significance. We generally consider the following reasons to clean the house before Diwali

Welcome positive energy  

On this day, many worship and offer prayers to the almighty. It is believed that there is a lot of positive energy that will grace the house, which is clean, well lit and adorned as per our interests and beliefs. Hence it is for prosperity and allowing the light to cleanse our house, body and mind and wish good vibes for self, family and friends.

Becoming a good host  

Diwali is one occasion when people pay visit to each other’s house. Many also cook a lot of Diwali snack recipes and Diwali sweet recipes for guests. It is considered a good symbol to welcome guest in a spick and span house. All of us prefer to visit clean and spruce up places, over cluttered or unhygienic places.

Declutter the house

Once a year comes this occasion when, we should remove all the unwanted items lying in the house. Idle things, lying in any space bring dust and attract negative energy. Also, there is more happiness in minimal things and it is always a good to donate items in good condition to the needy. Especially kitchen organization calls for a mention as it is the most usable space in a house.

New year beginning 

As per Hindu calendar Diwali is the beginning of new year, we all want to welcome the inception of anything new with a clean slate. Similarly it goes for this new year we all look forward for clean house and happy space. Cleaning brings commencement of freshness and new environment. Many people paint, renovate their houses and offices before Diwali.

Have you cleaned your house yet? What do you think is the most important reason for cleaning house before Diwali? Do let us know your thoughts in comments section.

Diwali sweet recipes

10 Diwali Sweet Recipes That Spread Happiness

Diwali sweet recipes are the most interesting things in all Indian homes right now. These Diwali sweet recipes will come in handy to try out something new this Diwali!

Sweets and festivals complement each other. And when it comes to Diwali, mithai is being prepared in every household. We have got you a mix of traditional, new and regional Diwali sweet recipes that everyone will love.

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated on the Amavasya of Kartik month every year. Diwali is India’s biggest and most important festival. The festival gets its name from the row of clay lamps which were lighted when Lord Rama returns to Ayodhya after years of exile. This day people exchange sweets between them and children are busy in making rangoli and decorating their homes. Diwali and sweets/desserts have a strong connection. Diwali is just round the corner, so,  start preparing mithai/ desserts at home with these easy and quick recipes.  Here are our top 10 Diwali sweet recipes that spread happiness. Also, if you are looking for some great savories to make at home for Diwali, please check our top Diwali snack recipes!

Shahi Malai Bread Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

If you have not prepared any sweet beforehand,  then you must try this 5 minutes easy dessert. It takes just 5 minutes, prepared with easily available ingredients and tastes heavenly.
Please click here for recipe – – > Shahi Malai Bread

Diwali sweet recipe

Mastani Pudding Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya 

A quick and yummy dessert prepared just by assembling the ingredients. Different flavors in a single dessert makes it tempting and irresistible.
Please click here for recipe – – > Mastani Pudding

Diwali sweet recipe

Kalakand Diwali sweet recipe

By Geeta Temani

A mouthwatering sweet of Rajasthan that is prepared using milk is one of the mithai that you can gift to your family and friends. Do not buy sweets from market this year,  prepare them with love at home.
Please click here for recipe – – > Kalakand

Kalakand Reicpe

Bread Rasmalai Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

The biggest timesaver in my experience to make Diwali dessert is bread. This recipe uses bread to make yummy dessert to be served to your family and friends.
Please click here for recipe – – > Bread Rasmalai

Diwali sweet recipe

Coconut Laddu Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Laddus made using coconut is one of the popular giveaways during Diwali. This year surprise your friends and family with home made treats.
Please click here for recipe – – > Coconut Laddu

Diwali sweet recipe

Besan Barfi Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya 

Your guests will surely enjoy Diwali much more when you serve a platter full of Besan barfi. This traditional Besan barfi made using besan, ghee and few other ingredients will just melt in your mouth, leaving an everlasting taste.
Please click here for recipe – – > Besan Barfi

Diwali sweet recipe

Bread Burfi Diwali sweet recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Festivals are complete when you have a platter full of sweets and a home filled with celebrations. This burfi recipe is quick and easy to prepare and is a perfect sweet for those who do not want to spend too much time in kitchen.
Please click here for recipe – – > Bread Burfi 

Diwali sweet recipe

Chum chum Diwali sweet recipe

By Heena Bharat

Chum chum is a bengali delicacy that you can make at home using Chenna. It is oval in shape and is generally served dry with khoya stuffing or rolled in coconut or served with rabdi.
Please click here for recipe – – > Chum chum

Diwali sweet recipe

Mohanthal Diwali sweet recipe

By Somya Gupta

It is a traditional Rajasthani mithai that is prepared on auspicious occasions, especially Diwali. Besan, khoya, ghee and nuts are combined together to make square shape burfi.  Ghee roasted besan gives a rich flavor and melt in mouth texture.
Please click here for recipe – – > Mohanthal 

Diwali sweet recipe

Paan Nariyal Ladoo with Gulkand Diwali sweet recipe

By Sandhya harsh

Stuffed  with gulkand at centre,  these ladoos are made using betel leaves and coconut. They are absolutely easy to make and are extremely tasty.
Please click here for recipe – – > Paan Nariyal Ladoo

Diwali sweet recipe

Everyday ingredients and few minutes are all you need to spread bright smiles on the faces of your family and friends. Serve the sweet tooth in minutes with these Diwali Sweet recipes and let your near and dear ones sparkle with satisfaction.


Diwali snack recipes

Top 5 Diwali Snacks Recipes For Your Family

Diwali snack recipes give you ideas for festival recipes at home. These Diwali snack recipes are easy to make and please everyone in the family.

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival which is very important to Indians worldwide. Festival and feasting go side by side. Here are a few snacks which can be made at home during Diwali for your family and well wishers too.

A festival celebrated with great pomp and show, Diwali is celebrated on amavasya of kartik month according to Hindu calendar. Mythologically it is believed that when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom – Ayodhya after an exile of 14 long years his subjects welcomed him back by lightening up their homes with lamps.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped this day. Preparations start off weeks before Diwali. Houses are cleaned and given a facelift if required. On the day goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and sweets are exchanged between well-wishers and friends. All the houses are lit up with lamps candles or electric lights .  Children and elders dress up in their finery and enjoy by bursting crackers at night.

As said feast and festivals complement each other presenting some snacks which you may like. Also check our Diwali sweet recipes for preparing some yummy sweets at home!

Sooji Ki Kachori Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Kachoris are very popular food in Indian households specially in Rajasthan. Stuffed with potatoes it is very tasty and can be prepared quite fast. Does not require any fancy equipment . They can also be prepared and kept and can be fried just before eating. They are best served with any sweet and sour chutney which balances the spicy nature of kachoris.

Please click here for the recipe-> Sooji ki kachori

 diwali snacks recipe

Bread Vada In  5 Minutes  Snacks Recipe

By Geeta temani

Vadas are very tempting and are basically prepared using urad dal and require a lot of time. This recipe by Geetaji is an instant recipe and you can relish the delicious vadas within minutes. Serve as it is or with a glass of coffee or tea.

Please click here for the recipe-> Bread vada in 5 minutes

Diwali snacks recipe 



Potato Lollipos Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Ruchisingh

Potatoes  are all time favorite of everybody and snacks prepared using potatoes are all time favorite among guests. Cook these lollipops and impress your guests and family members .serve them with any dip as you are comfortable with.

Please click here for the recipe-> Potato Lollipos – Delicious Snacks

 Diwali snacks recipe

Tawa Bread Pizza Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Pizza is a food which has carved a space among indian people. Bread pizza requires very less ingredients and moreover you can always pour your own imagination and cook up a new dish substituting the originals. Bread pizza is very much liked by kids and they will ask for more so do stack up your pantry with bread in case you decide to make them.

Please click here for the recipe-> Tawa bread pizza

 Diwali snacks recipe

Jhatpat Canopy (katori) Chaat Diwali Snacks Recipe

By sandhya harsh

Chaat – the word itself is likely to drive people crazy, who like spice . This chaat can be prepared and served within a span of a few minutes. The toppings used vary from fruits to fried sev. The taste will tickle your taste buds and so be ready to serve more of it because chaats are never sufficient!

Please click here for the recipe-> Jhatpat canopy (katori) chaat

 Diwali snacks recipe



The above recipes will prove helpful in planning snacks for your family during the Diwali season. Do  share your feedback and happy cooking.