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7 Iron Rich Recipes To Add To Your Diet

Iron rich recipes add nutrition to your food. These Iron rich recipes would help you battle deficiencies like anemia. If you believe that remedy for every disease is available in your kitchen, then read on!

Iron is one of the important minerals required by our body to stay fit and healthy. When I say Iron rich recipes, what are the features of iron comes to your mind? Strength and durability!! Yes, these are the features of metallic iron but mineral iron also provide same feature to our body.  Do you feel tired all the time? Are you unable to concentrate on your work? Iron deficiency or anemia could be one of the reasons behind it.

Deficiency of iron leads to fatigue, weakness, dizziness and decreases concentration. Iron is the carrier of oxygen in hemoglobin. In simple terms we can say that iron gives strength and durability to our body and mind. Women are mainly deficient in iron.  Iron supplements are not required in most of the cases.   Daily requirement of iron can be easily fulfilled by adding some Iron rich recipes in your diet. Green leafy vegetables, pomegranate, beetroot, broccoli, legumes, dry fruits especially dates are full of iron. Many times we avoid these foods because of taste. But now on you can gain your daily iron intake with a variety of iron rich recipes which are more than delicious. Try these recipes for a fit and active family.

Here are some interesting Iron rich recipes which are loaded with iron


Broccoli & Spinach wraps Iron rich recipe

By Shilpa Sharma

Broccoli and spinach is both full of iron. This vegetable wrap is very delicious too. This can be your power pack snack often.

Please click here for recipe link Broccoli & spinach wraps

iron rich recipe

Beetroot coconut delight Iron rich recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Beetroot is one of the best gifts from nature. Beetroot coconut delight is a dessert which is very healthy as well as tasty. Of course, a dessert can be healthy. Even kids will love this recipe.

Please click here for recipe link Beetroot coconut delight


Iron rich recipe

Dates brownie sizzler Iron rich recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

The term “Sizzler” is enough to make your mouth watery. If it is made of dates it becomes nutritious too. Dates are one of the complete foods which contain almost all the minerals and vitamins necessary for our body especially iron. Dates brownie sizzler is a perfect combination of taste and health.

Please click here for recipe linkDates brownie sizzler

Iron rich recipes

Punjabi rajma masala curry Iron rich recipe

By Heena Bharat

Rajma or kidney beans are best known for their taste throughout the world. When it is prepared in punjabi style, rajma becomes irresistible for anyone. These kidney beans are rich in iron and are a must for everyone.

Please click here for recipe linkPunjabi rajma masala curry

Iron rich recipes

Soya bean chaat Iron rich recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Soya bean chaat is a very healthy and tasty snack. It is easy to prepare. Everyone must be aware of the benefits of soya bean. This super food contains lots of Iron. Try this yummy chaat for healthy you.

Please click here for recipe linkSoya bean chaat

Iron rich recipes

Tofu kathi roll Iron rich recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

Tofu is a soy product which is very healthy and rich in iron. Tofu kathi roll recipe is one of my favorite roll for quick snack. Even kids also like this roll.

Please click here for recipe linkTofu kathi roll recipe

Iron rich recipes

Spinach & moong dal mangodi Iron rich recipe

By Heena Bharat

When you discuss iron, spinach comes first. Spinach & moong dal mangodi is one of the recipe one should add to their menu for increasing iron content in the diet. Try this recipe for good health.

Please click here for recipe linkSpinach & moong dal mangodi

Iron rich recipe

weight loss

Want To Lose Weight? Try These 5 Variations In Your Eating Habits For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried all possible things but failed to achieve weight loss naturally?

Obesity is a plague spreading across the world. Thanks to modern lifestyle! Almost everyone wants to shed those extra kilos which are responsible for many diseases and lower self-esteem. Weight loss industry is also growing on large scale. Business brains have spread a net to make you slim. Many of us have been trapped in this net and tend to spend thousands of bucks to have a perfect body. But, result is zero or negligible. Sometimes, you can get temporary result but after a while weight will bounce back. Hence the goal should be to achieve a healthy body than a perfect looking body and this happens when you love your body and get your eating habits right.

So, what is the solution? Losing weight is not very difficult if you are consistent. Change your eating habits to get a well toned healthier body. Try these 5 variants in your eating habits to lose weight.


Start early

Are you too busy that you don’t get time for breakfast? Or you don’t feel like eating. According to many dietitians, you should eat after half an hour of waking up. Hold on, don’t get panic! I am not telling you to eat a ton of food. Just a single fruit will work for you. So, start your day with a fruit or warm lemon water with a teaspoon of honey. Eating early will boost your metabolism. Hence, weight loss is inevitable.

Stay hydrated 

Water is one of the most important factor to make you slim. If you don’t like water drink flavored water (jeera water or ajwain water) or juices or smoothies but without sugar. Drink coffee or tea, whatever suits you, but never in the empty stomach. Try to drink water every hour during day time.

Chew slowly

Don’t eat in a hurry. Relish the taste in each bite. Chew your food slowly. It will make you more satisfied and satiated. Fast eaters generally consume more calories than required. Limit your portion by using smaller plates. Take your time for eating meals. Don’t be workaholic while eating; you may eat more than you need. So, if you are trying to lose weight, pay attention to it.

Increase protein in your diet

If you really want to lose weight then you will have to increase protein rich food in your diet. You must have heard the phrase “everything comes with a price“. Same applies here if you want to lose your weight you will have to reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein intake. I know it is very difficult to cut down rice from your meal, but moderate intake along with protein rich food will help you.

Eat every two hours

Spread your meal throughout the day. Eat like a baby; after every two hours but the portion should also be like that. It is better to eat 6 small meals rather than eating 3 big meals. Eating less but frequently boost the metabolism. It creates major weight loss among those who follow this routine religiously.                                                                                                          


Makhana And Paneer Curry Recipe

5 Foods To Include In Your Post Pregnancy Diet

Post pregnancy diet is as important as the pregnancy diet. Here are few recipes to add to your post pregnancy diet plan.

Pregnancy is a transition phase for every woman. With these changes it is mandatory to take better care of your health. Post pregnancy diet is as important as pregnancy diet. New mother has to nurse the baby as well as she has to lose extra weight. So, the diet should be in such a way that you should get all the required nutrients but should not gain empty calories.  Hoping on high calorie and less nutritious food is easy but not good for your health. Yes, it is very difficult to take care of yourself with a new born baby because you have to take care of the new one. But remember if you ignore your health you can’t be fit and you will be unable to take care of the apple of your eyes. Post pregnancy diet should be full of calcium, folic acid, protein and vitamin C. So, for a nursing mother, most important food includes low fat dairy products such as curd, paneer or cheese; legumes or pulses; whole-grain foods or whole grain cereals and vitamin C rich fruits.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to make healthy as well as delicious food. Usually we end up with healthy but tasteless food or tasty but unhealthy food. But don’t worry we are there for you. So, here is a list of recipes which are very nutritious, easy to prepare as well as delicious. Try these recipes for a wholesome, mouth- watering and easy food. You can prepare these foods in your busy schedule too.

Makhana and paneer curry recipe

By Bharati Dhawan

Makhana is rich in protein and fiber and low in calories so enables weight loss without compromising on your health. Similarly, paneer not only contains protein and calcium; it is also a good source of CLA which helps in fat burning process. These qualities of the ingredients make it ideal for post pregnancy diet.

Please click here for recipe link -> Makhana and paneer curry

pregnancy diet

Soya chunks masala curry recipe

By Heena Bharat

Give your diet a boost of protein with mouth- watering taste of soya chunks. Soya is one of the major source of protein in vegetarian diet. Try this soya chunk masala for delicious and healthy meal.

Please click here for recipe link ->  Soya chunks masala curry

pregnancy diet

Amla murabba recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Amla or Gooseberry is one of the major source of vitamin C. It is very important in post – pregnancy diet. Relish the taste of amla and get wholesome of vitamins from a single fruit.

Please click here for recipe link -> Amla murabba

pregnancy diet


Palak chole curry recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

Palak or spinach is rich in iron, potassium, vitamins and fibres. Adding this with the protein pellets (chole or chickpea) is the best gift you can give to your body during post pregnancy and nursing time.

Please click here for recipe link -> Palak chole curry

pregnancy diet

Sprouted moong salad

By Heena Bharat

Salad is a good way to start the meal. Instead of salads loaded with calories and different sauces try this salad of sprouted moong. You will feel the difference in you. Including it in your post pregnancy diet will make you active and energetic.

Please click here for recipe link -> Sprouted moong salad

pregnancy diet