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tips to stay healthy this winter

Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Tips to stay healthy this winter are required so you make right choice of food and body care. Tips to stay healthy this winter mainly involves eating seasonal food. Read on to know more.
Tips to stay healthy this winter help us make little changes in our routine to lead a holistic life. Winter is here and I see all the jackets and sweaters coming out of wardrobes. Winters mean many things to each one of us. For some it is time to cuddle up with a book, hot chocolate and a shawl. For some it is the season of giving and spreading joy. For some it is the time to travel and explore beaches. And for some it is time to do a lot of cooking, baking and hosting friends and family. What does winter mean to you?
Winter is also a time, during which our body needs that extra care and protection to stay healthy, warm and comfortable. With such tips to stay healthy this winter, we tend to embrace the weather change and enjoy the cold weather too. So here are some ideas to include in your winter rhythm.

Tips to stay healthy this winter start right from mornings!

Good morning winter! A daily ritual of winter rhythm takes care of your body and mind. If you are planning to start an early morning routine, then start with some walking and exercise that makes your body warm. Also the transition from under the blanket to up and doing chores becomes smoother with a physical activity in between. Winter might seem like a challenging time, however don’t let the cold weather get in the way in maintaining your physical fitness. Find a great company, enjoy the early morning silence and start your day with a masala tea or green tea. If you are more health conscious, then why not make a strong flavored turmeric latte to start your day with raw turmeric and jaggery?

Body care in winter is essential too

It is time we take care of skin and it needs some body care too, along with eating right. If it is too breezy, the cold air can make your skin and hair to become more pale and dry. Your skin needs a good daily massage. You don’t need to splurge on those expensive body lotions and creams now. And no need to visit a spa every other day. All you need to buy is a good quality sesame or coconut oil. Cold pressed and organic oils being the best, not just for body but for cooking too. Do not worry if you will have time to do this every day. Our Ayurveda expert says that a simple 5 minute applying oil and massage will go a long way in maintaining that hydration in your skin and hair.

Breakfast, make the most of this important meal

When it comes to food, it is important we eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to give our body, the right balance that’s required for the season. For example, during breakfast, use grated Amla / Indian gooseberry in place of lemon juice in your poha. Or try a thick strawberry smoothie, if you want something quick and nutritious. If you are eating parathas, then try this instant pickle made with red carrots / Delhi carrots as a side dish.

Snacking in winter?

Fruits that come in this season like custard apple | Sitaphal, apples, strawberries, oranges, grapes etc act as great snacking options. Also, you can easily make candies with Amla. This Amla candy recipe is super easy and stays good for many weeks.

When cold evenings call for a warm soup

Soups are very nutritious and a good way to feed vegetables to kids who show resistance in eating their veggies. Especially winter is a good time to enjoy a bowl of goodness in that cold weather. Here are some soup ideas listed for you.

Lunch & dinner ideas with winter vegetables

Again, eating seasonal foods provide us with all the specific nutrients required to cope with the change in weather and maintain a healthy body. For parathas or vegetables | sabzi, you can prepare with carrot, beetroot, green peas, radish, cauliflower etc. South Indian sambar with radish tastes awesome! Or if you like flavored rice, you can prepare green peas pulao, veg pulao with winter vegetables etc. You can add Amla to your dal during winters. Also there are certain vegetables like whole lot of beans and greens that are winter special vegetables. Vegetables like, double beans, broad beans (avrekai in Karnataka, hyacinth beans/Flat beans/Indian liva beans in English,Surti papdi in Hindi,Chikudukaya/Anapakayalu in Andhra), pigeon peas (kandi kayalu in telugu) etc that add lot of protein to your diet.
Hope these tips to stay healthy this winter will help you enjoy the season hassle-free. Eat well, stay warm and ring in the new year with health and happiness, surrounded by friends and family. Also stay tuned in this space to find more tips for hosting party for Christmas/new year and interesting recipes that you can cook for your guests.
Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 25th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 25th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 25th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Litti chokha recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha Recipe

Gajar Methi Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Gajar – Methi Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gajar - Methi Ke Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe

Tamarind rice recipe

by Subhadra Arya

Please click here for the recipe -> Tamarind Rice

Tamarind Rice Recipe

Adai dosa recipe

by  Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Adai Dosa – Chana Dal And Rice Mix Dosa

Adai Dosa - Chana Dal And Rice Mix Dosa Recipe

Palak Paneer Frankie recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Palak Paneer Frankie

Palak Paneer Frankie Recipe


must visit places in India this winter

5 Must Visit Places In India This Winter

While must visit places in India do not limit to a certain number, I bring you my favorite top 5 places to visit in winter. Must visit places In India attract people from within the country and abroad.
Winter has almost arrived. North India witness low temperatures during winter while the south enjoys a pleasant climate. Some cities in India are simply better in these months. So,  if you are looking for planning a family trip,  solo holiday or going out with friends,  go through the list of destinations to visit this winter.
Here are my picks for some of the best places to travel in winter:


December is one of the most vacation friendly month in India. With the number of festivals and events, Goa is a destination that you should not miss this December. Goa is the most famous and loved beach winter destination of India. Plan your trip to Goa from 25th December to 1st January. Goa has exactly everything to offer from Christmas to New Year. It is the perfect time to relax on beaches as the weather this time is pleasant here.


If you are a person who loves viewing scenic beauty,  then this place should be on your top list while visiting during winters. Though Nainital is not so crowded in winters as it is during summer, but you will find many tourists this season too. Winters are the best time to visit this hill station to view snowfall. Nainital is blessed with immense scenic beauty due to number of lakes present there. So,  head over to Nainital to experience snow, chilling weather and picturesque scenery. It will never disappoint you.


Dehradun, a beautiful city and capital of Indian state Uttarakhand has lot of things to offer in winter. Days are generally sunny with an unexpected rain anytime and cold nights marked with awesome climate. There are many spots to visit in Dehradun.  Dehradun is known for its heritage,  mountains, and lush greenery. Zoological park,  waterfalls and shrines –  Dehradun has it all. Mahadev Temple, Sahastradhara, Malsi Deer park, Fun Valley, Daat Kali Temple are the few places to visit in or near Dehradun.  The beautiful hill station Mussorrie is just 30 kms away from Dehradun.


Rajasthan is too hot in summers,  so winter is the best time to visit the places in Rajasthan. Jaipur,  a beautiful city of Rajasthan attracts lot of tourists from India and abroad.  Early mornings and evenings in winter are dominated by fog. Visit this wonderful place during these months and be all set to have a lovely vacation beating the heat. The pleasant weather ensures that you visit the Royal Pink City with complete delight. Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort,  Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal are the few historical places to visit in Jaipur. Chokhi Dhani located around 20 km from Jaipur,  recreates the ambience of a Rajasthani village. It is an open-air restaurant offers a rural Rajasthani experience complete with entertainment, snacks, camel rides and a proper sit-down Rajasthani meal which is served by enthusiastic servers.


One of the most beautiful states of India,  Kerala, also known as God’s own country, attracts lots of tourists in winter season. The temperature is low during in winters but the weather is never too chilly. Located on the sea side,  Kerala is a sight to behold. There are plenty of wonderful places to visit in Kerala. Kovalam,  Munnar, Poovar are some of the places that one must visit on a trip to Kerala. From coconut palm-lined coasts to rolling hills of tea to diverse wildlife to backwaters, holidays in Kerala make the perfect vacation.
I am definitely going to plan to visit one of these places this winter. So,  where are you heading?
Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 18th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 18th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 18th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Vegetable samosa recipe

by Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Vegetable samosa

top recipes

Methi aloo recipe

by Subhadra Arya

Please click here for the recipe -> Methi Aloo

top recipes

Cauliflower tikka masala recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Cauliflower Tikka Masala

top recipes

Spring onion and spinach fritters recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Spring Onion And Spinach Fritters

top recipes

Whole moong chole recipe

by Madhuri Singh

Please click here for the recipe -> Whole Moong Chole

top recipes


Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 11th November 2017

Top 5 Recipes Of The Week 11th November 2017

Top 5 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka for the week ending 11th November 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top recipes in case you missed checking them.

We love all recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka, simply for the fact that these recipes are contributed (mostly) by house wives and moms. Nothing beats home cooked food and no one is a better chef than a mom! So we are glad we have the privilege to share such authentic homely vegetarian recipes submitted to us by our food authors. Here we are presenting the top 5 recipes of this week that received most likes. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the week!

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Suji ke pakode recipe

by Neelu Dua

Please click here for the recipe -> Suji ke pakode

top recipe



Creamy sandwiches in 10 minutes recipe

by Ruchika

Please click here for the recipe -> Creamy sandwiches in 10 minutes

top recipes


Curd ki curry – 10 minute recipe

by Heena Bharat

Please click here for the recipe -> Curd ki curry – 10 minute recipe

top recipes


Papad ki sabzi in 5 minutes recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Papad ki sabzi in 5 minutes

top recipes

Garlic naan recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Garlic naan

top recipes


baking supplies

My Top 7 Baking Supplies – A Baker’s Friends

Baking supplies or baking tools are unlimited when you hit the market. Here is a list of top baking tools that are must haves which make every baker’s life hassle-free.


What could possibly make a baker’s life easier? Say, you made this amazing cake last week and want to replicate it the following week for an upcoming dinner. You would hope that it comes out equally ‘amazing’ if not better than last week, right? Consistency then, is what you are looking for? Whether you are baking professionally or at home for family, you would like it to turn out consistently WELL. The right tools/baking supplies will help you out here.

What are the right baking supplies, you ask? My list may not be exhaustive, but over the years, I have found that these tools have made mixing, incorporation and texture better and generally ensured consistency. They have also helped to avert many cake disasters that I featured in my last post. Thanks to these essential baking supplies, I have even been able to try out things I have never made before with almost a 90-95% satisfaction rate. 

Do you take way too much time and energy baking and are left with a load of utensils after? Check out these helpful baking supplies that could make your life easier!

Springform baking pan

These baking pans have a clip at the edge that allows you to remove the cake from the pan without much fuss and ensures it looks fabulous. Be careful, though – as with all cakes, especially in the springform pan, the cakes need to be cooled before you even disengage the clip otherwise you can be rest assured the cake will split in half or crack open at the edges ruining the entire look of the cake.

Weighing scale

I discovered this pretty late – but it is easier to weigh your ingredients than following the ‘cup’ system (measuring). Bakers vouch by their weighing scale. It also makes it easier when you are halving or doubling your recipe quantity. For example – if you want to halve a recipe that calls for ¼ cup of cocoa powder. Ahem, not too easy to measure out 1/8 of a cup, is it? Also, when you measure out 1 cup of flour it is pretty easy to pack in more than a cup without realizing, especially if you are the sort who packs it in the cup pretty tightly. You can’t do that when you weigh ingredients out. I use this extremely cheap and functional one on Amazon.

Having said all this, if you aren’t comfortable with the weighing method, the measurement system will still give you good results.

Oven Mitts

Yes, oven mitts. Whether you are using a full blown oven, convection microwave or an OTG, buy a pair. You wouldn’t want to burn your extremely useful hands every time you get the pan into or out of the oven, do you?

Baking Supplies


Spatulas are a wonderful, wonderful way of maximising the use of every last drop of your batter and ensuring it gets into the oven. These silicone spatulas are easy to clean, thoroughly collects the batter from the sides of your mixing bowl and it’s also very satisfying to watch it do its job.

Baking Supplies



The balloon whisk is a very useful contraption especially to beat some sense into the initial few ingredients. Once you add the flour, it does get a bit difficult to use, but I have used it successfully to whisk batter for smaller quantity cakes. Large quantities will need the spatula for folding the flour in.

Baking Supplies

Measuring Cup

Especially useful if you are not weighing your ingredients, this is one of the must have baking supplies. Follow your recipe using this and my tips in my last post and your cake will not disappoint you!

Butter paper/Baking Paper/Wax paper

You can never have too many sheets of butter paper in your pantry. I have lost track of the number of times this unassuming sheet of paper has saved me. Ensure a smooth removal of your cake from the pan with this additional layer at the base of the pan. Use it over your oven tray to bake your cookies to avoid repeated cleaning of the tray itself and also for hygiene reasons. Use it to line the air-tight container in which you will refrigerate your baked goods if you plan to use it only the next day.

Stand Mixer

According to me, this is definitely not a must-have. I did just fine with my trusty Philips hand mixer for years. But a stand mixer is an extremely good-to-have product if you bake frequently. I bought my Oster a couple of years ago and I haven’t regretted it one bit. While the batter is mixing, your hands are free to do other things. I recently used The KitchenAid one and I was floored! Definitely features very high on my lust-list.

There you go, friends! My top pals in the kitchen. They have definitely cut down on time and frustration levels. Hope these baking supplies help you too. Leave me a comment to let me know. Until next post, toodles!

juice recipes

How Our Family Relishes Juice Recipes, With Nutrition In Check

Juice recipes are that power packed glass of goodness that are easy to prepare. Here is how I make use of juice recipes as a meal or snack in our family and how it benefits our health.

Juice recipes have found an important place in our daily food habits. With increasing technology, our knowledge about food is also increasing. As our body is mostly made up of water, it also becomes more important for us to keep it hydrated. We, as a family do have juices on various occasions and here is how.

Juices rich in nutrition

As a mother of a teenager I am very conscious about the type of food my son eats. As he is in the transformation stage of his life, he requires foods which provide energy and aid in body growth and development. In the hectic school life I try to give him healthy and nutritious food but at times he rushes out saying he is late for school. In the process, breakfast is missed.  During such situations I keep a glass of fresh orange juice recipe ready for him. Orange juice is good for health as it is rich in vitamin-c potassium, folic acid and antioxidants.  It also keeps him energetic throughout his school activities as it is also rich in natural glucose.

Juices to deal with constipation

Though some kids eat everything nicely but they can develop some problems related to bowel movements if they drink less quantity of water. I faced such an issue when my son started going to school when he was a kid. Then I started giving him shakes and smoothies and his favorite being jamun smoothie recipe, which had a mixed taste of all flavors. Thank god that I never encountered such an incident ever.

If kids and adults do not have clear bowel movements many problems may arise. People who have a sedentary lifestyle have many problems related to their excretory system. They develop certain ailments which might prove fatal. Likewise in kids too if water intake is less they might also develop such problems.  I remember when I was working; my colleague’s daughter was operated for such an ailment.  Diseases like piles fistula develop due to constant constipation. These are not only painful but they lower the activity level in kids. In the long run they lose interest in studies too. For constipation an excellent remedy is prune juice recipe and bael juice recipe or woodapple juice. Available in abundance in the summer season, a glass of bael juice is a must at my place on Sundays. It is rich in fibers and helps in cleansing the system .

Juices for weight loss

Some members of my family are allergic to cold. They cannot have foods which are cold at any time of the year. Even when we go out we don’t compromise on our health at any cost. In summers and winters such people can have vegetable juices. Nowadays even the vendors selling juices sell the vegetable juices too. Highly rich in fibers and antioxidants such a juice can also satisfy your short hunger pangs. In winters we can make them at home too, as vegetables and greens are available in abundance. In summers too I make vegetable juice recipe of tomato, coriander and mint if anything else is not available. These types of juices rejuvenate the skin too and also keep our body hydrated. As the vegetable juices are mostly low in calories than the fruit juices, they also aid in weight loss, if fat burning is your goal.

Juice cleanse

A few years back I came across the word ‘Detox’. Detox is a short form for detoxification. It helps our body to get rid of excess fats and other toxins residing in our digestive system.  I also tried it for some time. I don’t recall whether I lost weight or not but I felt energetic whole day. It makes your body very light as the inner system is almost clean. It is an easy way of burning fats. Lauki or bottlegourd juice recipe is also an important detoxifying agent. It is very easily available all-round the year and very economical. It is also good for a healthy skin.

Advantages of juice recipes

  • Juices are a rich source of antioxidants.
  • Natural cleansing agents.
  • Provide instant energy.
  • Help in hydration of the body.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Good detoxifying agents.
  • Help in growth and development.

Thus we can conclude that juices are a boon to the body. You can be healthy if you drink a glass of juice, often with less sugar . Do share any feedback related with the topic and yes “happy cooking”.


Veggie Besan Cheela - Super Tasty

10 Quick Breakfast Recipes For Working Mothers

Quick breakfast recipes come in handy for working mother. These quick breakfast recipes just not save time but also make sure you get enough nutrition.

Breakfast is the very first meal of the day. Eating breakfast is so very important. Your breakfast should be rich in fiber and healthy. Most children do not eat their breakfast properly which results in unhealthy eating patterns in them. Morning is also the time when working moms are in a hurry and that is when quick breakfast recipes come to the rescue. Here, we will list 10 quick breakfast recipes which are healthy and can be prepared in no time so that moms can take care of their kids and work life at the same time. 

It’s never easy being a mom and working woman at the same time. A working woman works hard to balance the work life and personal life. Being a mom is a full time job. You need to take care of your little’s one health and as well yours.

So, here are quick breakfast recipes which are healthy and do not take much time to prepare which makes them suitable for busy working moms like me!

Multigrain pancakes quick breakfast recipe

By Bharti Dhawan

A very healthy and fiber packed recipe prepared in just 20 minutes. These pancakes are made using four grains which makes them a hit among working moms. 

Please click here for recipe -> Multigrain Pancakes

 quick breakfast recipes

Tomato onion uttapam quick breakfast recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

A popular and healthy recipe that belongs to South India,  the preparation of which can be done beforehand and it just takes 10 minutes in the morning to prepare a healthy and yummy breakfast for your family. 

Please click here for recipe -> Tomato Onion Uttapam

quick breakfast recipes

Rava idli with tadka quick breakfast recipe 

By Vijay Haldiya

A breakfast recipe that tops the list of working moms. It is an instant breakfast recipe that is filling and has very less calories. Moreover, these are much liked by kids as it tastes very good, is soft and crumbly in texture and is easily digestible. 

Please click here for recipe-> Rava Idli with Tadka

quick breakfast recipes

Vermicelli vegetable pulao quick breakfast recipe

By Bharti Dhawan

This is a great option as breakfast among working moms. It is very easy to make,  take just 20 minutes and is liked by all, especially the kids. 

Please click here for recipe -> Vermicelli Vegetable Pulao

quick breakfast recipes

Besan and rice flour dosa quick breakfast Recipe 

By Heena Bharat

This recipe is personally my favorite as it makes a fiber rich breakfast and is loved by my little one. It can be prepared in just 5-7 minutes. So, when you have some important meetings lined up at your office and you are in rush, prepare this breakfast for your family. 

Please click here for recipe -> Besan and Rice flour Dosa

quick breakfast recipes

Veggie besan cheela quick breakfast Recipe 

By Ruchika

If you are looking for a satisfying breakfast, then you should definitely try these yummy and healthy besan cheelas. These are prepared using gram flour which is a healthier alternative to wheat flour. These can be served with chutney. 

Please click here for recipe -> Veggie Besan Cheela

quick breakfast recipes

Whole wheat sweet porridge quick breakfast Recipe 

By Vijay Haldiya 

This recipe is full of nutrients and is very healthy. It is a one pot meal that just takes 20 minutes to prepare. If you and your family have a sweet tooth, then this recipe is enjoyed as breakfast by your family.

Please click here for recipe -> Whole Wheat Sweet Porridge 

quick breakfast recipes

Chana dal chawal dhokla quick breakfast recipe 

By Sandhya Harsh 

Though there are varieties of dhoklas you can make, but this Chana Dal Chawal Dhokla is the healthiest version of all. Rich in fiber and packed with nutrients,  this makes a perfect breakfast to start your day. 

Please click here for recipe -> Chana Dal Chawal Dhokla

quick breakfast recipes

Rava toast quick breakfast recipe 

By Ruchika

This breakfast recipe is packed with goodness of veggies and fiber rich food rava. It is very easy and quick to prepare. These toasts are filling and you can pack them in your kid’s tiffin too. 

Please click here for recipe -> Rava Toast

quick breakfast recipes

Pumpkin pancakes quick breakfast recip

By Somya Gupta

This is a quick and easy breakfast recipe for your rush mornings. It is healthy breakfast for your family when you are running short of time. And yes!  it tastes delicious too! 

Please click here for recipe -> Pumpkin Pancakes

quick breakfast recipes

The above recipes will prove helpful in planning your breakfast. Do share feedback and happy cooking! 

Amla Achaari Sabzi Recipe

7 Amla recipes That Help In Building Immunity

Amla recipes are not very popular but they offer the much needed must try season recipes. Also amla recipes help us in building immunity.

Immunity is the ability of a body to resist the attack of foreign bodies. Amla recipes are an immunity booster which strengthens the body immune system. If the immunity is weak the body’s condition deteriorates and in the long run proves fatal. To improve immunity various foods are recommended and amla recipes or Indian gooseberry recipes are one of them.

A neighbor of mine used to buy amla from the vendors daily. I being repulsive to sourness asked her out of curiosity as what kind of amla recipes she cooked out of them. She said that she is doing nothing but just extracting its juice to drink it. Then she told me some of its effects. It helps in developing eyesight , cleanses the system, imparts low to the skin etc.

Amazed by the answer I read the uses and believe me it is a storehouse of nutrients. It is full of vitamin c and other nutrients. Due to its amazing medicinal and nutritional properties it finds an important place in ayurvedic medicines.

Chyawanprash the wonder immunity builder contains a major amount of amla in its composition. Apart from chyawanprash we can incorporate it in our daily life in form of amla recipes. Simple ones but they go a long way to provide nutrition and boost our immunity.

Amla (gooseberry ) Murabba-Tasty Pickle Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

A simple recipe involving coking of amla in sugar syrup and can be stored for months. A spoonful daily helps to keep seasonal diseases at bay. Due to its sweet taste kids will easily eat it. Rich in minerals and antioxidants- a must try for the well-being of the family.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla (gooseberry) murabba

amla recipes

Amla pickle-healthy sidedish recipe

By Ruchika

The recipe again is a pickle but can also be made fresh. It is a savory preparation and goes well with dal chawal or rotis.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla pickle

amla recipes



Gooseberry and carrot green chutney recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

A preparation blended with carrots and is healthy and nutritious. It goes well as a side dish.

Please click here for the recipe-> Gooseberry (amla)carrot green chutney

amla recipes


Achari amla/awla Recipe

By Vijay Haldiya

An instant and easy preparation which goes well with parathas and puris. It can also be carried over while travelling.

Please click here for the recipe-> Achari amla/awla

amla recipes

Amla sharbat Recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

This can be made easily on a daily basis. It not only aides in digestion but also imparts glow to the skin and strengthens hair roots.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla sharbat

Amla Recipes

Amla/gooseberry achar(pickle) recipe

By Sandhya Harsh

Another pickle recipe which uses less oil.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla /gooseberry achar(pickle)

amla recipes

Amla murabba recipe

By Sandhya Sampat

A healthy and sweet preparation which lasts for years if not infected. It is equally healthy and tasty.

Please click here for the recipe-> Amla murabba

amla recipes


Apart from these you can also add amla to dals while cooking and also to veggies. Do incorporate amla recipes in your daily diet and boost the immunity of your family members.

Top 5 Food Authors Of The Month October 2017

Top 5 Food Authors Of The Month October 2017

Presenting 5 top authors at Zayka Ka Tadka for the month of October 2017. Here is a glimpse of our top authors in case you missed checking their recipes.

We appreciate all the food authors for their continued efforts in contributing amazing recipes form their home kitchens. Here we are presenting the top 5 authors of this month, along with their top rated recipe. In case if you have missed trying our recipes, here is the list of our must try popular recipes of the month! (This list excludes the recent recipes that we received for Diwali contest. Please click here for Diwali recipes and posts.)

Also check out our top 5 food authors for the month of September 2017.

Fruit custard recipe

by Angel Srivastava

Please click here for the recipe -> Fruit Custard

Fruit Custard Recipe



Shahi fruit cream recipe

by Sandhya Harsh

Please click here for the recipe -> Shahi Fruit Cream

Shahi Fruit Cream Recipe



Bombay sandwich recipe

by Bhawana Garg

Please click here for the recipe -> Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich Recipe


Custard apple kheer recipe

by Bharti Dhawan

Please click here for the recipe -> Custard Apple Kheer

Custard Apple Kheer Recipe


Pav bhaji with wheat buns recipe

by Sandhya Sampat

Please click here for the recipe -> Pav Bhaji With Wheat Buns

Pav Bhaji With Wheat Buns Recipe


common herbs

5 Common Herbs And Their Health Benefits

Common herbs have been part of our daily consumption from a long time. Here are some health benefits of 5 such common herbs.

I believe, each one of us like a healthy and green environment in our house, growing common herbs can bring freshness and can bring us more close to nature. As per wikiHerbs refers to the leafy green part or flowering parts of a plant (either fresh or dried).

Common herbs and human beings have a deep connection, from the time we reckon. We all love to be surrounded by nature.  Leafy greens are inherent part of our being, but with hectic schedules in today’s life, we get little time to spend with nature. If we want to connect, stay close to nature, having a herb garden is the best option. We can nurture the below mentioned common herbs in our kitchen garden to recreate the bond with nature.

Natural herbs, vegetables and flowers have different uses and benefits. Here we will discuss about 5 common herbs which are easy to grow, maintain and carry beneficial properties for overall human body.

Common herb – Basil/ Tulsi 

According to Indian Hindu mythology Tulsi is a sacred plant. It is also called as holy basil. Basil is an aromatic plant which finds its origin in Indian subcontinent. Tulsi is grown in most of Indian houses, some grow it for its medicinal properties and some for religious purposes. Essential oil of tulsi is also beneficial for cough and can act as immunity booster. Basil is also used in different cuisine for seasoning. 

Health benefits of Tulsi | basil

Basil helps to cure sore throat, cold and flu. We can use it in tea and give its juice (Tulsi sat) to kids after mixing it with honey. It is useful for patients of asthama as well. Tulsi also acts a des-stressing agent on our body.

Common herb – Mint 

One of the flavorsome and aromatic herbs is mint. Mint is also called as Mentha and pudhina in Hindi. Mint oil is mostly used in various toothpaste and oral wash, mouth fresheners and candies. Mint leaves act as natural mouth freshener.

Health benefits of mint leaves (either fresh or dried)

  • Helps in digestion- Mint is considered as an appetizer which soothes stomach and also helps cure indigestion. The aroma of mint helps our salivary glands to secrete digestive enzymes.
  • Helps cure Nausea – Mint leave are very effective option to treat nausea its strong aroma is efficient in curing nausea and headache related to nausea.
  • Skin soother- Mint leaves are effective skin soothers and help cure skin infections. Mint oil is has antiseptic properties and is a powerful skin cleanser.

Common herb – Coriander Leaves

Coriander also called as Dhaniya in Hindi. It is one of the most widely used herbs all across the globe. Its usage generally involve as finishing ingredients for garnishing various cuisines. All the parts of the coriander plant are edible but generally dry seeds and green coriander leaves are used in cooking frequently. Coriander leaves are also helpful in relieving nausea and indigestion. 

Health benefits of Coriander

  • Helps lower cholesterol- Coriander is quite effective in decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood. 
  • Helps regulate blood pressure – Consumption of coriander leaves help regulate the blood pressure and it is observed in many cases coriander helps reduce blood pressure in patients of hypertension.
  • It prevents anemia – Coriander is rich is iron so its high iron helps people who are suffering from anemia. The iron content also helps in proper functioning of overall organs and promotes energy and strength.
  • Good for bone – Many people are not aware about the calcium content of coriander. Calcium and other essential minerals found in coriander helps in bone regrowth and in turn help preventing osteoporosis.

Common herb – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a short stemmed plant known for its medicinal use. Aloe Vera is cultivated all around the world and is also a low mentainance plant. It does not need much water to sustain. Aloe vera is majorly used in many beauty and hair care products. Aloe vera is also rich in antioxidant therefore it helps reduce inflammation. It has anti bacterial property and it is useful in treating skin rashes and sunburn.  

Body care benefits of Aloe Vera

  • Beauty products ingredient – Aloe vera is nowadays found in the ingredient list of many beauty products. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C, E and beta carotene. It can be used for oily skin as well because it can moisturize the skin without making it greasy.
  • Hair care products – Aloe vera acts as a very good conditioner for hair and its correct usage transforms the hair into smooth and shiny texture. Moreover aloe vera helps in hair growth, it also prevents itching sensation on the scalp so it is also useful for curbing dandruff.  Aloe vera usage gives results like keratin treatment thereby helps preventing hair breakage as well.                            

Common herb – Curry leaves

Curry leaves popularly known as kadi patta plant is native to India is a natural flavoring plant generally used for enhancing the flavor and seasoning different cuisines. Many Indian households prefer to nurture this plant because of its benefits. Curry leaves consist of carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E. 

Health benefits of Curry leaves

  • Helps improve digestion- Curry leaves helps improve digestion and also helps change the way, our body absorbs fat, thus helps in losing weight. 
  • Improves hair vitality and prevent greying of hair- Curry leaves are popular for treating damaged hair and bringing vitality to dull and thin hair. It also a natural treatment for dandruff.
  • It also helps reducing congestion in chest due to cough and also helps beat anaemia.


Disclaimer: The benefits of herbs discussed here are generic in nature. While the herbs have medicinal properties and health benefits, you should check if a particular herb suits your body before consumption/application.