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Bread Breakfast Recipes

Bread Breakfast Recipes : Here Are 11 Recipes With A Twist!

Bread breakfast recipes add interesting variation to your breakfast. Also when you have leftover bread, these bread breakfast recipes come to your rescue!

What comes to your mind when you think of bread breakfast recipes? Is it bread toast? With the schools starting this month, almost everyone is back to proper schedules. While busy mornings prompt many of us to just concentrate on bread toast as the regular breakfast, try these bread breakfast recipes for a change.
Bread breakfast recipes are the way to go if you want a quick fix that is not boring. Check out 11 interesting recipes below.

Cheesy disk bread breakfast recipe

I know all of us love those cheesy bread platter served at restaurants. Also cheese is usually used in making sandwiches. What if we tell you you can prepare a much more interesting recipe with bread, cheese and include some paneer too? Check it out soon in the link below.
bread breakfast recipes

Sooji (semolina) fingers bread breakfast recipe

This is one such recipe which turns out crispy and yet not deep fried. Adding curd makes it flavourful and your kids are going to love this variation. It is also a jhatpat recipe that you can make it in 5 minutes with minimal ingredients.
bread breakfast recipes

Raw veggie sandwich bread breakfast recipe

Let us make the breakfast more healthy by adding some raw vegetables to our sandwich. This is especially a good variation if your family is not actively into eating salads. This helps you to sneak in some raw goodness of the veggies.
bread breakfast recipes
Fret not when you are craving for Dhokla while you still have bread waiting on the kitchen counter. Check this recipe to know how bread can be creatively used to please the dhokla fans!
bread breakfast recipes

Vada bread breakfast recipe

Forgot to soak the dal for making medu vadas? Instead if you have some bread and potato, you can still create amazing vadas with this recipe.
bread breakfast recipes


Poha/upma bread breakfast recipe

I bet that the breakfast would be finished by everyone when you are still contemplating its name! Whether you call it bread poha or bread upma, this is a super quick recipe and you can sneak in some veggies too, to make it more nutritious.
bread breakfast recipes

Besan toast bread breakfast recipe

Besan bread toast is an instant breakfast recipe. You can make it more nutritious by adding vegetables of your choice. Besan is usually coated to prepare deep fried bajjis but this one is pan fried, making it more nutrition conscious.
bread breakfast recipes

Uttapam bread breakfast recipe

Uttapam is a favourite south Indian breakfast and a good variation to set dosa. Although this recipe uses semolina/rava along with bread, I also make it when I have some leftover idly or dosa batter along with bread – a great combination.
bread breakfast recipes

Cheese chilli bread breakfast recipe

Who doesn’t like the combination of chilli and cheese? Added with the crunchiness of toasted bread, these cheese chilli toasts are absolutely lip smacking. Try them today!

Bread breakfast recipes – cheese chilli toasts

bread breakfast recipes


Katori bread breakfast recipe

This recipe is the most fancy one with inviting shape and loaded with colourful veggies. This is one of the bread breakfast recipes that would surely please your guests.
bread breakfast recipes

Rolls bread breakfast recipe

Try making bread rolls If you do not mind indulging in this crunchy variation occasionally. This is especially kids favourite and you can add some cheese too, to make it more yummy!
bread breakfast recipes
meet the author

Meet ZKT Featured Author – Sandhya Harsh

In this first post of our series, “Meet ZKT Author” we are pleased to introduce you to one of our best featured authors, Sandhya Harsh, who has contributed over 200 recipes on our platform.

We are proud to say that acclaimed home chefs form our strongest base of food authors. So when we have the best home chefs adorning Zayka’s table, we thought you would love to know them too – the magic hands behind those awesome recipes!

As George Bernard Shaw said, “there is no sincere love than the love of food” and that is what we believe at Zayka Ka Tadka! We are in the quest to discover the best food authors. Nothing beats ghar ka khana (home cooked food) and no cook beats the home chefs! Our food authors are the wonder who bring out the zayka in food with their tadka.

When cooking happened

meet the authorSandhya Harsh tells us about her initial date with kitchen and cooking meals. She recalls, “It started very early when I was around 12 years old. My mom had to go out of station and my granny fell ill. So I started cooking under my granny’s supervision and instructions. Later I wanted to try new recipes and my mom would encourage me saying, khud se try karo (try on your own) and that’s how it all started!

Home platter always had diverse eats

All of us take pride to be born in this land of many flavors and so is Sandhya. Her childhood happened to be in states of Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan, making her acquainted with varied tastes of local food.
meet the author
She adds, “Growing up, I had the chance to see, eat and like variety of foods from those regions. Luckily, my in-laws and husband too resided in totally different regions (West Bengal, Maharashtra), and I got introduced to their local food as well. So when I got married, I learnt more new recipes from my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. All this experience helped me to grow more as a cook.
meet the author
Coming from a big foodie family, Sandhya says, “My family wants to try new dishes and simultaneously love to relish upon age old recipes. It helps me to perfect my skills, as I get the true feedback and motivation from them to try more. “

Let’s find favorites

Sandhya is a passionate home cook who loves to eat, cook healthy meals and try new recipes from different regions and cuisine. She says, “I want to bring innovation in making different recipes that adapt to current lifestyle. At the same time, I like to keep some tradition alive by bringing back the forgotten recipes of the local regions.
meet the author
daal baati choorma, daal dhokli, kabuli are her favorites when it comes to local food. As a person who believes in wholesomeness of the complete platter, she mentions her affinity towards some side dishes. She adds, “I like the accompaniments such as mirchi kootta, achaar, papad, lehsun chutney etc”.
meet the author
And when she is not cooking, she takes time to pursue her other interests, which mostly include gardening and reading. She also loves to travel, paint and embroider.

Love for Zayka Ka Tadka

Sandhya has immense love for us and we let numbers do the talking. She is one of our top authors, crossing 200 posts, earning much appreciation from all the users. She describes, “Zayka Ka Tadka is a wonderful platform that brings so many food authors together under one roof to share and learn different varieties of food from one another. The admins and the support team here is wonderful. Even the fellow authors are so much gentle, humble and loving. It feels great to be part of this lovely group.
meet the author
If you have not tried Sandhya’s recipes yet, here are some recommendations for you to start with. She picks these five recipes of hers as her all time favourites at Zayka Ka Tadkastuffed idly sambhar, jhatpat bhel, kadam ke phool wali tikki, rasedaar aalu pyaaz tamatar ki sabzi and paneer peshawari.
meet the author

Word for budding authors and home chefs

Sandhya completely believes in slow cooking and cooking with passion. She says, “Cook with passion and love, because it is said that the taste of food reflects the mind and heart of the cook! (yani aap jis bhaav se khana banayenge, aapke khane ka swaad waisa hi hoga). That is the reason why the prasads (food offered to almighty) anywhere in the world are so tastier as we add on our love and gratitude, all into it while making it.
meet the author
Preethi Zodiac - Mixer Grinder Review

Guide to the Best Mixer-Grinder – Preethi Zodiac Review!

There was a time when you search Google for a mixer-grinder, you would only get a handful of names. Today, however, you have a lot of choices. Recently, we received the Preethi Zodiac 750W Mixer-Grinder for Zayka Ka Tadka Kitchen and I wanted to share my experience with the vast range of functions that it can perform.

My mom (cofounder of Zayka Ka Tadka) has always been a great cook and for her, cooking comes very naturally. As you know, typical Indian Moms believe in their efficiency in doing everything by hands. In good old days, we did have a food processor at home but it was hardly every used. When we received Zodiac, we thought let’s give it a try and we were very happy that we did.

Selection of Food Mixer Guide

           Preethi Kitchen Zodiac – The Complete Food Processor!

It is very smooth in its operation and does a great job quickly. Few things that we tried:

~ Banana slicing for Banana chips (30 seconds). ( Banana chips Recipe: )

~ Carrot grating for Gajar ka Halwa/Gajar Pak (2 minutes rather than 10 minutes by hand and risking getting fingers hurt).

~ Vegetable chopping for Rajwada Paneer/Paneer Paratha (30 seconds). ( Rajwada Paneer Recipe: & Paneer Paratha Recipe:

~ Fresh Fruit Juice and Coconut Milk in couple of minutes.


Personally, we are very happy with this product and it’s worth a try for everyone for its efficiency, the amount of time it takes and effort it saves in using its all-in-one functions. In case you want to know more about it, you can find the details on Amazon here: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Review and Description)

Here’s a general guide to buying the perfect mixer-grinder:

The pearls of wisdom:

  1. Motor power is Crucial. A higher motor power will ease the grinding process and will not wear out the motor. Generally, a 750W mixer grinder is perfect for all domestic cooking functions.
  2. The type of mixer-grinder totally depends on your needs. If you need an all in one appliance, then opt for a food processor
  3. After sales service is the most important factor while buying a mixer-grinder. A mixer-grinder is one such appliance, which on breakdown puts a full stop to all cooking processes. The taste of food is spoiled if the ingredients get heated. So, you should look for a mixie with effective cooling technology which keeps the motor cool throughout the grinding.
  4. Safety is vital when buying a mixer-grinder. Look for a mixie that provides protection from overloading, overheating and shocks. The mixie should be elegantly designed to match the interiors of your kitchen, if look and feel matters to you.

So with these things in mind, where does Zodiac stand when we used it personally in our kitchen: 

  • Preethi’s Zodiac has a 750 Watt motor that can grind turmeric in just 2 minutes or whole black pepper in just 60 seconds.
  • Zodiac is an all-in-one mixer-grinder. Apart from the mixer-grinder jars, it can be used for chopping, slicing, grating, mincing, kneading and citrus press, and a 3-In-1 Insta Juicer for fresh fruit juicing, super-extraction and blending.
  • The features we liked were the 1 min Atta kneading for paneer parathas J and pulse chopping.
  • One feature that stood out was that Preethi provides life-long free service and Zodiac cones with 5 year Warranty.
  • With a 3D Cooling Technology and a safety indicator for complete protection, Zodiac motor can go on for years
  • Personally we feel, Zodiac has a very cool and stylish design.

The price of the product on Amazon is Rs. 6,640. In case you want to know more about it, you can find the details on Amazon here: Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder (Review and Description)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but I am sharing it because after using the product, we simply loved it. That’s why I have shared my personal views also in the above post. Amazing product indeed!  You can read more about Preethi Kitchen and their impressive portfolio of products: (