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Oats Spinach Pancakes

Go Green with these healthy and tasty oats spinach pancakes which are simple, easy and quick to make. oats spinach pancakes are wholesome in itself and are a healthy breakfast or brunch to start your day.

Strawberry and Carrot Cake

Strawberry and carrot cake is a soft and fluffy cake made with fresh strawberries and carrots with some butter frosting in top along with the nuts giving a tangy nutty flavour.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a very healthy and easy to make recipe and it doesn’t need a lot of ingredients to prepare. Carrot cake is a delicious cake that can be enjoyed anytime with tea or coffee. 

Stuffed Paneer Corn Pancake

Stuffed paneer corn pancake is a easy and quick recipe which makes your busy mornings much easier and enjoy stress free breakfast.

Red Velvet Cake with twist (without OTG or Oven)

Red Velvet Cake is a easy and delicious cake recipe which can be made in pressure cooker and requires no oven or OTG for baking. Red Velvet Cake with twist (without OTG or Oven) is a mouthwatering treat for sweet lovers and the richness of it adds it in the list of a nice cake to try.

Whole Wheat Eggless Chocolate Cake

A simple recipe that has minimal ingredients, this whole wheat eggless chocolate cake recipe can be on your menu for the upcoming party season, that will definitely please your guests.

Chocolate Choco Chips Cake

Chocolate Choco Chips Cake is made by mixing flour, cocao with curd, sugar, baking powder, oil and then sprinkled with lots of choco chips making it super yummy and irresistible. Chocolate Choco Chips Cake is loved by all from kids to the grown ups.

Semolina Coconut Cake

Semolina coconut cake is a very unique cake. It is made with semolina (rava) instead of plain flour, which is usually used to make cakes. Kids would love this cake because of it’s crumbly texture from the semolina and coconut. It goes very well with a good cup of evening tea. It tastes superb even without frosting and is totally butter free.

Whole Wheat Oats Cake

Whole wheat oats cake is super healthy, nutritious and yummy in taste. It is a perfect sweet with a dollop of whipped cream. Oats is such a healthy grain which makes everything made from that healthy too. You could probably add that to anything you make starting from the regular breakfast dosa or idli to the goodies like cakes and bars. It is very hard to find a cake which is healthy and yummy.

Brazilian Carrot Cake

Brazilian carrot cake is a super simple recipe and the carrots are actually pureed into the batter so it is completely smooth. They add a perfect subtle sweetness and a beautiful orange color and it is also eggless.

Sooji Oats Handvo – Savoury Cake

Sooji Oats Handvo is a Gujarati dish made using different flours, lentils, pulses mix and using different kind of veggies. Sooji Oats Handvo is kind of an instant savoury cake made in a kadahi.

Tutti Frutti Cake in Pressure Cooker

Tutti frutti cake recipe is super soft, spongy and fragrant cake that is quick and easy to make in your kitchen for kids or even for an evening tea snack. With Christmas and New year coming, cakes are such a big hit.