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Hi! I am Ruchika, mother to a two year old, Hridyansh, married to a wonderful person, Vineet and live in Haryana, travelling around different cities.

A banker by profession and a ...

Bharti Dhawan

A teacher by profession but baker by passion. I love doing experiments with baking – both sweet and savoury dishes. I am always excited to try something new for my ...

Pranali Banwadikar

Financial Analyst by profession and foodie by nature. I love to experiment the traditional Indian recipes by adding twist to it. Since I stay UAE, I get the exposure of ...

Budding Authors

Devashri Barot

Flight Dispatcher by profession and cook by birth. I inherent my culinary skills right from my childhood and in my genes only i must say. I love experiment with food ...

Somya's Kitchen

hey!! i am Somya and welcome to somya’s kitchen.
I am here to share the passion that i have for cooking.
Please recreate and enjoy these recipes!!

Poonam Bachhav

Poonam Bachaav is a an amazing cook who is a mom, home chef and food blogger . A former microbiologist by profession , she is very inspired from her mom’s ...

theyellowdaal BY Avin Kohli

I am Avin Kohli and I love food. My food journey started like many of us- “In my Moms Kitchen”. I was working as a HR Profession before marriage and ...

Sowmya Baruvuri

Playing with words and playing with ingredients give her similar pleasure! She is a feminist and a doting mom who loves to explore the alternative path. Good food and good ...


A teacher by profession. A published author. An avid foodie. A passionate blogger. A travel enthusiast. I don many hats.

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I think that Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. It is my passion and I keep on trying with new dishes and recipes at home. I have ...


I am a mother of two, passionate about cooking. You can check my recipes on too.

Tanisha Dalmia

I love to cook simple and easy recipes. I love to help my Mom who is an awesome cook and from whom I have learnt. Cooking is awesome and I ...

Angeleena Andrews

Angeleena is an avid book and food lover. She runs Dough Re Mi, a bake-on-order startup based out of Bangalore. A mother of two hyperactive girls who keep her on ...

Madhvi Agrawal

I am a founder of Meraki Kitchen, where we plan social experiences around a theme or activity for a limited gathering of 15-20 people at home-like private properties. We want ...


Sports and Nature Enthusiast!!

Favorite Quote: Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished!