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Mango Cheese Cake - Delicious Bite

Savor The King Of Fruits For One Last Time!

Mango recipes are seasonal recipes with authentic flavor. Let us try these mango recipes before they disappear with season!

I am not sure whether I should be happy that monsoons are here finally! Because, the weather takes away the scorching heat of summer and along with it, the mangoes and mango recipes go too! These days I see raw mangoes in winter too, but if you check their aroma and flavor they are not the same as how you get in summers. Hence I stick to eating seasonal vegetables and fruits which promise the genuine taste!

As they say, you appreciate something more when you don’t have it, I experienced similar feeling when I saw no mangoes in the organic shopping website yesterday! Usually I prefer having a whole fruit to fruit juices/shakes/smoothies, for reasons such as consuming high calories and loss of fiber. However, yesterday I went ahead to break all the rules and treated myself to a thick yummy flavorful mango shake. Dear Mango, when will you come again? So dear friends, try these recipes before it is too late!

Mango ice cream recipe

I go to this ice cream parlor just to eat the real Alphonso flavored ice cream. What if we tell you that you can make this at home?
mango recipes

Mango shake recipe

You must be wondering this mango recipe is just mango, milk, water and sugar. But we have surprise here with nuts and elachi. Try this variation and enjoy!
mango recipes

Mango smoothie recipe

For those people who like curd flavor and prefer a thick drink, then try this delicious smoothie recipe with yogurt or curd. This also acts as a good option for a filling breakfast.
mango recipes

Mango cake recipe

Tired with usual vanilla and chocolate flavoured cakes? Try this mango version which is eggless and has amazing texture, we bet you won’t be disappointed!
mango recipes

Mango halwa recipe

I guess halwa is one such sweet variation loved from small kids to elderly! Its texture is smooth and easy to eat. Try this mango flavor for a change from traditional halwas.
mango recipes

Mango custard recipe

Custard is one such easy sweet that I rely upon whenever I have surprise guests at home. Why not make the custart interesting before the mango season ends?
mango recipes

Mango lassi recipe

Lassi completes a meal with parathas on plate and friends around. Lassi is also quite filling that you don’t need to looks for desserts post meal.
mango recipes
This cheese cake is a pure delight to your eyes and taste buds! And if you are making it for a party then be sure to make it in abundance as your guests are going to come for second serving!
Mango Cheese Cake - Delicious Bite
Why not try these delicious mango recipes before they are gone completely?
Rajasthani Village Thali Recipe

Indian Food And Why It Has Most Convincing Flavors

What makes Indian food so special that it receives much love and attention from around the world? Read on to know!

Our food – our pride! Indian food has always been famous for its creative use of ingredients and wonderful cooking styles.

Indian food – as fresh as it can get!

The best part about Indian food is, it is mostly made from fundamental ingredients. Also, the first and foremost reason for Indian food having authentic flavors is the use of freshly ground seasonings and pastes. Though we have many ready to eat foods, I have known many families who would prefer investing time in cooking from basics. Homemade paneer, sauces, cream, batters, masalas, chutney powders, pickles, snacks, sweets, bakes and even homemade ghee. That is the reason why nothing can beat the heavenly aroma of ghee that wraps your home when it is getting ready in the kitchen. Homemade is a pride of Indian food!

Indian food

Influence of markets on Indian food

On the other hand, the market is exploited with juices, biscuits, chips etc and they are packed in attractive covers and displayed in abundance. There is a huge shift from shopping from a shopkeeper who would fetch you what you want from inside the shop. Now it is the consumer herself picking up the products whatever she wants, plus browsing many others that she never wanted and ending up buying few things from that unwanted list!
Indian food
The super markets tried hard to modify the face of Indian food but we should be proud that our basics are really strong. Few days of eating out or eating instant food would definitely make most of us go back to the good old daal, sabzi and chawal/roti. In this day of hectic schedules and busy lifestyle, even though people cannot find time to cook, they prefer hiring a cook, to eating out daily. At least two meals a day of eating basic food pleases and nourishes us more than eating fast foods. While nutrition is important, the authentic flavors is what many of us crave for!
Indian food

Quite a big assortment!

For those interested in cooking and love exploring ingredients in a unique way, there cannot be a versatile cuisine as Indian food. We are a land of many cultures and with each culture there is a great variation in cuisine too. The secrets of family recipes add to the reasons behind the food culture being alive. A strong food network is something that keeps us apart from other food cultures in the world. If you are a foodie, then there cannot be a better reason to explore different parts of India, to honor your taste buds with diverse eats.

 Indian food

Indian food in Europe travel

When we decided to do a month long trip to Europe last year, food was one major reason I was concerned about as we are vegetarians. Thankfully, there is a lot of dialogue going on about veganism and people finding benefits of turning into vegetarians and vegans. This has helped open doors of many vegetarian places and I was just lucky to have traveled in this phase. However, I am a proud desi soul who cannot live without native food for more than few days. Hence we had one big suitcase dedicated to Indian spices and namkeen, dal, rice and even a small pressure cooker! Here is a picture for you to know how I make sure the tadka was not missed wherever we go!
Indian food
During Europe travel, I have realized that France is famous for its baguettes, Italy is famous for its pizzas and pastas, Switzerland is famous for its cheese. However, the hosts with whom we stayed all over are all very fond of Indian food. They did not leave an opportunity to taste the Indian delicacies that I cooked in their kitchens. It was a privilege to share meals together with foreign hosts, who opened their homes for us to stay. Not to forget, how they value and show interest in knowing how Indian food is cooked, is a gratifying experience.

Indian food is antique, yet enriching!

All credit to our ancestors who found the ingenious ways of harvesting, storing and developing methods in cooking ingredients in numerous ways. For example, we use lentils/daals in many ways such as daal, sambhar, kichidi, pongal, adai, dosa, idli, sundal, chutney, vada etc. Daals are also used as thickening agent in many dishes in the form of besan. Also the famous bajjis and bondas are coated with either dosa batter or besan. And all these are one possibility of using just lentils, imagine the diversity we begin to unfold in Indian food once we combine more ingredients!
Indian food
If you like to spend time in knowing about Indian food, the best thing to do is to ask your grandparents and parents a lot of questions. This is to safeguard the age old recipes that are handed down to them from generations. Indian food is an ancient food, rich with taste, texture, spice, medicinal properties and utmost satiating. We should not miss out on what is going on in our home kitchens, if we have to recreate the magic around Indian food. Though the cook shows and internet are exploding with recipes today, none of them can still beat home cooked food. That is exactly the main motive behind Zayka Ka Tadka – to bring out the flavors from home kitchens to users, rather than just designing some recipes. At Zayka Ka Tadka, we value authenticity, which is what gives an edge to Indian food over others!
vijay haldia, apeksha haldia

Meet ZKT Founders : The Inspiring Mother-Daughter Duo

What made Vijay Haldia start the most happening food blog at the age of 56, proving age is just a number? What made her daughter, Apeksha Haldia join her and transition it from being a blog to a food startup? Read on!
Zayka Ka Tadka is a food recipe platform with 6 lakh followers , over 100 registered food authors today with recipes reaching to people in 176 countries ! We take pride in housewives and moms of India who came on board with us as food authors and contributed over 1800 recipes in just 11 months! We are committed to empower and recognize them for their cooking skills and their interest in sharing those recipes, right from their home kitchens.
However all this did not happen overnight. A good dose of hard work and positivity definitely went in this successful recipe, that made ZKT what it is today. As per society, a woman becoming an entrepreneur at 50 plus age is generally unheard of! On that note, Vijay Haldia not only traveled the unconventional road but also inspired fellow women to take charge of their lives and not leave it to circumstances. Let us hear it from its founders on the journey behind!

The inception

It was 4 pm when it started raining on a beautiful day in September 2014. Listening to the rhythm of rain drops, Apeksha started reflecting on her thoughts. She then opened her laptop and took few seconds to gather her thoughts. Minutes later, a food blog and an associated Facebook Page were created. She went on to decide the name in that instant – Zayka Ka Tadka and what followed that moment has been a journey that became so fulfilling and worth travelling for Apeksha Haldia and her mom, Vijay Haldiya.
It gives me immense pleasure in knowing the story behind the creation of Zayka Ka Tadka and its journey so far that keeps inspiring many. Stay with me to know the story in detail!

The roots were spicier and definitely stronger

Vijay Haldiya draws her interest in cooking from her childhood days, which were spent in a joint family. She is from Jodhpur and her family was into the business of spices, which gave her an opportunity to observe and learn how different ingredients function. Vijay also learnt a lot from her mother as there was always a diverse platter cooked at home. Food definitely brought all her family together! After getting married and kids, she continued her cooking journey and was the center of attraction in her whole family for many versatile dishes. Every time there were guests at home, the dining table was adorned with multiple royal dishes. All her family and friends would always request her to prepare their favourite dishes.
Years later when social media was in full bloom, Vijay decided to take it a step further. She started posting her recipes on many food related groups on social media and became famous in no time. She used to enjoy her time in cooking and sharing her recipes over the internet. Although everything was going in a peaceful manner, there was something more that she could do more with her capacity and ability. And that is where her daughter, Apeksha Haldia comes into picture.

Growth hardly happens in a comfort zone

Doing what you love is freedom and that is what kept Apeksha going, right from her childhood days. After completing her MBA from NITIE,  Mumbai,  she left her corporate job in P&G as her love for sports prompted her to pursue second Masters in sports management from USA. She was working as a marketing consultant in US when her parents were visiting her. Apeksha watched how her mom used to actively take part in many social media groups related to food recipes. She was sure that her mom had more potential to fly higher and convinced her to take that much awaited leap! And that leap was nothing but the conception of a personal food blog for Vijay Haldiya on that rainy day in September 2014. She became an entrepreneur at the age of 56!

Perseverance can take you places

Sooner, even the data proved to be spot on, with 30,000 followers in just 4 months. However, it was never a cake walk for the budding entrepreneur. Vijay recalls, “There was a long list of recipes which were requested by the group members. And it was very tough to prepare and post 3-4 dishes along with the photographs each day to fulfill their expectations.” In-spite of all these efforts sometimes the response was not an anticipating one! To this she adds,”I believe that one should always focus on efforts rather than results. If efforts are channelized in the right course, results will naturally follow!
food author vijay haldia

Did technology bother her?

It was not just about engaging the audience, at first Vijay had to understand how social media works and how she can use it to share her knowledge. At the age of 56, she neither had any prior work experience nor knows how to use the internet. She adds, “Willingness to change with time is what helped me to learn and grow. Unlike olden days, today’s women have the advantage of technology. Earlier the talent was just home bound but with today’s technology we are able to reach out to millions from home itself. This is an advantage especially for those who stay at home, who can now pursue their interests without compromising . With internet, women are able to aim for a better work-life balance. I wish I had this opportunity in my early days, but better late than never!” She never hesitated to adapt to technology and find ways on how to leverage it for her own growth. Like how we talk about a successful woman behind a man, there is a man behind this successful woman. It is her husband, Dr. K.R. Haldiya who stood by her and supported her all the while.
vijay haldia

Featured with Accolades

Vijay Haldiya’s relentless efforts even made her get featured in a local news channel, Dainik Bhaskar and twice on yourstory (link1 and link2). She was also featured in ETV Rajasthan as a guest chef and her story was featured in this video. You can find more details on her achievements here.
Dainik Bhaskar Article Coverage

When daughter joined her on board!

Well, if you are following the story so far, let me tell you we are far from climax and this is only an intermission! Vijay, who became an entrepreneur at the age of 56 with the support of her husband and daughter, took upon an opportunity to go live with audience. Not just any live video on social media but she went face-to-face with audience in a newsroom chat. It was for the show, nayi soch naya vishwas, that the local news channel thought of showcasing her inspirational story.
vijay haldia
Apeksha saw her mom speaking at length before 200 people and was amazed at how her mother had transformed from cooking only at home to an entrepreneur willing to share her story! That was also the time Apeksha was deciding whether to continue in the corporate world which had lucrative options or to join her mother and make her own dream a reality, of starting a venture.
Apeksha is an avid reader and was at that time closely associated with Room to Read. As per wiki, Room to Read is a non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world. She drew inspiration from how its founder left his superlative career to help the underprivileged children. She adds, “I thought if not me, then who will help my mom and other moms to fulfill their dreams?” She and her mother, both wondered – why not make this dream come true for all other housewives who always loved to cook but received no recognition for their skills? In this process, Apeksha found an opportunity to become an entrepreneur too, fulfilling her own ambition. Finally, in august 2016, Zayka Ka Tadka was launched with a mission to empower women and let them know that their contributions are indeed valued and much loved.

Road ahead

When asked if anything has changed after her daughter joined her, Vijay says, “Now I get to fight with Apeksha everyday!” and bursts out laughing! They have an unflinching vision and Vijay ends the conversation with some encouragement – “Believe in yourself. If I can do it at the age of 56, imagine the possibilities for today’s youth! God helps those who helps themselves. Be open to accept change, and that brings transformation. If I was reluctant to learn social media or how to take recipe pictures from a smart phone then I wouldn’t be here today.  And to all husbands – help and support your wives, you never know how talented that person might be until you support her.
Apeksha quickly pitches in and adds, “Our vision is to make it number one food network channel for and by housewives/moms of India. I say housewives/moms because they are the majority lot who work without complaints and yet not receive the kind of appreciation they deserve. They decided to be at home to do what they do. Start telling them how special they are. One should not say that they do nothing in life and should not downgrade them. Otherwise, we even welcome recipes from working men/women as our food authors – whoever shares an enthusiasm for cooking!

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7 instant and yummy Indian chutney or dip recipes

7 Chutney Recipes To Please Your Spice Cravings

Chutney recipes are a must in most Indian homes. Here are 7 interesting ideas for chutney recipes.

Many might think chutney recipes have lost their place to super foods in the recent past. However, let me tell you that chutney recipes are the most sought after ones by those who love desi food. In reality, many of the families I know would still get away by not eating fruits daily but definitely not a day without spicy chutney recipes! Well, that’s the amount of craze for chutney recipes! In this nutrition conscious phase we all are in right now, let us not forget to balance our diet where we give space to both essential diet and indulgence. Here are 7 spicy additions to your list of chutney recipes.

Rajasthani lehsun chutney recipe

This chutney recipes is for those who miss the famous dhaba style lehsun chutney recipes. Easy to make and full of flavor, it is hard to resist this variation. It goes well with Rajasthani daal baati or even plain dosas.
chutney recipes

Curry leaves chutney recipe

I know people who remove the curry leaves from daal, sambhar, kadhi etc before eating them with rice or rotis. However curry leaves have such lovely flavor that you would be able to appreciate better in the form of spice powder or a chutney recipe that is give below.
chutney recipes

Instant lemon chutney recipe

Lemon chutney recipe is a must have in every kitchen and is equally  loved in both north and south Indian kitchens. This is a jhatpat and simple recipe and can even be used as a spread for breads, rotis and dosas.
chutney recipes

Turai ke chilke ki chutney recipe

Ridge gourd or turai has a very distinct flavor and tastes great as a sabzi and also in daal. But the next time you make something with turai, do not discard its peels and save them for this yummy chutney recipe. Well, one more variation to enjoy turai flavor!
chutney recipes

Tangy tomato chutney recipe

Let me suggest that this south Indian style chutney recipe is very addictive! It is tangy and spicy and perfect to please everyone in the family. That’s why we say make it in huge quantity, so you don’t run short of it at the dining table.
chutney recipes

Mint coriander chutney recipe

This is the famous chutney that is super quick and essential to add a zing to all your chaats, sandwiches, wraps and rolls. It also acts as good spread which you can use to make bread toast as a quick snack.
chutney recipes

Brinjal chutney recipe

Brinjal is a versatile vegetable which can be added to sabzi, daal, sambhar and chutneys. It has a very distinct flavor and tastes great with rice and generous amount of ghee.
chutney recipes
Heena Bharat picture 2

Meet ZKT Featured Author : Heena Bharat

In our series of  “Meet ZKT Author”, our next author is versatile, innovative and a featured author who has posted over 200 recipes with her recipes reaching to over millions of people on Facebook. In conversation with Heena Bharat.
We heard, “nothing brings people together like good food” and we could not agree more! We believe we have every reason to prove this point, which in fact prompts us to introduce you to our next food author.
She is Heena Bharat –  a food author, a working mom and an NRI. As you would have guessed, the common love for food is what brought us together. We are happy that we have an Indian food author from Germany. Heena has been onboard with us for quite some time and has contributed 212 recipes till date in a span of 11 months. Here is a little peak into her journey.

Early life

Heena tells us that she is inspired by her mom to try new recipes. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, staying alone prompted Heena to start cooking on her own. She goes on to add, “I studied and worked in Mumbai for more than 7 years. I was alone and hence I started preparing food for myself there. That was the starting point of my cooking journey or I can say I learnt basic cooking in those days.” After hearing this, we wonder how did she end up contributing over 200 recipes and become a featured food author? We know you are keen to know too!
meet the author

Cravings – the hunger behind skillful cooking!

Heena lives in Germany with her husband and her little daughter. Being from the land of herbs and spices, she started missing the authentic desi aroma soon after moving there. Heena recalls, “Germany and India have lot of differences in cooking styles and recipes. Here in Germany we can hardly find any Indian vegetarian restaurants. We started missing the spicy Indian food here and this created the cravings for the same. Finally we started making these yummy street foods at our kitchen in Germany.”  However, are the cravings enough to become a food author too? Let us find out!
aloo tikki burger

You go a long way with a true partner

Heena and her husband are both very fond of cooking. Cooking together on weekends is their way of unwinding and spending quality time together. Heena is from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, while her husband is from Ajmer, Rajasthan. Heena says, “we have many differences in our cooking styles and tastes, as we both are from different states.” Although they have a different take on similar recipes, love for cooking interesting recipes is where they both struck the similar chord. Heena recognizes his active involvement and adds, “In other words, he is helping me a lot in cooking and trying new recipes. Otherwise with a small kid it was not at all possible for me to cross 200 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka.” May be the famous saying, partner in crime should be renamed as partner in cooking for this foodie couple!
 meet the author

Association with Zayka Ka Tadka

Love for food, cravings, interest in trying new recipes are a trademark bunch for someone to land at Zayka Ka Tadka. In her words, Heena also adds, “I came to know about Zayka Ka Tadka through our earlier batchmate and friend Apeksha Haldia, the founder of  ZKT. That’s how the path was created to become a food author. In fact, I should say that my actual cooking started after moving to Germany and joining Zayka Ka Tadka only. Earlier life was completely dedicated to my work but after my child, we came to Germany so I had to leave my job. But thanks to Zayka Ka Tadka, we find cooking quite interesting and I am now motivated to cook varieties of recipes for my family.” This video has been made as a token of love when Heena reached 100 recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka.


meet the author




She has many roles to her credit at Zayka Ka Tadka. Heena adds, ” At present, I am a chef, author and editor for the recipes at Zayka Ka Tadka. It has been a proud feeling that I perform and handle so many roles for this sweet website and companyAlso ZKT is a wonderful platform for housewives or mothers to show their cooking talent to the whole world. It guides them in learning new and innovative recipes to its authors and audience simultaneously.

Her prized recipes

Coming to local food, Heena finds veg burger of Germany and pakodey chutney and poha of India, interesting. When asked about favorite recipes from her kitchen that arrived at ZKT, she says, “My top 5 recipes are cheese chili toasts, veg burger, Bengal sweet chumchum, rava dosa and leftover poha sandwiches. My husband helped me in cooking all these recipes.” Apart from cooking, Heena loves to sing, dance and play indoor games. She also loves to take part in such competitions.
Cornflakes and Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

Thoughts on cooking and authors

Heena says, “The food tastes at its best when you cook it from your heart.” She believes that food is the way to win anyone’s heart too. On that note, she ends the conversation with inspiring words, “Please keep checking new, healthy and tempting food recipes of India as well as outside on our website Budding authors must keep experimenting new recipes without fear. Give your own tadka taste to the recipes. Good Luck!

Quick and Yummy Evening Snacks!

5 Quick Evening Snacks To Cheer Up Your Teatime

Evening snacks add to the most relaxing atmosphere for some bonding time with family. Here are 5 evening snacks that you should try.

We are a crazy bunch when it comes to food and we are all proud of it! Evening snacks have been a versatile meal that all of us look forward to. Evening snacks also make us creative in using the some leftover ingredients to work with. If you want to involve your kids in cooking, then I bet evening snacks are the best dishes to start with. This is because during evenings, the kids get to try their hand in improving their culinary skills at their own pace without having to rush anywhere. Here are 5 ideas for you to get started.

Idli dhokla evening snacks recipe

This recipe comes to your rescue when guests surprise you at your doorstep. This easy to make idly based snack turns out to soft and fluffy, just the way a famous dhokla is supposed to be.

Idli dhokla – instant Gujarati snacks

evening snacks

Bread rasmalai evening snacks recipe

Craving for some sweet but do not have the time to prepare an elaborate one? Here is a bread based sweet recipe that is definitely going to melt away!

Bread rasmalai – instant sweet recipe

evening snacks

Mastani pudding evening snacks recipe

Save this recipe for evening snacks on that play date of your child and you won’t be disappointed! This recipe is super quick and looks colourful and inviting for kids to try.

Kids favorite : quick and easy mastani pudding

evening snacks

Carrot cutlets evening snacks recipe

If you are nutrition conscious and would like to make the snack time wholesome then do try this recipe. Cutlets are famous for evening snacks and adding carrots makes it healthy.

carrot cutlets – a yummy snack

evening snacks

Suji tutti frutti cake evening snacks recipe

If you love baking, then try this eggless variation of tutti frutti cake with suji/semolina. This cake turns out be moist and chewy with the addition of tutti frutti and an absolute treat for the whole family.

Eggless suji tutti frutti cake

evening snacks

food author vijay haldia - picture 2

Get Inspired By Rat From Ratatouille To Become A Food Author

The rat from the movie, Ratatouille is no ordinary rat! Rat from Ratatouille takes a roller coaster ride to live his dreams and inspires us in many ways. Here is how!
You must be wondering what this movie, Ratatouille got to do with being a food author at Zayka Ka Tadka! We accept your doubts are very valid. However let us ask you a simple question – when was the last time you appreciated your mom or dad or grand mom or even your cook for that lip smacking dish? Is it hard to remember? Often we take things for granted and seldom realize the importance of showing love for what people deserve. At Zayka Ka Tadka, we are serious about food and even more serious about the one who prepares it! We have exclusive home chefs contributing their recipes as food authors. However our expedition is not over yet, as we are striving to bring out those gems that are still hiding to join our bubbling team! Here is some inspiration for all those budding and to-be authors!

Rat from Ratatouille is fond of good food

Anyone can cook,” says chef Auguste Gusteau in the movie, Ratatouille. This movie, as unconventional it may sound, shows the journey of a rat from being jeered at by humans to being a chef, who can please humans with the famous French dish, Ratatouille. There is enough inspiration everywhere, if we are willing to look around. This rat’s name is Remy. Remy mistakenly gets hold of Chef Gusteau’s books in one of the houses, and eventually becomes his follower and develops passion for cooking. The phrase, “anyone can cook” gets him hooked till he became a renowned chef.

If you are a person fond of cooking or often get praised for your cooking skills, may be it is time to take that plunge to become a food author at Zyka Ka Tadka. We provide a solid platform, that is essential to give the much needed recognition for what you do. 
Do you feel there is a lack of appreciation for your efforts in cooking? Are you still contemplating on whether to add your recipes on our platform?  Have you not been able to contribute like our featured authors? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then read the rest of this post. Here are some life lessons from the movie to drive your motivation to step ahead.

Rat from Ratatouille did not accept his fate

Remy, having born in a community of rats, who hide and eat the discarded leftover food, refuses to accept it as his destiny. He takes cooking seriously and does not settle for anything less when it comes to cooking and eating good food. So much so that, even when he has access to a restaurant’s food storage unit, he refuses to eat, accepting the process as stealing food.

Rat from Ratatouille sets new targets

Remy challenges himself and enjoys the process of preparing food and feeding many guests at a local French restaurant. There is a scene from the movie when a restaurant chef accepts Remy as her fellow chef, inspite of him being a rat. Yet Remy does not settle for either shortcuts or accepts the less risky part of recipes. He believes in himself, takes risks and improvises in making recipes. His goal is to please the hotel guests by giving only his best.

Rat from Ratatouille did not forget the hygiene part

In one scene, Remy takes the help of his whole family in preparing a meal with a sharp deadline, but that did not stop him from sanitizing his herd before they try their hands at cooking. This shows that Remy goes to an extent of not hesitating to accept the help and yet not compromising on the quality and hygiene.

The story is all about how humans come to terms with accepting Remy, the rat as a fellow chef without any prejudice about how rats are treated by humans. I know it sounds impossible to think of a rat becoming a chef in real life but what we can consider from this movie is the possibility of making your dreams real. Whether you are a working mom or a home maker, a passion for cooking is a desired talent as any other talent out there.Cooking is definitely an art! If food is meant to just satiate hunger, we would have been consuming only raw foods every day. We crave for taste and are aware of how it affects our senses. Hence love for cooking should never be under estimated and one should not let others to make it look like an inferior activity. We all miss mom’s food as soon as we are away from home, isn’t it? It’s time we show appreciation and give back some love that it deserves!

To help you get started..

If you are new to Zayka Ka Tadka, we are here to help you get started and contribute the recipes. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to add a recipe – text version and video version. See you soon onboard!