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5 Ice Cream Stick Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Ice cream stick craft ideas are fun and add charm to your house. Let’s catch a glimpse of 5 ice cream stick craft ideas for home decoration.

Ever heard of ice cream stick home decor? We all love to adorn our home with different theme and designs.

Small changes in various spaces and corners of house can enrich the attractive look and bring freshness to the whole environment. With changing weather our food pattern also changes, but ice creams are enjoyed all the year round across all seasons. Generally all ice cream/popsicle sticks are immediately thrown in garbage bins. But we can utilize these ice cream sticks for creating different decorative pieces.

Change in the appearance and looks of the room or a particular wall can be brought by using simple craft ideas. We get bored of looking the same things over and over again so these popsicle stick wall decors/frames will look appealing and brighten the space.  

Talking about ice cream stick brings me down the memory lane of my school days. We had a craft class, where we were taught to make best out of waste. The different photo frame, pencil stand, flower vase, mobile stand and lamp shade can be easily made at home without spending much.

Ice cream stick craft photo frame                            

Many of us like to keep memorable moments of our life right in front of us in form of pictures. Photo frames give us this opportunity to highlight our achievements. If we can make our own photo frame nothing better than that. These ice cream stick photo frames brings out child’s creativity and keeps the child busy during vacation time.  The below mentioned video link shows the step by step process of making beautiful photo frame, and even kids can make it. 

Ice cream stick craft pencil Stand            

Mostly kids do not have habit of keeping things organized and many a times we have to help them find out their lost things. Pencil/ pen stand is one way to organize all the pencil/pen/colours. The idea becomes more interesting when kids themselves can create a pencil stand, it gives them feeling of achievement and confidence. The below mentioned video link show the steps to make a pencil stand.

Ice cream stick craft Flower vase             

Many of us are fond of flower vase. We end up buying metallic or ceramic or antique vase to highlight the corner space in our living room or bedroom. You know what we can save those thousands spent on precious vase and actually create our own original vase. The whole idea to construct our own blueprint and aim at its completion gives us a creativity boost. Here is a step by step video of a unique flower vase made of ice cream stick.

Ice cream stick craft mobile Stand       

Now a days various stylish mobile stands are available in the market. These are mostly metallic or wooden or acrylic. Here we are presenting hand crafted mobile stand that is easy to make and can be gifted to dear ones. Please click the link below to know step by step process of making ice cream stick mobile stand.

Ice cream stick craft lamp shade           

This beautiful looking lamp shade can be made with ice cream stick. We can make it at home and even kids can help making the lamp shade. Generally kids are curious about different things they see around this lamp can be a unique  project for them and will help us teach electric concepts to them. Please click the video link below to learn step by step method of ice cream stick lamp shade.




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    Very useful and cheap technique to get your room decorated

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