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Top 7 Instant Recipes of Zayka Ka Tadka With Videos

Top 7 Instant Recipes of Zayka Ka Tadka With Videos

Instant recipes come to your rescue when you are running short of time. Watch these 7 instant recipes that our audience love the most.

Papad Cone instant recipe in 2 minutes

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 1 Minute)

Papad cone is a very quick and instant recipe of Indian snacks that can be easily made at home anytime. It is very tasty and healthy since vegetables are used in the making.

Recipe link : Instant Starter : Papad Cone in 2 minutes 

Sooji fingers instant recipe in 5 minutes

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 5 Minutes)

Crispy Sooji fingers is one such instant recipe snack that you can always rely on when you are in a hurry and want to snack on something tasty ! Its very easy,quick and so yum!

Recipe link : Yummy Sooji Fingers – 5 minute Recipe 

Leftover murmure/kheel kabab instant recipe

(Prep time: 40 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

We always have kheel or murmure left at home, so what if we want to use them for making a jhatpat yummy snacks? Try these instant recipe of jhatpat leftover kheel/murmure kabab and serve them hot to your friends, kids and family with green chutney or sauce! Enjoy!

Recipe link : Jhatpat Leftover Kheel/Murmure Kabab 

Mirchi ke tipore instant recipe

(Prep time: 2 Minutes | Cooking Time: 7 Minutes)

Looking to make something quick today as a side dish with parathas or chapati? Then Mirchi ke Tipore is perfect for you – instant recipe, spicy, tasty and so yummy!

Recipe link : Jhatpat Mirchi Ke Tipore 

Besan ki masaledaar kachori instant recipe

(Prep time: 10 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

Besan ki masaledaar kachori is a delicious and easy Indian snack which can be made quickly. Try this evergreen kachori with a cup of ginger tea and savor your evening with your family.

Recipe link : Besan Ki Jhatpat Masaledaar Kachori 

Vegetable fried idli instant recipe

(Prep time: 5 Minutes | Cooking Time: 10 Minutes)

Vegetable fried Idli or Idli poha is a yummy option for leftover idlis and can be made instantly. Try this simple recipe and enjoy a nice spicy evening or morning snack with your family!

Recipe link : Vegetable Fried Idli 

Paan mukhwas instant recipe in just 15 seconds 

(Prep time: 1 Minute)

Make this instant mouthwatering homemade paan mukhwas with just 5 ingredients in just 15 seconds!

Recipe link : Homemade Paan Mukhwas in just 15 seconds