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Maggi Cake

Maggi Cake is made with instant Maggi, some veggies and spices. It is a delicious dish that can be served in a tiffin.

Samak Rice Pancake

Samak Rice Pancake is made with samak rice/barnyard millet, tomato and potato. It tastes delicious and is healthy too. It is very easy to prepare.

Sago Spinach Mini Pancakes

Sago Spinach Mini Pancakes is a fasting special recipe which is delicious as well as easy to make. Try this recipe for this Navratras and enjoy with your family.

Sooji Poha Grilled Pancakes

Sooji Poha Grilled Pancakes is an instant snack when you are running out of time. This is quick snack/ breakfast item.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes are made with whole wheat flour that make it healthy. It is a yummy snack item to served as a snack and can be made quickly.

Mixed Flour Veggie Pancake | 5 minute recipe

Mixed Flour Veggie Pancake are made with veggies and various flours in just 5 minutes. It is a delicious breakfast option with the goodness of veggies and fiber of flours.

Beetroot Pancake In Choliya Rabdi

Beetroot Pancake In Choliya Rabdi is oats and beetroot pancake served with choliya/green chickpeas rabdi. This is a unique and delicious dessert.

Moong Dal Oats Pancakes

Moong Dal Oats Pancakes is made with oats, green gram and vegetables like carrot, beetroot, cabbage. This is a nutritious dish , that can be served with any type of chutney of your choice.

Cucumber Cake

Cucumber cake is a unique and tasty cake perfect for a tea time snack. Cucumber cake is a yummy recipe that is made of cucumbers, semolina, jaggery and coconut.

Moong Dal Pancakes

Moong dal Pancake is a very healthy option for breakfast or snack. Moong dal/Green gram is very nutritious and can be served in different variety of recipes.

Moongdal Pancake

You might have eaten a variety of pancakes, its time to try out Moongdal Pancake. You can try this innovative protein rich dish and bring a delight to your family members.

Biscuit Cake

This Biscuit Cake is very easy to prepare, tastes delicious and needs very few ingredients. You can make this for tea time snacks or even bake for a birthday party.