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Thandai Recipe

10 Holi Recipes that You Cannot Miss Making This Holi

Holi recipes mentioned here will make your colorful Holi extra special and more memorable!

Holi is a major hindu festival  also known as “festival of colours”. It is celebrated in the month of falgun according to Hindu  calendar which coincides with the month of march as per English calendar. Though nowadays it is celebrated worldwide by the Indians, it is basically a festival of the northern states. Wherever you are, these Holi recipes will help you enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Holi origins

Mythologically it is believed that the demon king Hiranyakashyap who professed himself as GOD wanted that his subjects worship him as God . Everyone followed, except his own son Prahlad who was an ardent Vishnu follower. When all tantrums of the king failed to change the mind of Prahlad , he conspired with his sister Holika to get rid of Prahlad. as believed Holika had a boon of not burning by fire. According to the plan she sat in a burning pyre along with Prahlad in her lap. But as always seen the good always comes out victorious. She was turned to ashes whereas Prahlad escaped unhurt. It is also the victory of good over evil.

It is also a major Thanksgiving festival as the produce in the fields are ready to be harvested and some are already harvested . People make merry and celebrate the onset of spring season too. There are various forms of the festival too. Lathmaar holi is celebrated in the brij or vrindavan region of uttar Pradesh.

How Holi is traditionally celebrated

The festival is celebrated for two days. I have very fond memories of Holi. On the first day of Holi we used to gather together in the evening at a place where we had arrangements to burn Holi also known as Holika- dahan. All the friends and family gather together and worship the holika symbolized by grasses and twigs and cowdung cakes . After worshiping, it is lit and people greet each other . Thus it is also a festival of friendship and giving up enmity.

How can a celebration be successful without food? Yes we were served with the best homemade sweets and savoury preparations. They were first offered to holika. Then distributed as Prasad. Gujiyas, mathris, namkeen are to name a few.

The following day people turned up in groups with gulaal in their hands.  In the ancient time holi used to be played with colours made from flowers which were harmless and had some health benefits. Flowers of rhododendron palash etc were used to extract colour. But nowadays artificial colours are used which are not at all healthy. Small children play with balloons filled with coloured water and water colours filled in their pichkaris and spray upon one another. People rub colours on each other and greet each other on this day. They are welcomed by offering Holi recipes which include, sweets and some drinks too.

My childhood memories of Holi

Preparations start a few days before the festival. My mother used to make many Holi recipes like boondi laddoos, mysore pak and besan namkeen. We used to relish gujiyas, ice creams and chats at some places. Some people used to make dahi badas and they tasted heavenly.  A family used to serve the best thandai I have ever had. Mathris were prepared a few days and stocked in big steel containers with a warning not to touch them . But we use to gobble them up at times. Nowadays the trend has changed. People take the easy way out as they don’t have time to prepare sweets as it was done years ago. Following are some Holi recipes which you might like to prepare.

Methi phool maathri Holi recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

An easy to make recipe can be made within an hour and with very less ingredients. You can shape the mathris according to your wish .

Please click here for the recipe-> Methi phool mathri

Holi Recipes

Gujiyas – Traditional North Indian sweet Holi recipe

By Darshan khandelwal

Gujiyas are associated with holi naturally. So this is a must make sweet for the festival. You can also experiment with fillings of your choice.

Please click here for the recipe-> Gujiyas

Holi Recipes

Thandai Holi recipe

By Roop Parashar

A heavenly drink. You can make it for your guests and they will be left asking for more. A must try drink .

Please click here for the recipe-> Thandai

Holi Recipes

Bread cone chat Holi recipe

By Heena bharat tak

North Indian festivities are not full unless there is a chat recipe. This easy bread cone chat is a healthy version and equally tasty and nutritious.

Please click here for the recipe-> Bread cone chat

Holi Recipes

Fruit and curd pudding Holi recipe

By Bharti dhawan

It is an easy recipe and very healthy since it uses fresh fruits. This can be prepared a a day before and can be assembled when guests arrive.

Please click here for the recipe-> Fruit and curd pudding

Holi Recipes

Dahi bhalla or dahi pakodi Holi recipe

By Geeta Temani

Another must make recipe for holi is dahi bahalla or dahi pakodi . Try this recipe as this will be liked by all guests and family members.

Please click here for the recipe-> Dahi bhalla or dahi pakodi

Holi Recipes

Rice flour chakli or rice flour murukku recipe

By Angel srivastava

Chaklis are crisp preparations which are snacks too. Do prepare them and store in containers and keep away from children else they will vanish!

Please click here for the recipe-> Rice flour chakli

Holi Recipes

Whole wheat flour banana muffins Holi recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Healthy and an interesting option, which is a kid’s favorite. Do try them and have a happy baking time with the kids too

Please click here for the recipe-> Wheat flour banana muffins

Holi Recipes

Sata or chirote(khaja)-Gujarat special sweet Holi recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

The savory sweet recipe must be tried too and you can add your imagination to tweak the recipe and try few variations.

Please click here for the recipe-> Sata or chirote or khaja

Holi Recipes

Kaju roll Holi recipe

By Neelu Dua

Kaju rolls are easy and quick to make and it is heathy too. You can use colour and shape them differently too.

Please click here for the recipe-> kaju roll

Holi Recipes

In the end wishing all a very happy holi. Also it is good to follow certain precautions like below to enjoy Holi:

  • Do not play with harsh colours
  • Do not waste water
  • Play a safe Holi
  • Do not play pranks on anyone like mixing bhaang in pakoras . Such things might leave others in a confused state and is not at all healthy.
  • Try to use natural and dry colours.

Hope you liked the write up. Please comment and share your feedback with us .

Have a safe and happy Holi. Do try out our Holi recipes, happy cooking!

Oats Strawberry Pancake-Instant and Fruity

Strawberries Are In Season | Have You Tried These Strawberry Recipes Yet?

The sun is shining bright and soon the strawberries would disappear from the markets. Try these yummy strawberry recipes before they go out of season!

Winter season is marked by a wide production of various crops. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses etc flood the markets. A very important and attractive fruit that adorns the supermarkets as well as the fruit shops in towns is, strawberry.

Starwberry nutrition facts

Strawberry is a berry fruit with its seeds on the outer side. They are produced on vines and have tender stems. Strawberries are very popular among kids as they are cute heart shaped and have attractive red colour.

Strawberries are rich in phenolic antioxidants vitamin c folic acid manganese and potassium. Their red colour is due to phytonutrients and flavonoids. They are helpful in weight loss, boost vision, brain functions and immunity. They are also said to provide relief in gout and arthritis.

Other benefits of Strawberry

Apart from nutritional value they also aid in skin treatment. They form an excellent mask for the skin nourish and revitalize it and aids in lightening up blemishes and scars caused due to acne.

In this season do try out the following recipes and try to include them in your diet.

Banana strawberry shake recipe

By vijay haldiya

A very popular and very easy recipe and is liked by the kids. This recipe must be tried for sure. Kids will like the pinkish colour which is imparted by mixing of milk and strawberries.

It is always said that the foods which are not beautifully presented might not be liked by all as they are not inviting. First we eat with our eyes. If the food is appetizing it is well received by everyone. This will be liked by the kids and grown-ups all alike.

Please click here for the recipe-> Banana strawberry shake

Strawberry Recipes

Farhaali strawberry chutney/Dip/Sauce recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

We Indians are obsessed with making fresh and eating as much fresh as possible. We try to avoid leftover food. Chutneys are an important accompaniment for various kinds of foods, be it dhoklas parathas, rotis or rice. This chutney can be tried as it is a bit different from the coriander-pudina chutney we often make. This can be stored in the fridge and eaten for quite a few days. Again kids will enjoy its sweet and sour taste.

Please click here for the recipe->  Farhali strawberry chutney

Strawberry Recipes

Oats strawberry pancakes- instant and fruity recipe

By Bishkaha24

Pancakes are an easy and comfortable breakfast option for all age groups in the family. These pancakes are made from oats. As said earlier, strawberries aid in weight loss. Oats and strawberries coupled together will be highly helpful in dieting  and weight management.

Please click here for the recipe-> Oats strawberry pancakes

Strawberry recipes

Strawberry kiwi raita recipe

By Poonam Bachav

Raitas and curries are an important accompaniment in Indian meals. Apart from the routine raitas this raita can be tried in this season for a healthy change. It can be made within five minutes and does not require fancy ingredients. This is a must try for the people having a tooth for fruits.

Please click here for the recipe-> Strawberry kiwi raita

strawberry recipes

Strawberry and carrot cake recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

This carrot and strawberry cake is full of health. It should be tried because it will be enjoyed by everyone and is loaded with nutrients.

Please click here for the recipe-> Strawberry and carrot cake

Strawberry Recipes

I hope you will like the collection as there is a variety in it. There are more recipes which can be found on the website.

Do try these Strawberry recipes and relish the seasonal produce. Enjoy cooking and always try new recipes and bring variation in cooking. Happy cooking.


winter foods

5 Seasonal Winter Foods To Try Before The Winter Ends

Here are some ideas on foods to try before the winter ends! Eating seasonal foods is a healthy option and as well caters to tasting those yummy foods before the onset of spring and summer.

Winter season is marked by a steep decrease in the temperatures in northern India. The northern parts of the country experience snowfall too. Regions in the plains are also no different. People clad in warm clothes are a regular sight. Compared to the north, the southern states do not experience harsh winters. Weather is lovely throughout. Winter season is marked by huge agricultural produce. Grains vegetables and also variety of fruits flood the local markets. The season also coincides with the harvesting season of rice, potatoes, sugarcane, sesame etc.

Makki roti with saag

Since there is a fall  in temperature, our body needs foods that keep it warm throughout the season. Staple food of wheat flour chapattis is replaced with missi rotis, bajra rotis, makka rotis and it is best  paired with the seasonal sarson ka saag,  mixed saag or any other leafy preparation. Laden with huge amounts of ghee and ginger, garlic, saag is a very good immunity booster which provides nutrition as well as energy to the body. It helps to keep the body warm. Makka roti saag should be tried in this weather .

Custard apple recipes

There is also abundant increase in the fruit produce, and  sitaphal or custard apple is one fruit which is available in this season only. It can be had as it is or you can prepare sitaphal kheer or custard apple rabri . it is easy to prepare and can be given to the kids as well. I had a sitaphal tree in my backyard where I lived before. Being a north Indian our family did not know about this fruit. But when they tasted it  they were so amazed. Earlier we used to give away the fruits to the people but afterwards we only gave away less. Sitaphal is extremely delicious and kids love it.

Red carrot recipes

This season is marked by a huge production of vegetables. Carrot, sweet potatoes, potatoes, radish, turnips etc can be found all over apart from the seasonal leafy veggies. Carrots are a favourite in indian households in winters not just for curry preparation but also for halwa. Laden with carotene and vitamins it is absolutely healthy. Carrot halwa is cooked using milk and sugar and nuts are also used to enhance the flavours. It is a must in the winter season as the carrots are more juicy at this time.

Paratha recipes

Chapattis and parathas are staple food in the north. Parathas are extremely popular in the northern states compared to the south. As veggies are abundant in every household, stuffed parathas are cooked and eaten with lots of butter and jaggery.

Makka parathas, aloo parathas, mooli ke parathey methi k parathey , gobhi k parathey are some of the parathas which are relished by everyone. Kids also love them and they are a good tiffin option as there is no fuss of making a different curry. They can be given away with a piece of pickle. They are equally healthy .

Good old khichdi

Another item which is relished during the winter season is khichdi. Cooked with the new rice produced in the fields mixed with lentils it is also one important preparation made throughout the country. Our festival of Sankranti is especially marked by cooking a variety of khichdi throughout India. Urad dal khichdi in east, moong dal khichdi in south and toor dal in bisi bele bhaath are noteworthy.  The process of making khichdi is almost same in all areas, excepting for a few changes. It provides natural immunity to the body during winters and is usually paired with accompaniments. There is a saying “ khichdi tere teen yaar- ghee dahi aur achar”. There is a fourth accompaniment too- papad.

Herbal drinks to fight infections

Apart from these foods try to keep the seasonal diseases at bay by drinking kadha (herbal concoction) which is a reduction of pepper, cloves, big cardamom, tulsi leaves and ginger.

Cook together cinnamon, a bit of mishri or sugar, bay leaf, a bit of tea leaves in two glasses of water. Now, reduce this to about half of the volume and can be consumed on a regular basis to keep the cold infections at bay.

Hope you will try the above recipes before the season ends and post your feedback. Happy cooking!

Til Ki Barfi : Lohri or Sankranthi Special Recipe

5 Special Dishes To Make For Lohri | Sankranti Special

Makar Sankranti (the sun entering the Capricorn) is an important festival all over India. Here are 5 ideas for special dishes to prepare on Sankranti and Lohri

Lohri is a harvest festival which is celebrated in Punjab . The same festival has different names all over India. In TamilNadu it is called Pongal, in Bihar it is celebrated in the form of khichdi, Bihu in Assam, Bhogi in Andhra Pradesh, whereas in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana it is called Maghi.

Significance of Lohri

Basically Lohri is a harvest festival. It is celebrated with great fervor as the previous crop produce is at home and new crop has been sown in the fields. It is a matter of great joy for the farmers whose entire life revolves around fields and farming. It marks the middle of a winter season too. A day before Makar Sankranti huge bonfire is lit in the evening  and yields from the field in the form of groundnuts, sesame seeds, puffed rice etc are offered in the bonfire followed by distributing delicacies made from the nuts and new jaggery. It is also marked by performing gidda and bhangra –the traditional dance of the region.

In other parts of India the following day is celebrated by cooking Pongal and khichdi . Pongal is also made in jaggery juice as well and is called sakkarai Pongal or bellam pongal. In the eastern parts curd and chivda or flattened rice (poha) is also consumed. Khichdi is cooked and distributed among friends and relatives. kite flying is also associated with this day and in fact a kite festival is organized in Gujarat this day. In the ganga belt bathing in the river is considered auspicious on this day.

Following below are some recipes which are cooked specially for this day.

Til ki barfi- Lohri or Sankranti special recipe

By  Vijay Haldiya

It is very easy to make and involves only three items . It does not take much time to prepare the sweet. It is extremely crunchy and is an energy bar in itself. Sesame seeds are a storehouse of important nutrients. You can make and store them too.

Please click here for the recipe-> Til ki Barfi- lohri or Sankranti special

Til Ki Barfi : Lohri or Sankranthi Special Recipe





Dal Pinni Lohri recipe

By Meenakshi kapur

Pinnis are another storehouse of nutrients which keep your body warm. Pinnis are very famous in Punjab. They are delicious and tasty. They are gifted during various festivals too.

Please click here for the recipe-> Dal pinni

Dal Pinni Recipe


Peanuts Til ki chikki(home made energy bar) recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Peanuts coupled with sesame seeds provide that extra energy which you require during this season.

The sweet is made with in five minutes and also eaten up that fast too. Make sure you make heaps of it otherwise you might loose your share.

Please click here for the recipe-> Peanuts til ki chikki(home made energy bar)

Peanuts Til ki Chikki ( Homemade Energy Bar) Recipe





Til Mawa ladoo Lohri recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Mawa or evaporated milk is rich in fats and thus is again an important energy source which is needed for the body. Mawa is extremely tasty and this ladoo will be a hit.

Please click here for the recipe-> Til mawa ladoo

Til Mawa Ladoo Recipe


Moong dal khichdi recipe

By Heena Bharat

As I said khichdi is eaten in certain parts of the country . Moong dal khichdi is an easy option for people who like eating salty items. You can add veggies and make it more delicious. Eat with a dollop of ghee on top, papad and curd. It is very easy to make and is a whole meal in itself.

Please click here for the recipe -> Moong Dal khichdi

Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe




I have outlined five various recipes which you might like to make for this Lohri/Sankranti. You can also go through the page to browse more recipes of your choice. Have a happy lohri and happy cooking.


Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas Cookie Recipes For This Festive Season

Christmas cookie recipes are a must addition to your baking list. These Christmas cookie recipes are easy to make and will be loved by your kids.

Christmas is an yearly festival which commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ . It is observed on 25th Of December every year. Though it is a celebration Of the Christian community with time it has become a celebration which is not limited to any particular community. People across races and nationalities come together and celebrate it With great joy. When we were kids I remember faintly that our neighboring aunties used to send Christmas goodies in the form of cakes, cookies, chocolates and fruits. They used to erect a Christmas tree at home and have wonderful celebrations. Christmas cookie recipes have a special place in all of these.

My childhood and Christmas cookie recipes

The variety of cookies they used to distribute used to be homemade in most of the cases. They used to start baking them  a a few days before Christmas and it used to be fun watching the aunties bake them together . My favorite ones were Ajwain cookies. Whenever we had the option to buy biscuits I used to  buy them from the nearest shop . The sweet, salty and  buttery taste is so delicious that you can’t resist eating them.They are perfect with a cup of hot tea . Apart from the above, another favorite one was cardamom flavoured coconut cookies. The chewy grated coconut in those Christmas cookie recipes, was very delicious and we used to keep on chewing the coconut for quite sometime. Whenever there were guests at home, they were served along with tea . But as children, we used to gobble them up and Polish off the plates.

Christmas cookie recipes today!

With time, I think things have changed too. Today the kids are so demanding that you never know what they might end up asking for in snacks . Apart from other items I make sure to have Mixed dry fruits cookies in my pantry. As a rule kids, do not eat anything healthy if you serve them in a straight forward way. Incorporating dry fruits in the cookies makes them more nutritious and kids also love them. Apart from nutrition, they also keep the body warm which is specially good for the body during winters.

One cookie that has not changed till date is the nankhatai. They used to be available in the shops and these days, we can make them at home too. I made them too and will share the recipe here at ZKT. They instantly melt in the mouth and the crumbling taste is awesome . You can also make stuffed nankhatai  which is  a bit richer in taste and perfect for celebrations .

More suggestions on Christmas cookie recipes

Cornflakes cookiesWheat coconut cookies are worth trying as both of them do not have refined flour. These can be consumed by diabetic people as well as the white sugar can be lowered and substituted by other sugar substitutes. You can also mix various flours together for making Christmas cookie recipes. They can be consumed by people who are weight conscious too.

I hope you will bake some of the Christmas cookie recipes that I mentioned above and serve them to your guests. Do not bother if they lack professional touch. Remember that anything made at home is more healthy and nutritious than those available in the markets. Moreover you can control the amount of sugar and fat levels from your end and also use healthier options compared to the store bought ones. Please share your feedback with us and Happy cooking. Merry Christmas to you to your near and dear ones!

heat generating foods

5 Heat Generating Foods To Eat This Winter

Heat generating foods are important to maintain the balance in our bodies during winter. Heat generating foods are also helpful when someone is suffering from cold or flu.

With the onset of winter season there is a gradual decrease in temperature. Temperature of the body also decreases due to change in environment. The body needs to be kept at a suitable temperature so that there is no change in body functions. As in summers it is necessary to intake maximum water to avoid dehydration, in winters we need to take foods that generate heat in our body so that the functions of body go on smoothly.

In winters the shift is from cold to heat generating foods. Listed below are some heat generating foods which must be included in our daily diet in winters.


Nuts are believed to provide nutrition to the brain. They keep the brain hydrated and all the bodily functions go on without any hindrance. It is advisable to have a handful of nuts during the day. It was believed that nuts cause weight gain but this myth is discarded by the dietitians as they have varied benefits which prolong the age of an individual.

The benefits of nuts are as follows:

  • They prolong the age of an individual.
  • They lower cholesterol formation as a result it is beneficial for a healthy heart.
  • They are a good source of vitamin E, copper and magnesium. Apart from this they are a good source of calcium too.
  • In Indian households the nuts are taken in various forms- raw, roasted and in powdered form. It can be included in your food in any form.
  • Dry fruits are taken in the form of laddoos, gajak til Patti which are basically nuts cooked in sugar or jaggery syrup. The famous one is chikki which is a groundnuts in jaggery or sugar syrup.


Come winter and the market is flooded with a rich produce of green and multicolored vegetables. Leafy vegetables like mustard/sarson, spinach, amaranthus, fenugreek, coriander, mint etc are available in this season.

Green leafy veggies are commonly taken as saag in Indian households. In the northern parts it is actually taken in the form of saag which is a preparation consisting of a combination of various leaves like mustard, spinach, gram bathua, fenugreek etc. It is a spicy preparation and provides energy to the body. The leafy vegetables which are full of fiber, prevent constipation and also maintain blood pressure. The leafy veggies can also be prepared in dry form as aloo methi or spinach potato or can be cooked with lentils. Tomato soup and other soups can be enjoyed sitting tucked in a warm blanket. Vegetables like red carrots, turnip, green peas and beetroot are a common sight in the markets. It is always said that we should eat according to seasons produce. Also, root vegetables are good heat producing foods too.

Today irrespective of the season, the veggies are available throughout the year, but they prove beneficial in the time of their natural production


Honey is an important item which increases the immunity of a person. Due to its diverse health benefits it is an important component of Ayurveda. It has various benefits which are as follows:

  • helps in weight loss
  • A spoon of honey mixed in warm water if taken regularly aids in weight loss.
  • cures cold and cough
  • Improves eyesight too.
  • it is antifungal and anti-bacterial in nature so helps in healing wounds faster.
  • helps in regulating blood sugar in the body hence aids in a healthy heart.

In the winter season it is likely that a person might suffer cold and cough due to changes in temperature. A valuable home remedy to keep cold and cough at bay is to mix equal quantities of ginger juice and honey and take it. Even today we stack our pantry with honey and ginger during all seasons.

Whole grains

Grains like maize ragi, bajra and jowar are said to be beneficial for a human body during the winters.

In rural india and mostly northern parts we find that makki ki roti and sarson ka saag, jowar bhakri, bajra khichdi bajra laapsi, ragi rice flour etc are included in daily diet during winters. Wheat flour is replaced by millet flours in most of the cases. This is due to the fact that they provide energy and also are warm in nature.

They are rich source of calcium and other minerals and a store house of proteins and amino acids. Highly rich in zinc magnesium iron and potassium they aid in keeping the body healthy and disease free.


It is highly recommended that murabbas of different fruits like amla and apple are highly beneficial for providing heat to the body. As they increase the immunity of the body it is highly recommended that a spoon full of murabba or chyawanprash along with a glass of milk keeps the body healthy and strong during winters. Chyawanprash is available in the market and murabbas can be made at home or purchased from the market.

Winter is a season in which we become sedentary because of the coldness outside. It is advisable to eat light foods at regular intervals. One more suggestion is drink warm water. It keeps body warm and also aids in weight loss.Apart from food we should take extra care to cover up our body with essential woolen clothes. As a variety of produce is available do enjoy the joy of cooking and preparing new dishes and share your food pictures with us . Happy winter and happy cooking everyone.

juice recipes

How Our Family Relishes Juice Recipes, With Nutrition In Check

Juice recipes are that power packed glass of goodness that are easy to prepare. Here is how I make use of juice recipes as a meal or snack in our family and how it benefits our health.

Juice recipes have found an important place in our daily food habits. With increasing technology, our knowledge about food is also increasing. As our body is mostly made up of water, it also becomes more important for us to keep it hydrated. We, as a family do have juices on various occasions and here is how.

Juices rich in nutrition

As a mother of a teenager I am very conscious about the type of food my son eats. As he is in the transformation stage of his life, he requires foods which provide energy and aid in body growth and development. In the hectic school life I try to give him healthy and nutritious food but at times he rushes out saying he is late for school. In the process, breakfast is missed.  During such situations I keep a glass of fresh orange juice recipe ready for him. Orange juice is good for health as it is rich in vitamin-c potassium, folic acid and antioxidants.  It also keeps him energetic throughout his school activities as it is also rich in natural glucose.

Juices to deal with constipation

Though some kids eat everything nicely but they can develop some problems related to bowel movements if they drink less quantity of water. I faced such an issue when my son started going to school when he was a kid. Then I started giving him shakes and smoothies and his favorite being jamun smoothie recipe, which had a mixed taste of all flavors. Thank god that I never encountered such an incident ever.

If kids and adults do not have clear bowel movements many problems may arise. People who have a sedentary lifestyle have many problems related to their excretory system. They develop certain ailments which might prove fatal. Likewise in kids too if water intake is less they might also develop such problems.  I remember when I was working; my colleague’s daughter was operated for such an ailment.  Diseases like piles fistula develop due to constant constipation. These are not only painful but they lower the activity level in kids. In the long run they lose interest in studies too. For constipation an excellent remedy is prune juice recipe and bael juice recipe or woodapple juice. Available in abundance in the summer season, a glass of bael juice is a must at my place on Sundays. It is rich in fibers and helps in cleansing the system .

Juices for weight loss

Some members of my family are allergic to cold. They cannot have foods which are cold at any time of the year. Even when we go out we don’t compromise on our health at any cost. In summers and winters such people can have vegetable juices. Nowadays even the vendors selling juices sell the vegetable juices too. Highly rich in fibers and antioxidants such a juice can also satisfy your short hunger pangs. In winters we can make them at home too, as vegetables and greens are available in abundance. In summers too I make vegetable juice recipe of tomato, coriander and mint if anything else is not available. These types of juices rejuvenate the skin too and also keep our body hydrated. As the vegetable juices are mostly low in calories than the fruit juices, they also aid in weight loss, if fat burning is your goal.

Juice cleanse

A few years back I came across the word ‘Detox’. Detox is a short form for detoxification. It helps our body to get rid of excess fats and other toxins residing in our digestive system.  I also tried it for some time. I don’t recall whether I lost weight or not but I felt energetic whole day. It makes your body very light as the inner system is almost clean. It is an easy way of burning fats. Lauki or bottlegourd juice recipe is also an important detoxifying agent. It is very easily available all-round the year and very economical. It is also good for a healthy skin.

Advantages of juice recipes

  • Juices are a rich source of antioxidants.
  • Natural cleansing agents.
  • Provide instant energy.
  • Help in hydration of the body.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Good detoxifying agents.
  • Help in growth and development.

Thus we can conclude that juices are a boon to the body. You can be healthy if you drink a glass of juice, often with less sugar . Do share any feedback related with the topic and yes “happy cooking”.


Amla Achaari Sabzi Recipe

7 Amla recipes That Help In Building Immunity

Amla recipes are not very popular but they offer the much needed must try season recipes. Also amla recipes help us in building immunity.

Immunity is the ability of a body to resist the attack of foreign bodies. Amla recipes are an immunity booster which strengthens the body immune system. If the immunity is weak the body’s condition deteriorates and in the long run proves fatal. To improve immunity various foods are recommended and amla recipes or Indian gooseberry recipes are one of them.

A neighbor of mine used to buy amla from the vendors daily. I being repulsive to sourness asked her out of curiosity as what kind of amla recipes she cooked out of them. She said that she is doing nothing but just extracting its juice to drink it. Then she told me some of its effects. It helps in developing eyesight , cleanses the system, imparts low to the skin etc.

Amazed by the answer I read the uses and believe me it is a storehouse of nutrients. It is full of vitamin c and other nutrients. Due to its amazing medicinal and nutritional properties it finds an important place in ayurvedic medicines.

Chyawanprash the wonder immunity builder contains a major amount of amla in its composition. Apart from chyawanprash we can incorporate it in our daily life in form of amla recipes. Simple ones but they go a long way to provide nutrition and boost our immunity.

Amla (gooseberry ) Murabba-Tasty Pickle Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

A simple recipe involving coking of amla in sugar syrup and can be stored for months. A spoonful daily helps to keep seasonal diseases at bay. Due to its sweet taste kids will easily eat it. Rich in minerals and antioxidants- a must try for the well-being of the family.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla (gooseberry) murabba

amla recipes

Amla pickle-healthy sidedish recipe

By Ruchika

The recipe again is a pickle but can also be made fresh. It is a savory preparation and goes well with dal chawal or rotis.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla pickle

amla recipes



Gooseberry and carrot green chutney recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

A preparation blended with carrots and is healthy and nutritious. It goes well as a side dish.

Please click here for the recipe-> Gooseberry (amla)carrot green chutney

amla recipes


Achari amla/awla Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

An instant and easy preparation which goes well with parathas and puris. It can also be carried over while travelling.

Please click here for the recipe-> Achari amla/awla

amla recipes

Amla sharbat Recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

This can be made easily on a daily basis. It not only aides in digestion but also imparts glow to the skin and strengthens hair roots.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla sharbat

Amla Recipes

Amla/gooseberry achar(pickle) recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Another pickle recipe which uses less oil.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla /gooseberry achar(pickle)

amla recipes

Amla murabba recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

A healthy and sweet preparation which lasts for years if not infected. It is equally healthy and tasty.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla murabba

amla recipes


Apart from these you can also add amla to dals while cooking and also to veggies. Do incorporate amla recipes in your daily diet and boost the immunity of your family members.

bombay veg sandwich recipe

7 Sandwich Recipes That Are Unique Bread Savories

Sandwich recipes help you pack nutrition between two bread slices. These sandwich recipes also make up for a quick breakfast.

An important staple food of half of the world’s population is “bread”. Given below are seven savoury bread sandwich recipes which can be prepared at home.

How to make bread

Bread is usually made from wheat flour. The wheat flour passes through various processes. The end product is bread. An important process in bread making is leavening process. Leavening refers to the rising or fermentation of the flour. It is either natural or artificial. Artificial leavening is induced by various rising agents such as yeast whereas natural leavening does not require any agent but it requires a certain temperature. After the wheat dough rises then it is baked in ovens and then we get what we call as bread. Sandwich recipes are among the most famous recipes with breads.

Bread is a staple food for majority of the people in the world except Asia where rice is staple food. With changing eating habits people do try eating new foods. The bread which we eat in India is usually in the form of chapattis, puris or parathas and is usually cooked fresh and is easily cooked compared to its western counterpart. Bread has also carved a special space in our eating habits. So to suit our needs, we have modified it according to our taste. Sandwich recipes are the most famous breakfast or snack option. It can be easily made and served. It provides energy and is a healthy preparation.

Following are seven sandwich recipes which you can try and are quite unique in taste.

Tiranga sandwich recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

It is an unusual yet interesting sandwich with filling of sev and other ingredients, which impart a unique flavor to it. Made within a few minutes it is very attractive and yummy.

Please click here for the recipe -> Tiranga Sandwich Recipe

Tiranga Sandwich Recipe

Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe

By Somya’s Kitchen

Cheese and corn are both healthy and required for the development of body. These sandwiches will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Made from very simple ingredients these can be prepared even as a snack and served to guests too.

Please click here for the recipe -> Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Corn Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Mixed Vegetable Sandwiches-Instant Recipe

By Heena Bharat

These sandwiches can be served as a breakfast. You can use the veggies available at home and does not require any special ingredients. Cooked very quickly can also be given to kids as the veggies are grated and kids won’t be able to figure out the filling in a hurry.

Please click here for the recipe -> Mixed Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

Mixed vegetable sandwich recipe

Bombay Veg Sandwich : A Wholesome Meal Recipe

By Anita Sharma

These sandwiches are very unique in a sense that within a few ingredients a wholesome meal can be made that too within a very short period. Filled with yummy tomatoes and onions and potatoes these can also be served as appetizer or given to kids in between for satisfying their short hunger pangs.

Please click here for the recipe -> Bombay Veg Sandwich Recipe

bombay veg sandwich recipe

Cabbage Malai Open Sandwich-Healthy Breakfast Recipe

By Somya Gupta

The sandwich is another unique option for kids who run away from veggies. Grated cabbage mixed with malai or cream tastes great along with the other ingredients. The specialty of the sandwich is it open that is you can figure out the filling. The fillings can be substituted with other veggies if you like. It is a healthy breakfast recipe.

Please click here for the recipe -> Cabbage Malai Open Sandwich Recipe

Cabbage malai open sandwich recipe

Cheese Sandwich Burger Style – Yummy Snack Recipe

By Darshan Khandelwal

The unusual use of chaat masala along with cheese and other ingredients sounds very appetizing and tasty. It is a must try if you plan to make sandwiches with a difference.

Please click here for the recipe -> Cheese Sandwich Recipe Burger Style

Burger Style Cheese Sandwich recipe

Paneer Sandwich – Instant Healthy Breakfast Recipe

By Heena Bharat

Paneer is an important milk derivative and aids in building body development. This sandwich also uses very less ingredients. It is very healthy for kids and is a great tiffin option.

Please click here for the recipe -> Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Paneer Sandwich recipe










I have outlined seven unique sandwich recipes which you all can try in near future. As winters are approaching it is said that we should eat light in the season. Sandwiches are simple and light and can be eaten at any time of the day. Hope you like the recipes. Do share your feedback.


Diwali snack recipes

Top 5 Diwali Snacks Recipes For Your Family

Diwali snack recipes give you ideas for festival recipes at home. These Diwali snack recipes are easy to make and please everyone in the family.

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival which is very important to Indians worldwide. Festival and feasting go side by side. Here are a few snacks which can be made at home during Diwali for your family and well wishers too.

A festival celebrated with great pomp and show, Diwali is celebrated on amavasya of kartik month according to Hindu calendar. Mythologically it is believed that when Lord Rama returned to his kingdom – Ayodhya after an exile of 14 long years his subjects welcomed him back by lightening up their homes with lamps.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped this day. Preparations start off weeks before Diwali. Houses are cleaned and given a facelift if required. On the day goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and sweets are exchanged between well-wishers and friends. All the houses are lit up with lamps candles or electric lights .  Children and elders dress up in their finery and enjoy by bursting crackers at night.

As said feast and festivals complement each other presenting some snacks which you may like. Also check our Diwali sweet recipes for preparing some yummy sweets at home!

Sooji Ki Kachori Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Kachoris are very popular food in Indian households specially in Rajasthan. Stuffed with potatoes it is very tasty and can be prepared quite fast. Does not require any fancy equipment . They can also be prepared and kept and can be fried just before eating. They are best served with any sweet and sour chutney which balances the spicy nature of kachoris.

Please click here for the recipe-> Sooji ki kachori

 diwali snacks recipe

Bread Vada In  5 Minutes  Snacks Recipe

By Geeta temani

Vadas are very tempting and are basically prepared using urad dal and require a lot of time. This recipe by Geetaji is an instant recipe and you can relish the delicious vadas within minutes. Serve as it is or with a glass of coffee or tea.

Please click here for the recipe-> Bread vada in 5 minutes

Diwali snacks recipe 



Potato Lollipos Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Ruchisingh

Potatoes  are all time favorite of everybody and snacks prepared using potatoes are all time favorite among guests. Cook these lollipops and impress your guests and family members .serve them with any dip as you are comfortable with.

Please click here for the recipe-> Potato Lollipos – Delicious Snacks

 Diwali snacks recipe

Tawa Bread Pizza Diwali Snacks Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Pizza is a food which has carved a space among indian people. Bread pizza requires very less ingredients and moreover you can always pour your own imagination and cook up a new dish substituting the originals. Bread pizza is very much liked by kids and they will ask for more so do stack up your pantry with bread in case you decide to make them.

Please click here for the recipe-> Tawa bread pizza

 Diwali snacks recipe

Jhatpat Canopy (katori) Chaat Diwali Snacks Recipe

By sandhya harsh

Chaat – the word itself is likely to drive people crazy, who like spice . This chaat can be prepared and served within a span of a few minutes. The toppings used vary from fruits to fried sev. The taste will tickle your taste buds and so be ready to serve more of it because chaats are never sufficient!

Please click here for the recipe-> Jhatpat canopy (katori) chaat

 Diwali snacks recipe



The above recipes will prove helpful in planning snacks for your family during the Diwali season. Do  share your feedback and happy cooking.


6 Karwachauth Recipes

Karwachauth is a fast which is very sacred to the hindu women in India. It is celebrated by the married women in northern Indian states. Women pray to chauth mata for the healthy and long life of their husbands.

The women fast for a whole day and break their fast after watching the moon .  In some cultures the fasting ladies eat “sargi”-which includes fruits sweets and juices ,dry fruits and eatables they wish to eat and of course water . The sargi is often gifted by the elderly ladies of the house to the younger ones i.e a mother in law . Sargi is eaten before the sunrise and after sun rises not a drop of water is gulped or taken.

The fast is consummated after watching and praying the Moon . Even water is drank after watching the moon. Gifts are bought for the elders and their blessings are sought by the couples.

The dinner is the only meal that day and according to me it should be light and healthy.

I am outlining a few recipes which can be included in sargi or the dinner a well. Do drink lots of juices if you cannot fast without water.


By Darshan Khandelwal

Filled with the richness of dry fruits, this gujiyas can be a part of your dinner or sargi as well. Since you don’t feel hungry before sun rise eating two of these will provide you energy throughout the day.

Please click here for the recipe-> Gujiya



By Sowmya Gupta

Another sweet which is easier to make and is filled with rich dry fruits . moreover it is easy to prepare.

It can be part of your sargi.

Please click here for the recipe-> Chandrakala Sweet Recipe



By Vijay Haldiya

The recipe is easy to make and can be done within minutes

Please click here for the recipe-> Paneer Coconut Ladoo

Aloo Pyaz Tamatar Rasedaar Curry Recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

This curry can be prepared in a few minutes and goes well with rice or puris. It does not require special preparations.

Please click here for the recipe-> Aloo Pyaz Tamatar Rasedaar Curry



By Heena Bharat

These puris are again very easy and a nice accompaniment with aloo tamatar ki sabzi.

Please click here for the recipe-> Homemade Poori  



By Bishakha

Those who enjoy eating rice this biryani can be made within minutes and goes well with any raita or simple curd.

Please click here for the recipe-> Paneer Biryani


I hope the recipes I have outlined will help you in planning your sargi and dinner as well. Since I fast and I am the only woman in the house I can relate as to how difficult it is to cook during fasting. As I personally would go for such easy recipes as there is not much to prepare. After opening your fast, make sure you have a glass of any sweet fruit juice as it has a cooling effect on the digestive system.

Do fast and be blessed and of course happy cooking.

Tomato Soup in 20 mins Recipe

7 Soup Recipes Packed With The Goodness Of Nutrients

Soup recipes come in handy for that cold evenings. Soup recipes are also a good form of nutrition for your whole family.

With the onset of winters tucked in our woolens we crave for a bowl of hot steaming soup. Enjoy your winters with some of the soups which are equally healthy and delicious.

Soup is basically veggies cooked in stock slowly so that the veggies become soft and the flavors and nutrients are incorporated within the liquid. Soups are seasoned with locally available ingredients and preferences. Soups are lighter on the palate and act as appetizers in various cuisines. They are served as starters in a multicourse meal as they stimulate the taste buds and induce hunger.

At home generally we make soups according to our liking along with rice or bread. It serves dual purpose as it acts as a whole dinner dish too. It is not only filling but also a healthy option filled up with lot of nutrients. Soups are equally good for every age group. Be it kids, young adults or the old, it suits everybody.

For children, it is a whole meal.  Even in case of elderly they can be easily digested and eaten as they have problems in chewing. We have outlined seven soup recipes packed with goodness of nutrients and easy to make as well. They can be made according to your choice and liking. Ingredients can be substituted if you wish to.

Carrot Tomato Soup Recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Filled with the goodness of carotene and other nutrients the soup is easy to prepare and is very appetizing. It is a good way to feed the kids with carrots. It improves eyesight and is also good for the skin. It can be eaten with rice or chapatis too.

Please click here for the recipe-> Carrot Tomato Soup

soup recipe

Jaggery And Wheat Flour Lapta-Tasty Soup Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Jiggery is a storehouse of various nutrients and aids in digestion . wheatflour is a healthy option compared to all purpose flour . It can be had to cure  cough and cold  .  The peppers and ghee strike a balance between taste and flavors.

Please click here for the recipe-> Jaggery  and  Wheat Flour Lapta

soup recipe

Palak Soup Recipe

By Pranali Banwadikar

Spinach or palak is a storehouse of iron. It is good for people who are anaemic and weak. It helps to cure anaemia. The soup is filled with the richness of spinach and flavor of tomatoes.

Please click here for the recipe-> palak soup
Soup Recipe

Moong Dal Shorba Recipe

By Bharti Dhawan

Moong dal or green gram is very popular among Indians. The shorba will be liked as the flavours are familiar. Served with bread it is whole meal in itself. It is very good for the kids . can also be served with rice. This dish is digestible and easy to prepare.

Please click here for the recipe-> Moong Dal Shorba

soup recipe




Instant Rasam Recipe

By Sowmya Baruvuri

Rasam is eaten in the southern parts of India. But it is slowly becoming popular in other parts due to its medicinal values. This recipe is instant and can be made within minutes.

Please click here for the recipe-> Instant Rasam Recipe

soup recipe





Black Chana Soup- A Truly Comforting Soup Recipe

By Ruchika

Chana or chickpeas are good for health. The provide proteins and minerals to the body. The soup is equally healthy and nutritive .

Please click here for the recipe-> Black Chana Soup

soup recipe

Tomato Soup In 20 Mins Recipe

By Poonam Bachav

All time favorite of all soups is tomato soup.  It can be cooked within minutes. Nowadays we also get ready to cook soups but I feel they do not guarantee freshness . It is always advised to use fresh ingredients as they are healthy and provide nutrients to our body.

Please click here for the recipe-> Tomato Soup

soup recipe







The above recipes are filled with nutrients and can be cooked easily. Please do try them and give us feedback.

Hyderabadi Veg Biryani - Spicy Treat

7 Rice Recipes For A Colorful Platter

Rice recipes offer good ideas for eating rice in different flavors. These rice recipes can be made with fresh or leftover rice.

Rice is a staple food in many parts of the world. Presenting below five different varieties of rice preparation which can be tried from time to time. Rice is an important produce that feeds about a half of the world’s total population.

It is a food which provides fast and instant energy. Rice stabilizes the blood pressure problems, regulates bowel movement and also slows down the aging process. Apart from these it is also a vital source of vitamin B1.

Varieties of rice

It has lots of varieties and it is estimated that more than 40,000 varieties of rice are available around the world. In India itself we find a wide range of varieties. The popular one in India is Basmati, which is known for its lengthy grains and special aroma. Another variety used in eastern India is Patna Basmati or Gobindabhog – is short grained but has scintillating taste and smell. Various colors of rice are also available worldwide like black, brown, red etc. Brown variety can be consumed by diabetic people.

The rice recipes given below can be prepared using any type of readily available rice .

The Mouthwatering Rajasthani Kabuli Rice Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

This is a delicacy of Rajasthan in which gatte along with other vegetables are used. Quite delicious one pot meal which can be cooked for dinner. The taste will please the guests as well.                           

Please click here for the rice recipe->Rajasthani kabuli rice

rice recipes

Hyderabadi Veg Biryani rice recipe

By Somya Gupta

Hyderabadi biryani is slow cooked and filled with a wide variety of tastes. Laden with vegetables and other condiments it is an easy one pot recipe which can be prepared at home in everyday life or for any occasion. The taste and smell will rule your taste buds.

Please click here for the rice recipe-> Hyderabadi Veg Biryani

rice recipes


Soya Chunks Fried Rice- Yummy Lunch rice recipe

By Heena Bharat

The recipe is a quick fix one and can be prepared at any hour. Filled with god ness of soya beans it is a protein rich recipe. Highly recommended for children who need proteins for developing body.

Please click here for the rice recipe-> Soya chunks Fried Rice

rice recipes

Curd Rice-Leftover Rice Recipe

By Heena Bharat

This recipe uses leftover rice but fresh rice can also be used. This is suited for a hot summer afternoon.

Usually curd rice is eaten in southern parts of India and mostly in the afternoon since the climatic conditions are hotter and it also aids in digestion. This can be prepared at any hour of the day and uses readily available ingredients.

Please click here for the rice recipe-> Curd Rice-Leftover rice

rice recipes

Apple Pine-Apple Matar Ka Shahi Pulao rice recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

This rice recipe is filled with the readily available fruits and vegetables. It will be enjoyed by children and adults alike just with a bowl full of raita.

Please click here for the rice recipe-> Apple Pine-Apple Matar Ka Shahi Pulao

rice recipes

Carrot Peanut Pulao rice recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

The recipe is rich in carotene and peanuts . its mouthwatering and delicious. Enriched in vitamins and nutrients this rice recipe can be prepared for children.

Please click here for the rice recipe-> Carrot peanut pulao

rice recipes

Kesar kheer rice recipe

By Dipak Arora

This sweet rice recipe is an important Indian dessert almost cooked in all Indian homes. It can be prepared with just three ingredients.  People who have sweet tooth will instantly like the recipe and will have a second helping.

Please click here for the rice recipe->Kesar Kheer

rice recipes

We assume that the rice recipes collection will be liked, cooked and enjoyed by you. All are easy rice recipes and ingredients are also readily available. Do share your feedback. Happy Cooking.

Bechamel White Sauce Pasta Recipe

5 Easy Pasta Recipes To Please Your guests

Easy pasta recipes for you, which can be cooked for guests, as well as anytime as you wish. These easy pasta recipes are quick, delicious and will leave your guests contented.


Pasta is native of Italian cuisineDue to globalization, today it is very easy to find any cuisine in any country. Hence easy pasta recipes can be cooked wherever you are. Curry was of Indian origin, but it is dished out in almost every country today. Whichever part of the world you are in, you will be amazed at the variety of cuisines offered. The world has become a small and better place in terms of food.

You can have the recipe of any country at your fingertips on internet. You can add your own imagination and creativity and come up with innovating a new recipe. It is very hard to stick to authenticity when cooking is concerned. Every single house in a neighborhood makes same recipe in various ways and that’s what makes food quite interesting!

Pasta is made of durum wheat.  Fresh pasta is made for instant cooking and dried one is for storage.

Different popular types of pasta are, penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli, gnocchi, bowtie/farfelle etc depending on their shapes. Indian suji and sewaiyan are also a kind of pasta.

Béchamel white sauce easy pasta recipe with video

By Somya’s Kitchen

Pasta cooked in béchamel sauce is mouthwatering as well as healthy. It will be an instant hit among kids.

The colors are so inviting that people will enjoy the wonderful dish.

Please click here for the recipe-> Bechamel White Sauce Pasta

easy pasta recipes

Baked pasta with brinjal – healthy meal 

By Bharati Dhawan

Who says brinjals do not have nutrients? Pasta along with brinjals is a healthy and nutritious option to feed children who otherwise hate eating briinjals.

Please click here for the recipe-> Baked Pasta With Brinjal

easy pasta recipes

Spicy penne easy pasta recipe in red sauce

By Sandhya Harsh

Cooked in red gravy the pasta looks inviting and appetizing . It can be made within no time and will be liked by the guests. The spicy flavors are liked by us Indians. Hence it will be appreciated a lot.

Please click here for the recipe-> Spicy Penne Pasta In Red Sauce

easy pasta recipes

Veg macaroni easy pasta recipe in Indian style 

By Heena Bharat

Cooked in indigenous style this will leave your guests craving for more. As it will be enjoyed by the ones who are traditional in their taste. It is cooked in Indian flavors.

Please click here for the recipe-> Veg Macaroni Pasta In Indian Style

easy pasta recipes

Basil pesto easy pasta recipe

By  Sowmya Baruvuri

Filled with the freshness of basil and goodness of pine nuts it can be made within no time and it will be yummy as well as nutritious and filled with medicinal properties. Health and taste are perfectly balanced in the recipe. It will be enjoyed by people who love herbs.

Please click here for the recipe->Basil Pesto Pasta Recipe

easy pasta recipes

I hope you will enjoy easy pasta recipes by cooking pasta of the variety you like. Please do try them and serve to your guests and let us know the feedback. Happy pasta cooking.


Lehsuni Baby Potatoes - Quick Curry

9 Potato Recipes That Are Famous In India

Potatoes cooked in many ways are very popular in Indian cuisine. We are presenting here some recipes that are popular across home kitchens of India.

Potatoes are loaded with fiber, potassium, vitamin c and vitamin B6. It is a wonder tuber which is beneficial for the heart and provides important nutrients to our body. Known for its versatility potatoes can be cooked in many ways be it fritters, curries or desserts, potatoes have made their mark in all courses of meal . Be it fried, baked or boiled it is equally popular in any avatar.

I do remember when my mother used to boil potatoes and peel them half of them would vanish off in tasting and we would always crave for more.  In the winters when we used to sit near the countryside fireplace we would throw some potatoes in the fire itself, and these potatoes tasted divine.

Here are nine recipes which are popularly cooked in India. You can try them at home and enjoy.

They can be cooked as it is or you can add your innovations to it ,you will be amazed by the results.

Lehsuni baby potatoes – Indian potato recipe

By Somya Gupta

Boiled potatoes coked in garlic impart a distinctive tanginess to the curry. Can be accompanied with rotis puris or rice.

For Recipe please click here->  Lehsuni Baby Potatoes

Indian potato recipes

Potato lollipops – Indian potato recipe

By Ruchi singh

A deep fried version, it can be used as a party appetizer as well.

For Recipe please click here-> Potato Lollipops

Indian potato recipes

Potato wedges – Indian potato recipe

By Pranali Banwadikar

Extremely popular with kids. They can be baked as well. You will love the taste.

For Recipe please click here-> Potato Wedges

Indian potato recipes


Easy Aloo Paratha (without stuffing) – Indian potato recipe

By Heena bharat

A shift from traditional aloo paratha.  It is an easier version where potatoes are kneaded in the dough itself rather than being stuffed.  It can be cooked easily and makes for an easy breakfast option.

For recipe please click here-> Easy aloo Paratha (without stuffing)

Indian potato recipes

Aloo Jeera – Indian potato recipe

By Ruchika

An easily cooked no fuss curry which can be made within minutes. Can be served with puris.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Aloo jeera

Indian potato recipes

Punjabi Samsosa –

Indian potato recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

A popular street food across whole of India. It can be made using various kinds of stuffing but the potatoes one is simply yum. You can serve it simple or with accompaniments like curd chutneys and sauces.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Punjabi Samosa

Indian potato recipe

Potato Chaat – Indian Potato recipe

By Chaya Bansal

Talking of chaats who doesn’t like them? I doubt if there is anyone. The taste will leave you craving for more.

For recipe Please Click Here -> Potato Chaat

Indian potato recipes

Aalu ki Sabzi – Indian potato recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Simplest recipe made with potatoes and is famous with all age groups . Can be made easily . I have relished it in villages as well ,it tastes so good even with minimal spices . Aloo sabzi and poori are a type of food you can have at railway stations as well. Dubki wale aloo and rasedaar aloo ki sabzi along with puris can be found served in various railway stations  .

For recipe please click here-> Aalu ki Sabzi   

Indian potato recipes

Wheat Flour Aloo Kulchas- Indian potato recipe

By Shikha A Gupta

Kulchas are quite popular in northern parts of India. The flavours are enhanced by pairing them with potatoes.

For recipe please click here-> Wheat Flour Aloo Kulchas

Indian potato recipes

There has been constant innovation in potato recipes. With use of new gadgets and internet, cooking has been revolutionized.  Potatoes rosti, mashed potatoes, desserts using potatoes are some preparations which are entering Indian kitchens as well. It is a healthy shift. I hope you try the recipes and relish them.

easy mocktail recipe

5 Easy Mocktail Recipes To Try For Your House Party

Easy mocktail recipes will come handy to serve your guests. Here are 5 easy mocktail recipes or non alcoholic drinks which you can try for an upcoming party at your house.


House gatherings of various types are very common among us. Birthday parties, kitty parties or small celebrations call upon preparations before hand. Food and easy mocktail recipes are planned before the D-day. We tend to choose food and drinks which are easy to prepare as well as fit into our budget. Welcome drinks play an important role in the whole process. Having the best moctails would definitely make your guests happy!

To play a perfect host, it is therefore important to keep in mind the requirements of drinks which should not only satisfy the taste but should be healthy too.

We have picked a few drinks which will help you in deciding drinks for your latest occasion.

Mint and Rose Flavored Neembu Pani mocktail recipe

By  Ruchika vineet sapra

A perfect recipe for a gathering in summers. The soothing effects of lime juice mixed with mint  will tickle the taste buds as well as refresh the mood. Easy to prepare and very cost effective this would be a hit.

Please click here for the recipe -> Mint and Rose Flavored Neembu Pani

mocktail recipe


Bel/Woodapple ka Sharbat mocktail recipe

By  Sandhya Harsh

A very cooling and appetizing juice and preparations can be done before and can be assembled when guests arrive. It also aids in digestion.

Please click here for the recipe -> Bel /Woodapple ka Sharbat

mocktail recipe

Orange Juice With Honey mocktail recipe

By Heena Bharat Tak

Fresh juice from oranges is always liked by everybody. It will surely be a big hit and will be liked by all age groups.

Please click here for the recipe -> Orange Juice With Honey Recipe

mocktail recipe

Sabza Seeds Rose Drink mocktail recipe

By Bishakha

This juice makes use of milk and rose syrup which is undoubtedly healthy. Use of sabza seeds makes it perfect drink in a gathering. It will surprise your guests as falooda is liked by everyone.

Please click here for the recipe -> Sabza Seeds Rose Drink

mocktail recipe

Mixed Vegetable Juice mocktail recipe

By Vijay haldia

This concoction of various veggies is an easy option for people who are very conscious of their health. It will act as a perfect appetizer as well. It can be further substituted by veggies of your choice.

Please click here for the recipe-> Mixed Vegetable Juice Recipe

mocktail recipe

I hope the collection will surely benefit people who wish to have a party in near future. You can try one or more recipes for a single party if you want to provide choice for your guests. Every recipe will be a super hit for sure!


Sprouted Moong Salad Recipe

5 Quick Salad Recipes For A Nutrition Conscious Diet

5 easy salad recipes which you can try. “Health is wealth,” and to remain healthy, a nutrition conscious diet is a must. 

In today’s hectic life we tend to stay healthy by cutting down calories and modifying our eating habits. In this context salads play a vital role and are usually served raw with variety of dressings and seasonings. Generally salads were thought to be served as a side dish along with a main meals but thanks to the health consciousness among people they have replaced its status . It is quite healthy to stick to nutritious diet . However health freaks ponder over as to how to bring variation to satisfy their taste buds.

Here we have outlined five different salad recipes which will be helpful in weekly meal planning.

Masala peanut salad recipe

By Vijay Haldia  

The vegetables and peanuts impart crunchiness to the salad. The salad looks quite appealing and appetizing.

Please click here for the recipe-> Masala peanut salad

salad recipesMethidana sprout kairi salad recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

The salad is a sure hit among the nutrition conscious, since it makes use of fenugreek sprouts. The bitterness of fenugreek is very well balanced by the sour kairi or raw mango pieces . It can be consumed by diabetics and people wanting to shed extra kilos of their weight.

Please click here for the recipe->Methidana sprouts kairi salad

salad recipeFattoush- A refreshing Arabic salad recipe

By Pranali Banwadikar

This Arabic styled salad makes use of chickpeas and veggies beautifully. Filled with various tastes it must find a place in the weekly menu definitely. I am sure that you wont be disappointed.

Please click here for the recipe->fattoush salad

salad recipeQuinoa with stir fried veggies salad recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

Quinoa has attained an important place in every cuisine. This salad is a superb one pot meal too which is packed with goodness of veggies. Ready within minutes and full of nutrients, it is a must try for health conscious people.

Please click here for the recipe->Quinoa salad with stir fried veggies

salad recipe


Sprouted moong salad recipe

By Heena Bharat

Moong sprouts or green gram lentil sprouts are filled with nutrients and are an easy option for making a salad. Today sprouts of all kinds are readily available in the local vegetable shops as well as supermarkets.  So it is an easy option as people stock your pantry with such kind of foods.

Please click here for the recipe->sprouted moong salad

 Salad Recipe


In the end it can be said that the salads do have variety.  Say bye to bland eating and take care of your health in a spicy and interesting way.


Chole Bhature In Punjabi Style Recipe

5 Easy Indian Recipes For Dinner

These easy Indian recipes for dinner will make dinner time more enjoyable with your family. Try these 5 simple Indian recipes for dinner.
Dinner is a major meal in Indian cuisine. Though it is the last meal of the day, it can be considered as a major one since the whole family sits and enjoys it together. As it is the last meal of the day not only it has to be light but also tasty and healthy and more importantly easy on the digestive system.
I remember having a filling dinner which was simplest yet tastiest dal, chawal or roti, subzi made by my mother and how we used to polish off our plates along with the discussion we had about our day.

Karela Peels Sabzi dinner recipe

by Sandhya harsh

This preparation makes use of the peels fantastically and I bet is not only healthy but tasty too.
Please click here for the recipe -> Karela Peels Sabzi
Indian recipes for dinner

Green onions curry dinner recipe

by Heena Bharat

This dinner recipe with chapattis is a versatile curry which is light and quite easy on the stomach and it’s full of nutrients.
Please click here for the recipe -> Green onions curry
Indian recipes for dinner

Chole bhature in Punjabi style dinner recipe

by Vijay haldia

This dinner recipe is an awesome preparation for people who wish to eat something special for dinner .With a raita as a side dish it is one of the preparation which will disappear from the plates instantly.
Please click here for the recipe -> Chole Bhature In Punjabi Style
Indian recipes for dinner

Paneer biryani dinner recipe

by Bishakha

For people with a “rice tooth” , paneer biryani is the ultimate solution when not feeling like to cook yet relish the food. This one pot meal is easy to prepare and a guarantee comes along that you will enjoy it not only while eating but also during cooking it. The aroma can be felt while looking at the picture itself.
Please click here for the recipe -> Paneer biryani recipe
Indian recipes for dinner

Tomato and spinach pulao dinner recipe

by Bharti Dhawan

This pulao is full of nutrients and taste.It is an easy option for people who want to eat light yet the looks of it prove to be magical. Easy to prepare one pot meal and ready in minutes. It can be easily made by working people who wish to enjoy their dinner.
Please click here for the recipe -> Tomato & Spinach Pulav
Indian recipes for dinner