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Top 7 Instant Recipes of Zayka Ka Tadka With Videos

Top 7 Instant Recipes of Zayka Ka Tadka With Videos

Instant recipes come to your rescue when you are running short of time. Watch these 7 instant recipes that our audience love the most.

Papad Cone instant recipe in 2 minutes

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 1 Minute)

Papad cone is a very quick and instant recipe of Indian snacks that can be easily made at home anytime. It is very tasty and healthy since vegetables are used in the making.

Recipe link : Instant Starter : Papad Cone in 2 minutes 

Sooji fingers instant recipe in 5 minutes

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 5 Minutes)

Crispy Sooji fingers is one such instant recipe snack that you can always rely on when you are in a hurry and want to snack on something tasty ! Its very easy,quick and so yum!

Recipe link : Yummy Sooji Fingers – 5 minute Recipe 

Leftover murmure/kheel kabab instant recipe

(Prep time: 40 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

We always have kheel or murmure left at home, so what if we want to use them for making a jhatpat yummy snacks? Try these instant recipe of jhatpat leftover kheel/murmure kabab and serve them hot to your friends, kids and family with green chutney or sauce! Enjoy!

Recipe link : Jhatpat Leftover Kheel/Murmure Kabab 

Mirchi ke tipore instant recipe

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 7 Minutes)

Looking to make something quick today as a side dish with parathas or chapati? Then Mirchi ke Tipore is perfect for you – instant recipe, spicy, tasty and so yummy!

Recipe link : Jhatpat Mirchi Ke Tipore 

Besan ki masaledaar kachori instant recipe

(Prep time: 10 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

Besan ki masaledaar kachori is a delicious and easy Indian snack which can be made quickly. Try this evergreen kachori with a cup of ginger tea and savor your evening with your family.

Recipe link : Besan Ki Jhatpat Masaledaar Kachori 

Vegetable fried idli instant recipe

(Prep time: 5 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

Vegetable fried Idli or Idli poha is a yummy option for leftover idlis and can be made instantly. Try this simple recipe and enjoy a nice spicy evening or morning snack with your family!

Recipe link : Vegetable Fried Idli 

Paan mukhwas instant recipe in just 15 seconds 

(Prep time: 1 Minute)

Make this instant mouthwatering homemade paan mukhwas with just 5 ingredients in just 15 seconds!

Recipe link : Homemade Paan Mukhwas in just 15 seconds 

6 Restaurant Recipes To Try At Home

6 Restaurant Recipes To Try At Home

Restaurant recipes need not just be limited to restaurants. You can easily cook these restaurant recipes at home too.

We all eat out to enjoy that unique zing of restaurant recipes. The restaurant recipes are usually rich in texture and variety. However, who doesn’t like to chill out at home and avoid traffic and pollution? So what if we can tell you 6 simple and yummy restaurant recipes which you can make at home and have a relaxed time with your family in the comfort of your dining table or sofa!

Rajwadi Paneer Restaurant Recipe

(Prep time: 10 Minutes | Cooking Time: 15 Minutes )  

Paneer and thick gravy, moti roti with desi ghee! What a combination this is! Simply mouth watering and so delicious this is, “Aaj diet ko rakho side mein and enjoy karo rajwadi paneer!

Recipe link : Rajwadi Paneer Restaurant Recipe

restaurant recipes

Dal Makhani Restaurant Recipe

(Prep Time: 25 minutes | Cook Time: 45 minutes)  

Dal Makhani is a popular North Indian dish, especially in Delhi & Punjab. It is amazingly rich and creamy in texture. To have this yum Indian restaurant recipe curry with tawa butter garlic naan is a dream come true combo for many food lovers. Try it and see for yourself.

Recipe link : Dal Makhani Restaurant Recipe

Dal Makhani

Tawa Butter Garlic Naan Restaurant Recipe

(Prep Time: 300 minutes | Cook Time: 10 Minutes )   

Restaurant style paneer ke saath tawa roti? Of course not! Try this tawa butter garlic naan with your favorite restaurant style gravy and enjoy your dinner!

Recipe Link: Tawa Butter Garlic Naan Restaurant Recipe

restaurant recipes

Malai Kofta Restaurant Recipe   

(Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 40 Minutes)

Malai Kofta is one of the richest Indian food dishes and also one of the yummiest. In any restaurant, whenever a Indian family goes for dinner or lunch, invariably the staple dish ordered is Malai Kofta. So try this restaurant recipe at home and enjoy!

Recipe Link: Malai Kofta Restaurant Recipe

restaurant recipes


Punjabi palak paneer tadka restaurant recipe

(Prep Time: 15 minutes | Cook Time: 25 minutes)  

Just like malai kofta, palak paneer is also one of the most famous dishes of India. There is a slight twist in this recipe. Dahi ka tadka is also added in it to make it more interesting and delicious.

Recipe Link : Punjabi palak paneer tadka restaurant recipe

Punjabi Palak Paneer Tadka

Paneer kabab restaurant recipe

(Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 10 Minutes)

Hungry and too lazy to make time-consuming heavy snacks ? Then try out this tempting paneer kabab recipe which is quick, easy and filling at the same time. You can prepare this in just 15 minutes if you have paneer in hand !

Recipe Link : Paneer kabab restaurant recipe

paneer kabab

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Top 9 Unique NAVRATRI Recipes for your FAMILY!

Top 9 Unique NAVRATRI Recipes for your FAMILY!

Bored of having Normal Fast Recipes…Try these 9 Unique Navratri recipes specially for YOU and Your FAMILY!

Just 2 more days to go and we bring to you a collection of the top recipes for you to enjoy with your loved ones , Just Click on the recipe name to read it.

  1. Fasting Special: Sabudana Thali Peeth! (Enjoy this yum Sattvik food! Have it during the fasting days.)
  2. Delicious Caramelized Sweet Makhana! (Rest without tea is not such a good idea, Enjoy your rest time with this crunchy roasted snacks!)
  3. Lajawab Falhari Paneer Tikka!! (Having a party at home during Navratri this weekend? Paneer Tikka is all time favorite starter for all parties or weekends at home.)
  4. Delicious Walnut Barfi in Cake Style!! ( Want to eat cake, but fasting? Here is the solution! Special and yummy fasting cake recipe)
  5. Delicious Caramelized Sweet Makhana! (Rest without tea is not such a good idea, Enjoy your rest time with this crunchy roasted snacks!)
  6. Navratri Special: Samak Paneer Khichdi! (It’s not only tasty healthy and delicious but very simple and easy too. Light on tummy but high in nutritional content)
  7. Jodhpur Special: Kaju Anjeer Shake! ( This shake is full of nutrition and is a perfect diet for fast with dry nuts)
  8. Bengal Special – The Delicious Chumchum! ( A very delicious sweet from Bengal made with paneer, malai and pista)
  9. Healhty and Jhatpat Coconut Laddu! ( Yummy ladoos prepared in just 5 minutes! )


My Favorite Top 10 Food Quotes!!

My Favorite Top 10 Food Quotes!!

Food is the best cure of all ailments in our life as well as one thing which nourishes our body, mind and soul if eaten properly. Today I would like to share with you my favorite top 10 quotes about healthy food and eating habits.

My favorite top 10 food quotes:

  1. “With the wrong diet, no medicine can help. With the right diet, no medicine is necessary.”
  2. “ Eat right and your clothes won’t be tight :)”
  3. “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness” -Edward Stanley
  4. “Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot.” » Dutch Proverb
  5. “Want to learn to eat a lot? Here it is: Eat little, that way you will around long enough to eat a lot” – Tony Ribbon
  6. “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” -Robert Urich
  7. “If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” -Errick McAdams
  8. “Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body.” -Unknown
  9. “Pay the farmer or pay the hospital.” -Birke Baehr
  10. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates (460 BC)

What are your favorite food related quotes? Please mention them in comments below…

Hello World!!

Hello World!!

Hello Everyone,


Welcome to Zayka ka Tadka…

You must be wondering, what a blog is doing on a foodie website…well it is here because I want to share with you all my thoughts on body, mind and soul and how food can help us achieve a healthy balance in life.

Not that I am perfect in my eating habits or that I can say that I have achieved perfect balance…

I want to , infact I really want to and in this blog, I will share my personal journey about how through food, can one achieve balance in life and feed not only his body, but mind and soul as well!

So bear with me and I do hope that together we will follow what Ayurveda has always said: ” Eating right food is the perfect medium to achieve harmony within mind, body and soul!!

So here we start!!

Welcome Aboard!!