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Summer break

How Kitchen Time Can Be A Good Summer Break Experience For Children

Make the best use of  summer break with these tips to let your children  understand and appreciate food.

Kitchen is a great place to spend time with children this summer break. You might wonder, but it’s vacation time, we should let kids have fun! However, ‘fun’ is a word sometimes misinterpreted and attributed to things only in entertainment space!

If your children find opportunities to play with neighbourhood kids or spend time with their grand parents, it is great. Also some of us prefer traveling to new places. All this done, there is still ample amount of time left to spend in your home kitchen. What if we take this opportunity to let them know some basic life skills, like cooking?

My mom, coming from a big family, tells me how she and her siblings, used to take turns to do dishes, fill drinking water, hand pound spices, to hand grind dosa batter, clearing the grains etc. It was part of their daily chores during childhood and it did not limit to just summer break. This might not look very practical in today’s time. The advancement of technology, comfort, number of children, schedule of schools, offices, traffic, among other things make very little time to do such work willingly. Hence summer break should be treated as a huge opportunity to keep things slow, steady and work on those activities that are essential for a living. Here are some reasons why we should let our children experience the most soulful space of the home, the kitchen!

Focus on the whole cycle

When we want to teach kids, it immensely helps to follow the complete process, rather than sticking to some interesting part in the middle. For example, if they want to do some drawing – fetching the paper, pencils & colors, setting up the space, drawing, displaying/saving the art, keeping the art materials back in their places etc form the whole activity. If we do the whole process and let kids do only drawing, the sense of accomplishment differs from the former to the latter.

Similarly, for cooking, it would be great if we can do a complete cycle. Starting from planting the seeds, watering them regularly, adding compost and other natural nutrition, watch the vegetables and greens grow, fetching them from the home garden to kitchen, getting other essentials from a market, washing, peeling and chopping them (also saving the peels for composting), garbage segregation, cooking, setting the table, serving, eating, clearing and washing the dishes – make this as close to complete process as possible.

If gardening is not an option for you, you could replace it with just a market visit. If market visit is not possible, start with washing vegetables. The intention is to make a start and do our best in making it as complete as possible for kids. This ensures that children try to appreciate, how on other days, their plates are magically filled with mouthwatering recipes! The chances of them wasting food (if any) would also decrease.

List your favorites

If such time spending for cooking on a daily basis is a concern, try listing out recipes that take minimal time. For example, you could start with making lemonade or a banana shake at home. Once the child is comfortable, ask them to prepare and serve the dish by taking help from his/her friends, when they come for a play date. Time for you to relax and watch how quickly kids adapt and learn.

The little master chef

Working with a food recipe platform has its own perks! My child now asks the question, “what are the ingredients?” whenever he likes a particular recipe. He knows where is which item in our kitchen. He knows that either sambar or dal is getting made whenever he watches me rinsing a dal. Hence children are quick to learn from observation than instruction and this method works more so well with children below 7 years. All they need is an opportunity to observe an adult immersed in meaningful work.

Sorting can be fun

Arranging the vessels by size, sorting storing the vegetables by type, color, shape etc, fetching the right fruit from the fruit basket etc are some fun ways to learn and understand the food we eat. It works better than going through a book where ‘A for Apple’ is written with a pictorial representation. When it comes to sensory impression, try giving them atta dough, plucking grapes, washing rice/dal, mixing ingredients for cake batter etc.

Ways to learn about and appreciate what we eat every day are endless. Take time out to let children have this vital experience. Even if they are occupied with summer camps, you could make a start with making it a weekend activity. Once they experience such process, you no longer need to tell them that spinach is nutritious, dal is protein-rich etc to make them eat. Because there will be an inclination and connection with what is present on their plates.

Dr Dhanya Ayurvedic Practitioner

“Ayurveda Is The Science Of Living” – In Conversation With Dr. Dhanya Dilip

Read on to know about Ayurveda, its benefits and how it can be practiced in our daily routine – in conversation with Dr. Dhanya Dilip.

Ayurveda, as most of us know, is an ancient science of our country that has an in-depth study of how our body works and what requires to be done to achieve balance. At Zayka Ka Tadka, we believe in passing this valuable information to our audience, so everyone can get benefited with this amazing science. These efforts and thought process made us to have a dialogue around Ayurveda, and Dr. Dhanya graciously agreed to help us achieve the same.
Dr. Dhanya Dilip is an Ayurvedic practitioner, who is familiar to audience at Zayka Ka Tadka by now. We had the pleasure of hosting her on our live videos in a series called, “Ayurveda Made Easy.” Dr. Dhanya shared many interesting and essential things about human body and how Ayurveda’s holistic approach helps us achieve good health. Dr. Dhanya even cooked the Kerala special, Avial for our audience in a live video.
Here is an excerpt on how Dr. Dhanya became an Ayurvedic expert and her views on this wonderful science.

Inspiration from childhood

Dhanya recollects her childhood days and says, “My grandfather and grandmother are my inspiration always! I remember him telling me stories about him handling his opponents in a fight through a marma technique where with a twist of his fingers over his opponents umbilicus, the person would lay stupefied unless released. Also, my grandmother giving me a regime of gingelly oil and raw eggs during the first few months of puberty, grinding up herbs in buttermilk to increase my digestive capacity and immunity etc, could be my first basic introduction to Ayurveda!
Such experiences early in Dhanya’s life, later turned out to be a deep love for medicine and ancient culture. She adds, “I have always been awed by our country, its culture, history and diversity. Right from a very young age, I knew that I wanted to be in the field of medicine, later years that was streamlined to being a doctor. After my medical entrance, though I had a seat in MBBS, all of a sudden I took a liking for Ayurveda, trying to know more about it.
The holistic method of the science attracted her quite a bit and while she entered the course, never once did she had any regret, except for one reason! “The language of the Ayurvedic texts was mostly sanskrit and the translations were more available in malayalam and hindi than english,” adds Dhanya.

Ayurveda in her own words

There are several interpretations of this ancient science and even, misconceptions sometimes! Dhanya makes us understand this in simple words- ” Ayurveda as you all know is a holistic science, but what what we don’t generally understand is how Ayurveda connects the dots of your various physical problems and the right treatment will help you have happier and problem free life. It starts right from how  the air you breathe, the soil you stand on, the utensils you cook, the vegetables you eat, your staple meal, the water you drink ,your daily regime – ultimately, your lifestyle can affect you in many ways.”

How can one achieve balance using Ayurveda

Our lifestyle has great impact on our health and Ayurveda emphasizes the same. Dhanya says, “The first few chapters in the classical texts of Ayurveda begin with advises on the daily regime and modifications to it based on your body kind. Ayurveda hence is not a science that deals with treating diseases but like how the name itself speaks- it is the the science of living or life. It emphasizes on physical and mental exercises .Following the classical way of Ayurveda will help attain a mental -physical balance and hence a healthy you.

An ideal Ayurvedic practitioner would be…

As with any holistic approach, Ayurveda focuses on maintaining the whole body in balance. Hence the practitioners usually do not attach the word, Physician to their names. To this, Dhanya explains, ” Ayurveda deals with the body, mind, spirit and soul together and not individually. An Ayurvedic doctor needs to be a psychologist too not just a physician. Hence the term Ayurveda physician is absolutely unsuitable.

Ayurveda in everyday life

Most of us stay away from Ayurveda thinking that one needs to consult an Ayurveda doctor only in case of illness. But Dr. Dhanya suggests that a simple daily routine helps us achieve a sound body and mind – the ultimate goal in Ayurveda. She suggests the following practices for everyone to start with-
Practising Ayurveda on a day to day basis in 3 most simple ways to me would be:
1. eating and drinking right
2. sleep right
3. mental and physical control through exercises and practises”

Thoughts on yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are often linked together for a person to achieve balance. Elaborating on this, Dr. Dhanya adds, “Yoga is more than just mere physical exercises, the breathing regulation and stretches help in stimulating various vital points that help keep the body healthy and bring mental tranquility. Also,  massages help regulate and increase circulatory effects of the body.

Can Ayurveda be effective for all ailments?

This is one common question that keeps many of us in dilemma while suffering with an illness. To this Dr. Dhanya clarifies, “Of course Ayurveda can be used for all kinds of ailments. Western medicine is a rather new development of medical world. Until then I am sure your great grandfathers had just Ayurveda for their common colds or even hepatatic conditions. What is important to differentiate is the right doctor to consult,. because only the right doctor will be able to even refer you elsewhere in case of need.

Connect with Dr. Dhanya Dilip

Dr. Dhanya works towards spreading the essence of the science besides the physical consultations, like,

a. taking up online consultations
b. conduct seminars in schools and colleges , live videos
c. blogging her views and experiences on this beautiful science
d. manufacturing certain body products such as face creams purely based on the Ayurvedic principles

For more details



Kohli. Dhoni and cricketers favorite food

IPL Fever | Find Out What Your Favorite Cricketers Like To Eat

IPL fever is rising yet another time and the fans cannot wait for the show to begin! Let’s know about what our favorite cricketers eat and keep up the IPL fever momentum!

IPL (Indian Premeir League) is the most happening T20 cricket match, every year from April-June in India. From the time it started in 2008 till date, the enthusiasm for this form of sport has only increased. As it falls during the summer break in India, it becomes the important episode in many homes.

To keep the IPL fever build up before and during the matches, here is a sneak peek into what these cricketing stars love when it comes to food. At Zayka Ka Tadka, we are so excited with the IPL fever catching up and bringing you the recipes that your favorite batsman/bowler would love to eat. Also we plan to showcase many of these recipe through our live cooking videos on our facebook page, so you too can make them easily at home. Let the fun begin!

M.S. Dhoni

While we all know Dhoni loves to drink milk, his favorite desserts are gajar ka halwa and kheer.

IPL Fever

Virat Kohli

This cricket super star is a fan of Japanese sushi.

IPL Fever

Suresh Raina

His favorite food is some yummy kebabs.

IPL Fever

Harbhajan Singh

He loves to eat the comfort meal, Aloo paratha with mint chutney.

IPL Fever

Gautam Gambhir

This batsman loves to eat a plate of Rajma Chawal.

IPL Fever

Yuvraj Singh

He live to eat the famous matar paneer and kadhi chawal.

IPL Fever

Rohit Sharma

He prefers to eat the all time favorite Aloo paratha.

IPL Fever

Ravichandran Ashwin

The famous spinner loves to eat Paneer Capsicum.

IPL Fever

Murali Vijay

He prefers a simple meal with some dal-chawal.

IPL Fever

Virender Sehwag

Biryani is his all time favorite dish.

IPL Fever

Bhuvneshwar Kumar

He loves to eat Kadhi-chawal and urad ki dal.

AB De Villiers

He enjoys a meal with Paneer Capsicum pasta.

IPL Fever

Chris Gayle

Biryani is one among his favorite foods.

IPL Fever

Ross Taylor

He loves the Indian gulab jamun and that is his favorite dessert.

IPL Fever


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Dripping Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

Valentine’s Day Recipes| 8 Quick Recipes For Your Special Someone

Valentine’s day recipes make your day more memorable! Valentine’s day is the time to celebrate love and take a moment to feel grateful for the special person in your life. 

Valentine’s day recipes listed below are simple and easy to make. Make it special with these quirky dishes to make your meal times more memorable!

Dripping Eggless Chocolate Cake valentines day recipe

By Shikha A Gupta

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Dripping Eggless Chocolate Cake

valentine's day recipe

Chocolate Carrot Rabri valentines day recipe

By Bishakha24

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Chocolate Carrot Rabri

valentine's day recipe


Eggless Chocolate Pancakes valentines day recipe

By Shikha A Gupta

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

valentine's day recipe

Tricolor Milky Heart Bite valentines day recipe

By Roop Parashar

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Tricolor Milky Heart Bite

valentine's day recipe



Red Velvet Cake with twist (without OTG or Oven)

By Àñgél Srivastava

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Red Velvet Cake with twist (without OTG or Oven)

valentine's day recipe

Little Heart Grapes Chocolate bites – Juicy valentines day recipe

 By Bhawana Garg

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Little Heart Grapes Chocolate bitesvalentine's day recipes

Sweet Hearts: Til ke Dil valentines day recipe

 By Guest Author 

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Sweet Hearts: Til ke Dil

 valentine's day recipes

Besani Dil Burfi valentines day recipe

By Priya Garg

Please click here for the valentine’s day recipe -> Besani Dil Burfi

valentine's day recipes


Angel Srivastava picture

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Nisha Srivastava

Our next featured author is the youngest in the list and has immense interest in cooking. Meet Nisha Srivastava, also known as Angel Srivastava and here is a quick interview with her.

Age is just a number – it applies to the eldest, as well as the youngest! Nothing can stop a person from getting better at something if she has a passion, and when we say nothing, it includes the age as well. We are very impressed with our next featured author inline; she is young, active and extremely good at what she does! Meet Nisha Srivastava, who submitted around 100 recipes to ZKT in a very short span of time. Let’s get to know more about her.

Bhelpuri - Mumbai Special Recipe

Tell us about yourself Nisha

Hi, I am Nisha from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. I am a student of B.Com, part 1 . I am 19 years old and I am passionate about cooking. I started cooking since October 2017 and I run a page on Instagram. I am registered as Angel Srivastava as a food author with ZKT.
Jalebi Recipe

Inspiration for cooking?

My grandmother teaches me many small and basic techniques and tricks about cooking. And she always supports me. I am also inspired by ZKT’s Vijay Haldiya mam and Kabitaskitchen online.
Papri Aloo Chaat Recipe

Interests and hobbies

My hobbies are listening songs, dancing and reading books. Also, I spend a lot of time studying.
Chilli Chutney Recipe

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

I love to play with the ingredients and always try to make more and more interesting and unique dishes. ZKT is a very inspiring platform for a food blogger. Also, ZKT has been a booster in my cooking journey. 
Aloo Puri Recipe

Personal favorites

Litti chokha, Masala pav, cauliflower tikka masala, Garlic Naan, Fruit custard are my favorite dishes among the ones I submitted to ZKT. 
Mojito | Classic Mocktail Recipe

Few cooking tips

  • To make soft chapattis, use lukewarm water
  • For spongy naan, use lukewarm milk to knead the dough

Favorite local food

Street golgappa, chola batura, samosa are my favorite Street foods. I like the spicy and yummy taste of the street foods.
Motichur Ke Laddu Recipe 

Thoughts on cooking

Never take cooking as a burden and always enjoy your time in the kitchen. Because if you consider cooking as playing with the ingredients, then the result / outcome is always perfect.
Nisha continues to surprise us with creative dishes and we wish her the best in her cooking journey!
Zayka Ka Tadka : The Live Video Story

Zayka Ka Tadka : The Live Video Story

With 100 plus Live cooking videos with Moms, reaching millions and millions of people in the world, spreading smiles in the households of India, The Live cooking videos at Zayka Ka Tadka are a big hit! From a 84 year old Mom to a 25 year old one, we have covered them all. Read on to know the why, what and how it all happened!
The building blocks of any society are families. And the foundation for our families is strong because of our moms! She is the one person who converts a house into a home and binds everyone together. Such moms deserve appreciation and recognition beyond words!
live cooking video

Apeksha with Sandhya Sampat

Sharing the knowledge treasure

Zayka Ka Tadka is built to recognize moms and much more! We are committed to bring out the hidden talents of many moms and homemakers of India and showcase it to the world. These moms have so much to offer and an appropriate platform is the only path that they need to share their knowledge.
live cooking video

Apeksha with Mridula Ameriya

Hence we started to promote moms and with that, we also promote the secret recipes of many households of our country. Some are even passed down through generations in the family and are authentic regional recipes.

Retrospection and need of the hour – going live!

With hundreds of text recipes and few video recipes, Zayka Ka Tadka was blooming by the day. Apeksha then received a call from one of the Strategic partner manager leading “Food” vertical from Facebook India team. She told Apeksha on how Facebook is going to focus more on quality videos and how live videos can be an interesting option as videos are a great medium to connect and enrich user experience. So there developed a thought about how we could produce live videos at Zayka Ka Tadka.
sowmya apeksha

Sowmya & Apeksha

Apeksha and myself were having discussions on making the user experience better with videos. That was the point when I suggested that why not we create videos with moms? Because, a live cooking event makes cooking enjoyable, gives clarity about the recipe and answers all the doubts about the technique involved in preparing a dish. A live cooking episode also serves a greater purpose of empowering moms, which we always wanted to do at Zayka Ka Tadka!

We appreciate the taste, but what about those hands and the person behind that recipe?

Then we pondered – is it enough if we just share their recipes? The world is getting benefited by their knowledge and they are also quite happy that many users appreciate their efforts, there is no doubt here. However, we felt we should more! Like, we should also empower them, make them more confident and make them famous too! With this deep thought and the strong desire to make their presence felt more than ever, the idea of our “Live Cooking Videos” was born, which became in sync with the thought of making user experience better with videos.
live cooking video

When mawa gulab jamoons were made at Megha’s house

Just the way a mom cooks at home!

At Zayka Ka Tadka, the celebrity chef in our live cooking videos are these moms and some of them probably have more cooking experience than the so called celebrity chefs that we see in the media!  We neither set up a studio nor ask moms to be ready in a certain way/decorate their place/present in a certain way etc. After all, we are looking for authentic homely recipes, which calls for moms to be in their natural comfort zone and connect with user, just the way they do with their family and friends.

Apeksha with Anitha

How our “Live Videos” happen

We show “Live Cooking Videos” with moms and homemakers by visiting their homes and telecast live from their home kitchens. During the process, the host becomes the celebrity chef, speaks in front of the camera, shares many cooking tips, answers the audience’s questions, cook something lovely, give a sneak peek into their lives and we end up tasting the most amazing food! They are so proud to be sharing their recipes live on our channel and we are so content when they say that it’s a big moment for them to go live!

Megha making instant carrot pickle

Location is no more a barrier!

Yes! Now the passionate cooks can connect with us from remote locations to do live videos. This move brings us much closer to far away home kitchens and we can telecast the amazing cooks wherever they are. This also means that your location can never be a hurdle for showcasing your cooking talents to the world.

For example, we have done live videos with moms staying in as far as California to Bihar to Rajasthan!

Interesting trivia and the road ahead..


Till date, we completed 100 plus live videos with over 1 million plus user engagement and we are counting! We are inspired to do more with each passing Live video. For example, one mom is 67 years old and still works outside through out the day to meet ends and there is this 84 year old granny who has been cooking from pre-independence age! Today, it is not exaggerating if we define Zayka Ka Tadka as the Food Network Channel with Live Videos, Text Recipes, Offline Videos  for moms and homemakers. Stay tuned, because we will continue to bring out the gems and that’s our promise!

Apeksha tasting Chocolate Paratha at Sowmya’s house

The story in a nutshell

Here is an interesting video on our journey so far in making the live cooking videos.


Don’t miss!

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Why Goals Are Important

Importance Of Goal Setting | 5 Reasons Why Goals Are Important

Importance of goal setting needs no introduction. Read on to know how to set goals and why it is important to set goals for each one of us.

Importance of goal setting is trending like never before. But who needs to set goals for themselves? Goals are not just for students or employees. Goals are not just for some privileged or a business man. Goals are not just for planning your finances or loosing weight. Then, to whom does goal setting applies to?

Agree that goal setting is important to each and every category I mentioned above, but why limit ourselves to just a few categories? Importance of goal setting applies to all those who need to or want to track their progress in whatever they are doing.

Setting goals could be at a personal level or professional level. The process could involve someone you might report to or it could be self-made goals. Whatever the kind of goals are, there are some ideas on why are goals important, read on!

Direction for pending items

That plan to visit the Dentist, to go for driving classes, take up a new hobby etc seem like they are in our to-do list forever. When you set goals to start and finish each of these tasks, suddenly it shows a path to achieve the list of pending items. It is as simple as planning your regular day. Once you have a decent plan in place, achieving these goals becomes just a matter of time.

Motivation for future

Importance of goal setting does not end with just setting them. Once you achieve a certain goal, it automatically gives a positive push for future responsibilities. If you could accomplish a task, you will naturally have the tendency to face more challenging work and yet hope for the best. Setting measurable goals and reaching goals help you track your progress and prompts you to do better the next time around.

A sense of fulfillment

When loosing weight is your goal, you could still indulge in dessert once in a while. This is like a self-reward system for being nutritionally conscious all the while. In the same manner, the importance of goal setting is to make you feel satisfied and contended. This happy feeling goes a long way in nurturing you as a confident person.

Tangible output

Often goal setting does not fade away as soon as a goal is achieved. It often comes with a measurable outcome like a handicraft born out of a hobby or driving through traffic after driving lessons or cooking for a lot of guests without worrying about the final taste!

Helps de-clutter your choices

Many of us want to do those hundred other things but always complain that we do not have enough time. How about starting with one? Well, in all the probability, there is a chance that that particular goal could end up in a failure! However, the positive aspect is that, at least we can strike off one thing from those hundred items, so you can now focus on the remaining 99. At least, now there is more clarity on the kind of choices you make!

If you are fond of cooking, you could set goals like trying new cuisine or changing the type of ingredients or trying out different styles of cooking. If you are fond of eating, you could set goals like travel to try different local foods, or plan your finances to try those luxury restaurants.

Goal setting becomes fun when you include some friends too, like partners in crime!

Essentially, goals can be in different sizes and apply differently to different people. Here at ZKT, we have many moms and homemakers as part of our community. We would love our community to let us know what they think about the importance of goal setting and which goals did they set for 2018?


Featured Author Subhadra Arya

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Subhadra Arya

We bring you the next in our featured author list, Subhadra Arya who recently completed submitting over 100 recipes to Zayka Ka Tadka. Here is her story.

Skills are something we acquire over time with consistent hard work and setting new targets. However, few talents also come naturally to each one of us and when we see such a person, we usually say, “she is a born dancer,” or “she is a born artist,” etc. When it comes to Subhadra Arya, it appears that, she is a born cook! Cooking came effortlessly to her or may be we should say, “Cooking found her!” Let us get to know more about this amazing cook, who is a featured author with ZKT!

Paneer Pakode In Palak Gravy Recipe

Experience from different regions

Subhadra is from the Haridwar district of Utarakhand. She is the eldest of three siblings and her family stayed in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. She adds, “My father was in government service and my mother is a homemaker. Currently I am living in Ajmer Rajasthan at present.  I am a mother to a teenager son.” She has experienced living in almost four states so far and we can understand why there is so much versatility when it comes to her cooking!

Kurkuri Bhindi/ Okra - Tasty Curry

Inspiration from family

Subhadra Arya has started to cook from a very early age. She recalls, “Cooking came very naturally to me. Way back, the favorite hobby for the ladies was cooking. I saw my mother and aunties cook lovely dishes and exchange them. My mother is a very nice cook.” But that was not all, she continued to watch and learn from her dad too. She adds, “Due to some reasons I stayed with my father for a few months. Seeing him cook and work I also used to help him in the kitchen . He taught me to make dough for the first time. This was in class 3 . From then on I was on a learning spree. By the time I was in 8th I could cook a decent meal. My parents always encouraged me.” 

With such encouragement from childhood days, clearly home is her first school and her parents are the first teachers in teaching her how to cook!

Grapes Chutney Recipe

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

Subhadra Arya is a featured author and a special person at Zayka Ka Tadka. Apart from mouth watering recipes, she even started contributing blog articles in the last few months. We are immensly glad to have such people as part of our strong community of moms and homemakers. She says, “I joined ZKT about two years ago but more active since last year. The fellow authors here are very humble and encouraging. All authors mutually respect each other. Also the whole ZKT team is very supportive and does not get irritated by our constant queries.

Pyaz Mirch Malai - Instant Curry!

Coming to favorites

Apart from her first love, cooking, Subhadra also loves to read, travel and do crafts whenever time permits. 

Jhal muriKadhi pakoraCashew apple, Panchmel dalLauki Raita – Healthy and Instant are her most favorite recipes of hers at ZKT.

And when it comes to local food, she likes kadhi kachori, apart from south indian and Bengali dishes. She adds, “The burst of flavors of tangy and sweet kadhi and spicy dal and crunchy crust of the kachoris cannot be explained in words. You have to taste it to understand!

Urad Dal Fry - Spicy Treat!

Tips and message to budding authors

To bring balance is an important aspect in life and more so when it comes to food and cooking. Subhadra tries to achieve just that when it comes to feeding her family. She adds, “I always try to incorporate healthy food in the diet and simultaneously give importance to each person’s personal preference. I try to cook adequately, so that food does not go waste.

She ends the conversation with simple yet the most important aspects to keep in mind while cooking. Subhadra believes that the best results will come when you love what you do. She says, “If you love cooking everything is simple. Now-a-days everything is available online. Once the interest is in place, with the kind of resources available over the internet, we can learn and grow easily. When you see that your dishes are disappearing from plates, it gives a lot of happiness. Cook whatever you wish with your heart in it.

Christmas baking ideas

Christmas Baking Ideas Made Easy With These Supplies

Christmas baking ideas are never enough and we agree! Here is a list of products that might come in handy for Christmas baking ideas.

There are days when I think of baking something exotic and exquisite! I start with cake recipes then go on to checking cookie recipes and then would be following pie recipes and ultimately end up confused! I heard many friends say the same thing. If you are not a professional baker, it is likely that you do not have all kinds of baking supplies and equipment. However, we have curated this list of basic baking supplies some time back that is worth checking.

First things first!

If you love baking then it is worth considering to buy an OTG, than just a microwave or convection oven. For example, you could check this OTG that helps with many Christmas baking ideas. I have been using this OTG at my home and so far the results are good and predictable!

Cookies and decoration

For cookies, a tray like this works best to lay all your cookies. And if you are looking for innovative cookie cutter then this cookie cutters set might be the one you are looking for. I know that your kitchen counter becomes messy with the process of making cookies, so this cake mat will save you from the extra cleaning.

We all love decorating our cakes and cookies, isn’t it? How about using some tips/icing nozzles for the same? Although the age old polythene cover homemade cones serve the basic purpose, these icing nozzles will make your cake art better.

Coming to the favorite in baking

Do you plan to create different shaped cakes for variety? Then try this set of 3 different shaped cake tins set for all occasions. If you have difficulty in getting the fluffy butter-sugar mixture then try investing in a hand blender. Here is a hand blender and stand mixer suggestion for you based on your budget.

Cup cakes, anyone?

Cup cakes are never enough! Sometimes the same batter looks more lovely in the form of cup cakes than the regular cakes. Also cup cakes are a great way to save time while serving, are less messy and gives you a better idea on planning the number of servings. Try this 12 slot cup cake pan for maximizing the amount of batter that goes into your oven.

Serving suggestions

If you like to cut and serve the cake itself, try this cake cutter and slicer for those perfect shapes. Keeping your cakes fresh and inviting is one of the most important aspect of saving them till your guests arrive. Try this cake service stand along with dome for such cool decor and a great way to store your cupcakes and cakes.

Are you a no-bake person?

Well, if baking is not your interest we have you covered too! Just order this healthy & rich plum cake or a cake with assorted chocolates and enjoy!

Note: Please consider buying the baking supplies by clicking on the links listed in the article. This is part of affiliate marketing and When you do so, a share of that amount goes to Zayka Ka Tadka, which will help us sustain our operations in bringing the best food recipes and content to you. We do not endorse any particular brand here and these are just suggestions based on our personal experience or users review on Amazon!

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 9th December 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 9th December 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 9th December 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Makka Aloo Poori recipe

by Angel Srivastava

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Makka Aloo Poori Recipe

Matki Sabzi or Moth Beans recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Matki Sabzi or Moth Beans

Matki Sabzi Recipe


Cabbage Sandwich recipe

by Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Cabbage Sandwich

Cabbage Sandwich Recipe


Red Chillies Kaachri Chutney recipe

by  Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Red Chillies Kaachri Chutney

Red Chillies Kaachri Chutney Recipe

Bihari Aloo Baingan recipe

by Madhuri Singh

Please click here for the recipe -> Bihari Aloo Baingan

Bihari Aloo Baingan Recipe

Bihari aloo baingan is really easy and turns out to be a delicious dish that tastes great when served with hot chapatis. A raita is also a nice touch if you’d like to dip the baingan into it. Bihari aloo baingan recipe tastes best when eaten fresh.


Top 5 Authors Of The Month November 2017

Top 5 Food Authors Of The Month November 2017

Presenting 5 top authors at Zayka Ka Tadka for the month of November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top authors in case you missed checking their recipes.

We appreciate all the food authors for their continued efforts in contributing amazing recipes form their home kitchens. Here we are presenting the top 5 authors of this month, along with their top rated recipe. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the month!

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Papad ki sabzi recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

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Papad Ki Sabzi Recipe


Litti chokha recipe

by Angel Srivastava

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Litti Chokha Recipe



Vegetable samosa recipe

by Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Vegetable Samosa

Veg Samosa Recipe



Methi aloo recipe

by Subhadra Arya

Please click here for the recipe -> Methi Aloo

Methi Aloo Recipe

Palak paneer frankie recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Palak Paneer Frankie

Palak Paneer Frankie Recipe




tips to stay healthy this winter

Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Tips to stay healthy this winter are required so you make right choice of food and body care. Tips to stay healthy this winter mainly involves eating seasonal food. Read on to know more.
Tips to stay healthy this winter help us make little changes in our routine to lead a holistic life. Winter is here and I see all the jackets and sweaters coming out of wardrobes. Winters mean many things to each one of us. For some it is time to cuddle up with a book, hot chocolate and a shawl. For some it is the season of giving and spreading joy. For some it is the time to travel and explore beaches. And for some it is time to do a lot of cooking, baking and hosting friends and family. What does winter mean to you?
Winter is also a time, during which our body needs that extra care and protection to stay healthy, warm and comfortable. With such tips to stay healthy this winter, we tend to embrace the weather change and enjoy the cold weather too. So here are some ideas to include in your winter rhythm.

Tips to stay healthy this winter start right from mornings!

Good morning winter! A daily ritual of winter rhythm takes care of your body and mind. If you are planning to start an early morning routine, then start with some walking and exercise that makes your body warm. Also the transition from under the blanket to up and doing chores becomes smoother with a physical activity in between. Winter might seem like a challenging time, however don’t let the cold weather get in the way in maintaining your physical fitness. Find a great company, enjoy the early morning silence and start your day with a masala tea or green tea. If you are more health conscious, then why not make a strong flavored turmeric latte to start your day with raw turmeric and jaggery?

Body care in winter is essential too

It is time we take care of skin and it needs some body care too, along with eating right. If it is too breezy, the cold air can make your skin and hair to become more pale and dry. Your skin needs a good daily massage. You don’t need to splurge on those expensive body lotions and creams now. And no need to visit a spa every other day. All you need to buy is a good quality sesame or coconut oil. Cold pressed and organic oils being the best, not just for body but for cooking too. Do not worry if you will have time to do this every day. Our Ayurveda expert says that a simple 5 minute applying oil and massage will go a long way in maintaining that hydration in your skin and hair.

Breakfast, make the most of this important meal

When it comes to food, it is important we eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to give our body, the right balance that’s required for the season. For example, during breakfast, use grated Amla / Indian gooseberry in place of lemon juice in your poha. Or try a thick strawberry smoothie, if you want something quick and nutritious. If you are eating parathas, then try this instant pickle made with red carrots / Delhi carrots as a side dish.

Snacking in winter?

Fruits that come in this season like custard apple | Sitaphal, apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes etc act as great snacking options. Also, you can easily make candies with Amla. This Amla candy recipe is super easy and stays good for many weeks.

When cold evenings call for a warm soup

Soups are very nutritious and a good way to feed vegetables to kids who show resistance in eating their veggies. Especially winter is a good time to enjoy a bowl of goodness in that cold weather. Here are some soup ideas listed for you.

Lunch & dinner ideas with winter vegetables

Again, eating seasonal foods provide us with all the specific nutrients required to cope with the change in weather and maintain a healthy body. For parathas or vegetables | sabzi, you can prepare with carrot, beetroot, green peas, radish, cauliflower etc. South Indian sambar with radish tastes awesome! Or if you like flavored rice, you can prepare green peas pulao, veg pulao with winter vegetables etc. You can add Amla to your dal during winters. Also there are certain vegetables like whole lot of beans and greens that are winter special vegetables. Vegetables like, double beans, broad beans (avrekai in Karnataka, hyacinth beans/Flat beans/Indian liva beans in English,Surti papdi in Hindi,Chikudukaya/Anapakayalu in Andhra), pigeon peas (kandi kayalu in telugu) etc that add lot of protein to your diet.
Hope these tips to stay healthy this winter will help you enjoy the season hassle-free. Eat well, stay warm and ring in the new year with health and happiness, surrounded by friends and family. Also stay tuned in this space to find more tips for hosting party for Christmas/new year and interesting recipes that you can cook for your guests.
Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 25th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 25th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 25th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Litti chokha recipe

by Angel Srivastava

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Litti Chokha Recipe

Gajar Methi Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

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Gajar - Methi Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe

Tamarind rice recipe

by Subhadra Arya

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Tamarind Rice Recipe

Adai dosa recipe

by  Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Adai Dosa – Chana Dal And Rice Mix Dosa

Adai Dosa - Chana Dal And Rice Mix Dosa Recipe

Palak Paneer Frankie recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Palak Paneer Frankie

Palak Paneer Frankie Recipe


Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 18th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 18th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 18th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Vegetable samosa recipe

by Heena Bharat

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top recipes

Methi aloo recipe

by Subhadra Arya

Please click here for the recipe -> Methi Aloo

top recipes

Cauliflower tikka masala recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Cauliflower Tikka Masala

top recipes

Spring onion and spinach fritters recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Spring Onion And Spinach Fritters

top recipes

Whole moong chole recipe

by Madhuri Singh

Please click here for the recipe -> Whole Moong Chole

top recipes


Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 11th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 11th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 11th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Suji ke pakode recipe

by Neelu Dua

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Creamy sandwiches in 10 minutes recipe

by Ruchika

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Curd ki curry – 10 minute recipe

by Heena Bharat

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Papad ki sabzi in 5 minutes recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Papad ki sabzi in 5 minutes

top recipes

Garlic naan recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Garlic naan

top recipes


Top 5 Food Authors Of The Month October 2017

Top 5 Food Authors Of The Month October 2017

Presenting 5 top authors at Zayka Ka Tadka for the month of October 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top authors in case you missed checking their recipes.

We appreciate all the food authors for their continued efforts in contributing amazing recipes form their home kitchens. Here we are presenting the top 5 authors of this month, along with their top rated recipe. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the month! (This list excludes the recent recipes that we received for Diwali contest. Please click here for Diwali recipes and posts.)

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Fruit custard recipe

by Angel Srivastava

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Fruit Custard Recipe



Shahi fruit cream recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Shahi Fruit Cream

Shahi Fruit Cream Recipe



Bombay sandwich recipe

by Bhawana Garg

Please click here for the recipe -> Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich Recipe


Custard apple kheer recipe

by Bharti Dhawan

Please click here for the recipe -> Custard Apple Kheer

Custard Apple Kheer Recipe


Pav bhaji with wheat buns recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Pav Bhaji With Wheat Buns

Pav Bhaji With Wheat Buns Recipe


Meet ZKT featured author Sandhya Sampat

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Sandhya Sampat

Here is the story of yet another featured author at ZKT – meet Sandhya Sampat, the healthy baking lady of our community! She proved that healthy food need not be boring and we agree completely!

I read somewhere, “Nature is so smart, it put medicine inside the food.” While nature took care of the magical composition, a cook uses her art to turn it the way it pleases the taste buds. Thus, a healthy meal is born and when we do not play around that magical composition too much, we are safe and sound and learn to enjoy food, the way it ought to be.

Sandhya Sampant reminds us of such kind of a cook. A cook who is aware of the natural properties of ingredients and brings out the best, without loosing much on the nutrition scale. It truly is a skill to cook that way and we are thankful that she shares all that knowledge with our audience. Let us get to know more about such amazing food author.

Finance and food are her forte

Sandhya Sampat is a mom and also a grand mom. She has an immense interest in cooking and has contributed over 100 plus recipes so far at ZKT. She says, “I am a full time financial advisor and a part-time food blogger. I currently live in Mumbai. I am a mother of one and a grandmother of one. I started as a food blogger two years ago.

Apple Kheer with Oats Recipe

Roots for inspiration

Finances and cooking sounded an unusual combination for us!  Sandhya reveals, “I am passionate about cooking and have loved it since I was a teenager. ” We wonder how come a financial adviser took so much interest in cooking now as she started food blogging only two years back? Clearly, there must be more to the story! She smiles and adds, “In 2016 I traveled to USA to help my daughter with the birth of my grand daughter. Then I started as a food blogger after some much needed nudging for my daughter. My daughter prompted to start blogging about my recipes. She gave me motivation and enthusiasm to express my recipes on global platform. Then I enrolled for membership at ZkT.  Apeksha discovered my talent and encouraged me to publish my recipes.

Paneer Sabji Recipe

Love for food, ingredients and travel!

Travel is a perfect way if you want to enjoy the ingredients in ingenious ways. The way mustard is used in India would be quite different from how it is used in eastern Europe for example. Sandhya Sampant is a cook who loves to enjoy and work with ingredients in their truest essence. She adds, “I learnt to relish each ingredient without making it spicy. Apart from cooking, I am a globe trotter where I learn to relish new recipes and savor each ingredients taste and nutritional value. It gives me great pleasure in doing this. It is just like attaining a state of Nirvana.” When someone has such deep association with each ingredient, the food cooked with her hands would reveal the best of flavors!

Homemade Crunchy Granola Bars Recipe

Association with ZKT

Sandhya says, “ZKT is near and dear to my heart, just like a family member. Vijay ma’am, Apeksha and team members respect me as an author. Everything on ZKT is transparent and clear. ZKT is doing a divine service to humanity as it is said stomach is the way to heart.” The feeling is in fact mutual and we are grateful to have such food authors in our community.


Coming to her favorites

Stuffed nankhatai, homemade granola barsQuinoa salad with stir fried veggies, broken wheat and paneer patties and cappuccino coffee are her favorite recipes as a food author at ZKT. She is a Gujarati by native and lives in Mumbai. She adds, “I love my  local food Misal Pav . I can make it with sprouted pulses which makes it a healthy dish. Serving them along with wheat buns, makes this recipe a complete meal.

 Baked Methi Muthiya - Oil Free Snacks

Some cool tips for cooking

Cooking tips will make life easier in the kitchen, isn’t it? And what best than to get some cool hacks from the expert herself! Sandhya readily agrees and gives us the following awesome tips-

  • While boiling potatoes in pressure cooker make slits on potatoes so it gets cooked evenly.
  • Slice green chillies very finely which will add flavor to the recipe but not spiciness.
  • Keep brown sugar from going hard by throwing a piece of bread into the container.
  • Use wet hands to easily work with sticky food like fudge and granola bars. Corn Capsicum Masala Recipe

Message to budding food authors

Sandhya found her love for cooking in promoting ingredients in the healthiest form possible. She is spreading her love in the form of her recipes that is shared with all our users and inspiring many others to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. She concludes this interview with a message to budding food authors, “My message to budding food authors and audience is, whatever you cook for you and your family members, cook it with a smile on your face and contentment in your hearts.

eco friendly diwali

How Eco Friendly Diwali Develops Empathy

Eco friendly Diwali is the way to celebrate the festival of lights. After all, it is our responsibility to safeguard our planet for generations to come.

We all know Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of our land. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. In this age of LED lights, we still give importance to age old traditions and our culture. That is the reason why we buy clay diyas and light the lamp, the traditional way with cotton wicks / cotton battis and oil. The beauty and how our culture comes alive can be seen in a row of such diyas!

The connect with festivals

Festivals are a significance of nature and rhythm and how our body and mind connects to a particular event. Apart from religious reasons, there are also other important factors such as Pongal celebrated to observe harvest, Rakhi celebrated to observe the brother-sister relationship etc.
In a similar way Diwali is celebrated to observe the fact that always good wins over evil and with light, we create a path through darkness. While observing such significant days, we also celebrate by including those rituals that tend to make us happy. For some it is buying new clothes for themselves, for others it could be an opportunity to clean and decorate their home. And of course, celebrations are never complete without a feast!

Respect environment

While love and respect form the basis of our celebrations, let there be empathy and consciousness when we think of our surroundings and future years to come. That is when the thought of making Diwali cracker-free comes from! Green Diwali or eco-friendly Diwali are just not a fancy terms coined by environmentalists for fun. Rather, I would urge people to follow the consciousness whenever they can. It could be saving power, recycling products, reducing the waste, garbage segregation, helping the needy, volunteering etc.
Many of you know about the supreme court order that no crackers were allowed to be sold in Delhi markets for this Diwali. Last year the smog, that is created from the smoke generated by Diwali crackers has stayed on for more than a month. It is so alarming that many schools and other institutions asked people to stay indoors as it became extremely unsafe to be outside and inhale such polluted air. Especially, those who suffer with breathing problems or lung related ailments had to go through so much and it took a toll on their health!

And the discussions on social media…

Then I read few comments over social media about how it is ok to burst crackers for new year and not burst them on Diwali? The dialogue is not about when is the right time to burst some crackers but are we in a luxury to burst them anymore? Though I was never a huge fan of crackers, I did play with firing crackers year after year, right from my childhood to a few years after becoming a mom. As with every other change, there was a point of realization in me too! Being a mom, I want my child to grow up and be in a healthy and positive environment with bustling life all around. How far is this possible if we go on generating more and more pollution in the name of festivals?

Why it matters now?

Discussions on eco-friendly Diwali started in the last few years and so are the discussions about garbage segregation, recycling waste, growing more plants, reduce plastic usage etc. When we were less populated and had ample space to dispose the little waste generated (with less plastic in daily use) we were ok. Today’s story is definitely not the same. Today we live in a densely populated world with tons of waste produced that goes to landfill. Trees are brought down to accommodate flyovers and huge shopping malls. This is a developing world in a different sense. When we seek such a development, we also loose the luxury to generate waste and smoke as we please! The equation is not balanced with limited natural resources and unlimited waste. Whether one agrees or not, it is a fact that the number of clothes we buy, the number of household stuff we buy, the number of toys we buy, the number of gadgets we buy is on the rise. Leading a minimalist life is far away dream with the brands exploiting many of us.
If we understand this reality, we can also understand that we do not have the privilege of bursting crackers as we please. If you feel Diwali is never complete without bursting few crackers, start with reducing the number of crackers that you indulge in. Simultaneously make conscious efforts in making other lifestyle changes that leaves lesser and lesser carbon foot print. This way at least we take the initial step towards a more inclusive world. Let us think about the health of those people working in cracker manufacturing factories, who are exposed to harmful chemicals. Let us think about all the animals that are on the lookout for hiding from the sounds. Let us make it a practice of not bursting crackers so our kids learn by example.

Are you ready?

One person asked me if this act would make the smoke disappear if only I decide to go for a cracker-free Diwali? But then, how can you spread the message or convince others if you do not live by example? The change should always start from home. While we cannot do the 1000 other good things out there, start consciously inculcating those where you can do your bit and contribute to a greener environment. If you are thinking that it is boring without crackers or wondering on which ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, then we have some ideas for you!  Go green this Diwali and take pride in celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali with your family!
5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

5 Ideas To Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali

Eco friendly Diwali need not sound boring! Let us make this eco friendly Diwali, an event to remember!
There is more to Diwali than to just burst some crackers. Here are some ideas to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali and yet have loads of fun!

Making Diwali special festival recipes

Think of any festival, the first thing that comes to our mind is food (at least to my mind!) To me, food is a form of love that binds the family and the whole community together. There is so much fun in preparing loads of sweets and savories together by the whole family. Preparing sweets at home includes procuring required items, shopping, soaking, pounding, mixing, kneading, making shapes, frying etc. All these activities can be divided among the family members to make awesome homemade Diwali sweets recipes and Diwali snacks recipes. You can even include kids to help you with mixing or making ladoos.
eco friendly diwali

Get the diyas ready

Before the festivities begin, get those clay diyas washed and dry them completely. The afternoon time on the 5 days of Diwali can be used to making cotton wicks | cotton batti, filling oil in diyas and soaking the wicks. The soaked wicks stay on longer than the instant lighted ones.
Eco friendly Diwali

Fun with colors – rangoli time

Rangoli is another important part of our festivities. Even if you stay in small apartments, there is always a corner waiting to get adorned with Rangoli! Rangoli instantly brightens up the mood of the festival and sky is the limit to beautify the space if you like the art.
eco friendly diwali

DIY – arts, crafts, gifts, decor and more!

To me, the best way to keep yourself engaged in free time is to indulge in some DIY! Nothing beats a handmade creation! It adds a unique look and special warmth to your creations. You can create give away boxes, in which you can place the homemade sweets to gift to your loved ones! You can also try creating some home decor products along with your kids like these.

An evening of laughter and pure fun

Evening time of Diwali can be used to place diyas in a most interesting way, almost like a Rangoli! Once the house and surroundings are well lit with lots of diyas and the family prayer is done, sit together to enjoy an evening of together time. Let your talents unleash and each person can showcase their most favourite skill. It could be singing, dancing, playing musical instrument, story telling, antakshari, making paper crafts, role play, skits, mime, puppet show, comedy session or even a silly game like who can eat more ladoos! You can even indulge in board games or some party games where it involves more people.
eco friendly diwali
If you are a person who would like to observe how light brings cheer to our life, on this Diwali donate something to the needy, do volunteering, meditate and invite others to join the activities.
eco friendly diwali
Let the evening end with a family meal with all the Diwali festival recipes. Have a happy Diwali in its true essence!